Atheists cry foul over Pismo Beach City Council’s Christian invocations

July 2, 2012

Pismo Beach’s City Council may find itself in court if it continues to allow Christian laden invocations to lead its supposed secular meetings.

Members of Atheists United of San Luis Obispo have repeatedly asked the Pismo Beach City Council to stop allowing openly Christian invocations at its meetings. They note that while invocations at public meetings can refer to a God, they are not permitted to include explicit references to any religion including Christianity.

However, Dr. Paul Jones, who regularly gives the city council’s invocations, has made references to “the baby that was born so long ago in Bethlehem’s manger” and calls upon “Christ our Lord.”

Jones has also stated in several of his invocations that civic order is dependent on religious faith.

In a May 15 letter to the council, local atheists argue that the invocations are not only “inherently dismissive of non-religious persons,” but also violate the law.

“Atheists United of San Luis Obispo remains hopeful that an acceptable resolution can be reached with the city of Pismo Beach, but is considering further action should the city continue to be unresponsive,” the group said today in a press release.


The evangelical Christian vote gave us Bush, wars and death.

A Jewish guy, (Jews don’t even believe in Christianity) named Mehlman working for the Bush election campaign came up with a strategy of putting people in front of Red State Post offices, etc getting voters for Bush II the “Christian”, it worked then Mehlman and Co. began the wars for profit and Israel. Slimy and effective.


I suggest you examine Obama’s political connection to the Black Chicago churches. Without a 95% majority in the Black community this amateur would never have been elected. Ninety percent of Black political process is through the church. I’ve got $10,000 I’ll put in escrow and challenge anyone to claim differently. Put your money where your mouth is, and that goes double for you slowerfaster. Show me your stuff loudmouth.


Here’s your “stuff. Blacks are only 10% of the population and they don’t vote much anyway. Rahm Emanuel found Obummer pushing for Blacks rights around Chicago and used Jewish money (Goldman Sachs, etc). to get him elected.

Do some research. Where’s my money?


But consider most elections are won or lost by only 2-5%. Therefore that 10% can go a long way to putting a person in office.


Yeah right, and it happens to be all black votes and right at the end to win it? Gimme my 10K.


Here’s a little “education” for you Justme… As quoted from statistics found on the webpage below, “By 2004 only 7% of African Americans considered themselves Republicans.” In the last election 95% of blacks voted for Obama. Yes the black vote is important to him.


“Ronald Reagan was the first presidential candidate to bend knee to the religious right. When he did, he created a leviathan of monstrous proportions.

—Mary Malone


Where is Brother Ted when we need him ?

This is like a repeat dissertation of JOB or Lamentations.

So many false Christians don’t know how to take the heat !



Buddism’s got some cool writings that actually apply. Gotta admire India’s stuff too. Meditation, Yoga,diet, cleansing your body.

Talkin’ about controlling your mind, breathing, etc. Back in the 60’s as proof they threw those old Swami’s into swimming pools after they shutdown all bodily functions, heart rate and breathing, etc. they’d stay underwater for extended periods.


I wish the founding fathers had written “Freedom From Religion” instead of “Freedom of Religion”!

Kevin Rice

Yet, they didn’t.


They DID. “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion” IS freedom from religion. It means that the government cannot have an official federally-enforced religion.

Theo P. Neustic

Who”s forcing or enforcing? Typical leftist spin. Say it often enough and soon the sheeple will believe it, even though it’ a lie.


“say it often enough…” Leftist? Ha HaHaHaHaHaHa Ever hear of Faux News? I heard a woman on the news the other day say that she would not vote for Obama because “he is a Muslim out to destroy America”…Where do suppose she heard that? LEFTIST SPIN?? Have some more cool aid chump!


In Morro Bay (Civic Folly by the Sea) that issue came up long ago, and then-mayor Yates diffused and placated by starting the Council meetings with a joke. I thought that was a pretty elegant solution.

Spirit Filled

I like that. Made me look at my picture of Jesus smiling. Made me smile. Thank you, God Bless


As immigration increases Christians will go crazy defending against a myriad of different “faiths”.

Just remember, it’s origins. Christianity is a spinoff of prior religions going back to Egypt and even further to the sun worshipers, including the 12 signs of the Zodiac (star figures that became the 12 deciples), the dying son or sun (the winter solstice) “He arose after 3 days”, the sun begins to rise higher in the sky noticeably at 3 days after the winter solstice. (The Christian version was dreamed up by the Roman gov’t to keep people peaceful AND WORKING HARD FOR THEM.)

The sun was God, it rescued the ancients from the predator filled cold, dark, nite. It made their food grow, etc.

There are many prior religions whose writings mirror the Jesus story, almost ver batem. Different names only.

Thank the folks who didn’t have cable 10, 000 yrs ago so they stared at the skies, now we’re inside staring at this thing.

