North County Tea Party gaining strength

July 30, 2012


There’s a big party brewing, but it’s not about dancing and cocktails — the issue at hand for members of the rapidly-growing North County Tea Party is nothing less than salvation of these United States.

With its own quarterly publication and a membership list now topping 200, the two-year-old group is gaining steam in its quest for “regaining” the nation.

“We see this as a vehicle to encourage citizens to get involved, and to inform them about the threats facing our country,” said Paso Robles resident John Texiera, publisher of the Central Coast Tea Party Times. “United we stand, divided we fall — freedom made this country great, not our government.”

That’s an attitude embraced by a growing number of people, said Texiera, an assertion supported by the enthusiastic embrace of the Tea Party by county residents.

Lydia Thompson is “in charge” of the group — “I’m not president, nor chairman… it’s just that someone had to take the lead.”

She echoed the comments made by Texiera: “A lot of people have the same concerns. Our biggest issue was to figure out what needed to be done.”

The group’s inception “started with a rally a couple of years ago,” said Thompson. “I wanted to be on the mailing list, but I never got a response.”

That prompted her to take action “and it just happened..all of a sudden it just got going. Volunteers started coming forward. It wasn’t anything magic — it was just people wanting to get involved. Word of mouth was the best recruiter.”

The group’s original purpose was to educate, but people needed a way to take some action, said Thompson. “One person cannot do it all. It needs people who have the same philosophy, and who want our country back where it was, who want their freedoms back.”

She said she is “worried about people who don’t realize their freedoms are being taken away. They don’t know the difference, and they are complacent.”

She was “one of those people,” said Thompson, “comfortable, everything was fine. I was never involved in politics. But slowly, surely, that all changed.”

That is the way it was with most members of the group, said Texiera.

“It seems like most of our members are people fifty to seventy years old, who have never been involved in politics, but who are very unhappy with the way this nation is going. They have a love of country and are hoping to get it back on track. We share a desire for a constitutionally-limited government and a return of our freedoms,” he said. “The Constitution is a marvelous document, and it hasn’t changed. We have.”

When he volunteered to publish Tea Party Times, Texiera said he thought he “ could maybe be a little help. The magazine deals with core values and other issues. We get pour articles from people in the county, from other Tea Party publications, off the Internet.

A retired Department of Corrections employee, Texiera said he has experience in “writing administrative manuals, that kind of thing.”

The group distributes 1,500 copies the magazine by placing them in friendly businesses.

“Of course, it’s political, so some business folks are a little shy. But if they like it, they put it out.”

Tea Party members share another common concern, and it’s called “Agenda 21.”

“Read it, and you can see where ‘they’ are going,” Texiera said.

According to Wikipedia, Agenda 21 is “a non-binding and voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations (UN) related to sustainable development.  Agenda 21 is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally, and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans directly affect the environment.”

Tea Party membership nationally enjoyed a rapid rise two years ago but now has leveled off somewhat.

The Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, a national organization based in Kansas City, shows that one group, the Tea Party Patriots, enjoyed a rapid gain in numbers from the time it started in February 2010, to its peak in December of an estimated 140,000 members. It now has leveled off to about 80,000. Meanwhile, other related groups have formed, including Freedom Works, whose membership now tops that of the Patriots by about 10,000 members. Other groups of similar intent show similar numbers — the 1776 Tea Party claims 10,000 members; ResistNet, 80,000; and Tea Party Nation, 40,000.

“We used to have people with common sense, but now we listen to the fools and have lost our way,” said Texiera. “All public officials take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. We need to demand they do what they have sworn to do.”

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The guy heading these right wing anti-government kooks is a RETIRED CCPOA UNION MEMBER? You can’t make this sh*t up. Yet I’m sure he’s plenty young enough and has a nice fat monthly cash flow to afford him the time and money to fight government waste!

Hey North County Tea Party you can sign your social security checks over to me and don’t forget to concel your Medicare enrollment .

Where does the Tea Party stand on this?

US: The former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration says that the CIA has been a major drug smuggler of cocaine into the US for decades and that the government has worked with and protected drug smugglers in other countries. [The reason for this is that it generates ‘secret’ funding for CIA activities around the world that would never be approved by Congress or the American people.]

