Andrew Carter withdraws from SLO mayor’s race

July 24, 2012

Andrew Carter

San Luis Obispo Councilman Andrew Carter announced earlier today he has decided, for personal and financial reasons, not to seek the mayor’s seat.

Carter’s statement:

“I have decided to discontinue my campaign for Mayor of San Luis Obispo. Although it is an honor to serve on the City Council, that service comes at great personal and financial cost to my family and me. Continuing to run for mayor and being elected mayor would only add to that cost. I apologize for making this decision so late in the campaign process.”

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I am jaded by the seediness of politics.

I assume Carter’s decision is based on Marx’s campaign having something stinky on him.

He figures it’s better to bow out for ‘personal and family’ reasons, and thereby let sleeping dogs lie.

Racket is right………… some very dirty laundry was about ready to be hung out to dry.

Just conjecture on my part. And with some sadness, I might add.

The process has become so conniving that regular ol’ folk don’t care to participate. And we’re all the worse for it.

When the going gets tough . . .