Grover Beach to layoff six employees

May 8, 2012

The Grover Beach City Council voted Monday to eliminate six jobs to help close an $800,000 budget deficit.

As of July 1, the city will eliminate four full-time and two part-time administrative and clerical positions. In addition, because of a hiring freeze, four positions slated to be left vacant as employees retire will not be filled at this time.

The cuts will save the city about $350,000 a year.

Grover Beach property tax revenues have fallen about 12 percent during the past three years with similar declines in sales tax revenue. In response, city officials have also stalled many street repairs and city employees have agreed to concessions.

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That’s a little over $58,000 per year. Not a bad income in Grover Beach (or anywhere).

Why do we keep insisting to pay public employees so much around here? Please show me how they are worth such a large chunk of the public coffers. I mean, if you’re cleaning the sewers or policing 13th street, sure, you’re probably worth it; but if you’re sitting on your ass doing the “paperwork” thing, I am hesitant to say you’re worth $58K a year.

It’s like saying, “Hey, pay as much of your own benefits as everyone in the private sector has to do (if they’re even lucky enough to have benefits or a job)” and calling it a pay cut. Only in government.

I am sorry for Grover Beach but Paso Robles should do the same. Property Tax revenues have also fallen here. Sometimes you must just do what you have to do to remain solvent.