Alexander Higgins 2012 Jul 31

I’ll associate Rush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and a lot of others with the corporate neo-cons and Bildersburgers. I don’t think the North County Tea Party is in that loop. I think I could work with them as long they know the meaning of hypocrisy with regard to the role of government in people’s lives and what “property rights’ mean in a little larger context.

But can you live with the CIA’s criminal activities in drug smuggling?

Or, would you insist that our (alleged) “representative government” make them stop?

What is the use of placing your faith in the Tea Party if none of them will take action to put a stop to the crony collectivism?

I’ll be taking a closer look at the Tea Party for myself to find out where they stand, but I just don’t see them taking decisive action to stop the rogues at the CIA and other agencies, as well as other criminal organizations, from continuing to enslave us.

I hope I’m wrong.

” I hope I’m wrong.’

No you don’t. You’re a libertarian extremist that would want no drug laws whatsoever .

You would advocate for free drug use by any adults , Right ?

Or are you like most conservatives …a hypocrite ?

Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from 1990 to 1993,

what a difference twenty years makes.

He also Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, Region One and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Pacific Council for International Policy . who was president when he was dea?oh yeah Clinton who inhereted the Cocaine trade from iran contra flights Mena Ark. for G.H. Bush condor

All these crazzzzzzy right wingers are nasty, bitter, unhappy people. They talk their phony patriotism, personal responsibility garbage talk, but in reality, every moment of their waking hours is spent blaming everyone but themselves for their miserable state of mind. Hypocrisy is so rampant with these people that they themselves forget where they stand on any given issue. One week Justice Roberts is their poster boy for conservativism, then the next day they are viciously attacking him using personal smears. Oh, and they do it all in the name of Jesus. The Savage’s, Limbaugh’s, Hannity’s, and Levin’s of this country are pathetic human beings and some of the most dangerous players in our society. Their recent reactions to Justice Roberts opinion further exemplifies my points.

I’m tempted to agree with you about a lot of what you say.

I don’t trust or listen to ANY of the talk radio hosts that you mentioned.

I DO watch and listen to videos on http://misesorg/

However, I wonder whether you realize that the Left/Right paradigm so conveniently presented in the news day after day is a scam?

Libertarians seem to be almost the only ones who realize and acknowledge this hard reality publicly.

“membership list topping 200………” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I know….it’s a slap-happy laugh riot !

Like the Deaf and Dumb Society strutting about the number of members.

Only it’s just the DUMB Society !

What a bunch of imbeciles and blowhards !

If Harry Reid’s informant at Bain Capital is telling the truth, the guy holding the “DON’T TAX ME, BRO” sign is Mitt Romney, who, allegedly paid no taxes during the decade for which he will not provide his tax returns. I wonder where Tea Party members stand on that issue . . .

Jon Stewart ridiculed Senate Majority leader Harry Reid last night for accusing Mitt Romney of not paying any taxes for 10 years.

“Here’s a rule of thumb, if you have to follow your claim with the words, ‘I don’t know if this is true’ then shut up.” Stewart said, comparing Reid to Donald Trump.

Stewart then launched a segment called “You Harry Reid are Really Really Terrible” and proceeded to ridicule Reid.

“You’re the Senate Majority Leader, you can’t just run to the Side-Boob Gazette with ridiculous speculations,” Stewart said, jokingly referring to the Huffington Post.

Stewart also criticized Reid for making speculations about what Mitt Romney’s father thought about his son’s decision not to release his tax returns.

“I can’t believe you just went dead-Dad shame on Mitt Romney,” Stewart said incredulously. “That is a bulls*it shot.”

Google Harry Reid and you will see he has no right to point a finger at anyone about releasing their tax returns. Shame on him for bringing this to the Senate! Now, I really want to see his taxes and have him explain the Million Dollar land deal. Everyone of them is sleeze and none of them should point the finger. I just want to know what Obama and Romney’s plans for the next four years are, how are they going to resolve employment, taxes, Iran, healthcare, and the economy. Give me some facts and no more bu**s**t. I’m sick of it all!.

Dear Mr. Romney,

“Give me some facts and no more bu**s**t. I’m sick of it all!.”



What is totally guffawingly stupid is the line that a 200 person mailing list in TWO full years of big time media coverage is a growing phenomena !

What Piddlestuff ! Cotton candy for the mind !

200 North county morons ?

How hard is that to sequester ?

200 fascists talking to like-minded fascists is not a news item.

200 fascists committing simultaneous suicide might be a news item, but maybe not.