It’s mythology, a way to commuicate and convey thoughts, everybody started taking it literally all the way to todaze “guy in the sky” offering. And the promise that you don’t have to die (eternal life).

Drop it, do what’s right as an INDIVIDUAL. Religion can turn into gang warfare (and usually does) in an instant.

Look at the Middleeast, Israel vs.Arabs, Zionism, wars. All BS..death, hate, murder.

Notice kids don’t need religion, it’s for adults who lose their parents and need a replacement because life can get damned scary after no Mommy & Daddy. Quite understandable.

But, Hey, the bible talks about love, kindness and understanding. Great stuff, Dump the farout Rapture, Armageddon and burning forever in hell blather and I’m in.


Sorry that Christ is just a figment of your imagination. In the last day every knee will bow and acknowledge Him.


Don’t be sorry for me, mrcyberdoc, I’m working on accepting death whenever and I ain’t gonna look dumb begging on my fricken knees to somebody that doesn’t exist trying to be the first guy that stops it from happening cuz I’m scared sh-tless.

You’re born, you shit up the planet for 74 yrs. and the only good thing you really do is get the hell off of it so you can stop sh-tting it up any further and let nature thrive. If that’s what you guys call original sin then I’m buying it.

Figure out how to process death, if you do, gimme a call. Don’t look for a bailout like some Dude that can get you out of it.

If any Christian feeds a starving kid, rescues a dog from the pound, plants a tree, etc. That’s being “normal”. It’s not that he’s a Christian or anything but ……N-O-R-M-A-L. And you know what else is normal? Dying.

Spirit Filled

justme (Hope the name doesn’t say it all) I think the choice is very witty.

On your last day if you know it is the last day, call me and I will help guide you to the Promise Land. I died. Very peaceful and a welcome part of life. Unfortunately my wife had the hospital bring me back. Maybe I’m back to help you through the haze.

I gave you a green check because I think your intentions are good and spiritually founded.


HA HA, Man, I can’t argue with THAT, Spirit. I suspect you’re very right about your observation too.

Welcome back.

I take it you no longer fear “the end” now.

Just a point. Notice my statement re: the Eastern mystics who meditate to the point of barely showing a heartbeat? They comeback with the same feelings and do it ON COMMAND!

Now that’s seeking the truth and finding it.


There is a difference between an individual “bending knee” and a politician “bending over to appease the Christian zealots.”


What is it with these Christ Pimps, anyway?

Can’t we go a month about some un-American Christians attempting to force their beliefs onto the American people, and using the Constitution for toilet paper in the process?


Now go on an Al Jazeera news site and complain about the “Mohamed pimps.” You wouldn’t be as rude to them, right? I doubt it.

Spirit Filled


No we’d be seeing them cut off mM’s head live.

Thank you Lord for freedom of speach. People can be as rude as they want just don’t slander or etc. or the lawyers will get you. We are mostly free.

God Bless youse people


Oooooh! Al Jazeera, the Boogie Man!

If there was a Muslim in America trying to pimp their religion using government resources, I’d be pitching a fit about that, too.

Be honest…would YOU be upset if it was a Muslim using a local city council to pimp its religion?


un-American Christians? Mary, in all your wisdom tell me what you think an AMERICAN CHRISTIAN shoould look like or how they should act. Do we not all have a right to an opinion here without being called “pimps”? Call us what you want. I don’t judge you, but you will be suprised who will.


Pfffft! I have the rights to post here what the mods will allow. If you don’t like it, go to Fox News or Sister Sarah Palin’s House of OxyContin Worship.

An American should support the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which calls for separation of church and state.

If Americans don’t like that, and want to sponge off other taxpayers to use public resources to pimp their religion, then they might want to try Iran, which totally embraces theocracy.

Of course, you would have to change your religion…but, hey, it would be worth it, right?


Typical, YOU never answered my question… “in all your wisdom tell em what you think an AMERICAN CHRISTIAN should look like or how they should act.” You should go into politics… either ignore a question posed to you or change the subject.


Many of the posts here are based on a false premise: that this is an issue of atheists versus Christians.

That is not the case. This is an issue of protecting the Constitutional rights of all Americans by ensuring that all rights and restrictions in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are followed, especially by our government in parsing out use of public resources.

I’m not a Christian. I’m not an atheist. However, I do believe strongly in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

That is why I don’t want government-funded functions and processes featuring ANY religion, in ANY form.

In fact, it is downright un-American to support allowing one religion to use public resources to pimp its faith.


I have heard this gentleman’s invocations in the past and they are certainly charged with fire and brimstone. Either go with a moment of reflection or actively seek out representatives of all faiths to open meetings.i appreciate his passion, but save it for a place of worship, not a meeting of elected officials who are elected by the ENTIRE community to handle city business.