Gearharts want their wedding ring back

July 19, 2012

Marion Warner, John Gearhart, Kelly Gearhart, Tamara Lowe, Doug Gearhart and Brenda Grenough


Former north San Luis Obispo County developer Kelly Gearhart and his wife Tamara Gearhart have asked a federal bankruptcy court in Ohio to allow them to purchase her wedding ring back for $814.

As the result of the sale of a property on Dalton Drive in Wadsworth Ohio, the court owes the Gearharts $814.

In February 2009, while under an FBI investigation into fraud and organized crime, the Gearharts filed personal bankruptcy in Ohio claiming $6.5 million in estimated assets and $45.1 million in estimated debts.

The ring is valued at about $3,000. The bankruptcy court offers a one time jewelry exemption of $1450 leaving $1,550 in value.

Bankruptcy Trustee Harold Corzin asked the court to approve the Gearhart’s offer to purchase the ring in light of the cost and uncertainty of liquidating the asset.

Anyone who wants to oppose the sale would need to file a written request with the court by Aug. 3.

On July 5, Gearhart was indicted by a federal grand jury and faces 300 years in prison. He is charged with 16 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. Gearhart is slated to be arraigned in federal court in Los Angeles on August 13.

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Napolean Complex at play here. Bitter that he spent his life being short, teased as a kid for being a runt, always last one picked for a team. This is why K. G. grew up determined to succeed at business even if he had to cheat. The tall, good looking women are just a way to get even with everyone else for not being a dwarf star in a galaxy of mediocrity.

this: a dwarf star in a galaxy of mediocrity, :-)

Of course the Gearharts can have their precious wedding ring back, who could deny anyone of that!

Especially with their high price lawyers side by side with them in court and the persona that their poop don’t stink like the rest of the low class disgrunted investors!

Wow is kelly a dwarf or what ? He and that other trailer trash guy with his shirt sticking out in the wedding photos are at least a foot shorter than the women. That may explain a lot. Let him keep the wedding ring. He can share it with his cell mate in prison. Hopefully he will make someone a wonderful boytoy while in jail. With any luck he will contract aids sometime during his 300 years and reduce the taxpayer cost of keeping him alive. Wow, a formal wedding photo and one of the participants has his shirt tail sticking out. Karen must have gotten this picture out of the dictionary under the definition “White Trash”

If these tall gals in the photo believed I was worth millions or billions, they will gladly be a part of my harem until the legal nuce en-tightens them to half ownership!

Should I be glad I am poor and worthless or am I missing out on something by not framing affluence through the manipulation and gullibility of others?