Sheriff’s department sex scandal lands three under investigation

July 30, 2012

John Pozdolski

CORRECTION: While senior deputy Todd Steeb and Pozdolski’s wife are under investigation, Sheriff Ian Parkinson placed only John Pozdolski on paid administrative leave.


An alleged affair between a senior San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy and a lower ranking officer’s wife has prompted department officials to place one employee on paid administrative leave and three under investigation.

Following allegations that senior deputy Todd Steeb was having an affair with a lower-ranking deputy’s wife, the lower-ranking deputy allegedly assaulted his wife, a sheriff’s department dispatcher. After learning of the assault, sheriff officials sent Commander Aaron Nix to arrest John Pozdolski for domestic violence at his home in Los Osos on July 16.

Department officials then placed John Pozdolski on paid administrative leave while internal affairs looks into the allegations.

Shortly before Ian Parkinson was elected sheriff, the department was investigating another sex scandal involving several department employees. In the summer of 2010, a male sheriff deputy and a female jail correctional officer were accused of sexual misconduct on the job and of filing a false report against the wife of a former officer.

Department insiders said the false charges were filed to retaliate against a former lover. However, the results of the department’s internal affairs investigation were never disclosed to the public with officials claiming it was a personnel issue.

In response to a request by CalCoastNews for information on how long the employees have been on paid administrative leave and who was performing the investigation, sheriff department public information officer Tony Cipolla said he would answer questions in an email. However, he instead sent a press release out to county media announcing Pozdolski’s arrest.

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I am absolutely amazed by the comments describing the character of Pozdolski and Steeb. I have yet to have read one regarding the character of Mrs. Pozdolski? The “victim” in the middle of this drama? Where is her accountability in all of this? She’s the wife, the home wrecker, a public safety dispatcher, a supposed trusted employee of the County… What about her victims? Her husband- how incredibly devastated he must have been when he found out his love, partner, wife, mother of his children (?)- lied, cheated and stole from him- life, love & trust. What about her lover/co-worker – His standing, credibility, and family that has been obliterated – What about is HIS wife, children, family and friends dealing with all of this garbage? In this truly sad situation it took TWO immature, irresponsible, undisciplined and SELFISH people to destroy others. For every action there is a reaction…

As for Deputy Pozdolski- HE IS INNOCENT UNTIL HE IS PROVEN GUILTY. IF there was ANY evidence or cause for him to be held/placed in jail on those serious charges– He would have been. I however- have serious reservations as to the honesty and credibility of Mrs. Pozdolski.

Now he has a Restraining Order against him. This means he has to relinquish all of his firearms. A Deputy without a gun? I dont think so. I think he is done with law enforcement.

If John’s wife were true to her vows and not screwing his partner, this would not have happenend. Sad state of affairs.

Please pay close attention to the wording of the news article. It says the DA ASKED for a restraining order. The judge DID NOT grant it. The reporter chose to ignore the LEGALLY released update from the DA’s office and print something false. The CORRECT information is as I stated.

PS THis really is none of your business.

None of my business? No, this is ALL of my business. 3 of OUR County employees involved in these shenanigans is serious business. These people are put in a position of trust.

Its a personal matter. It does not affect you, anymore than your doctor, dentist, or cpa doing things on their own time would affect you. Their ” position of trust” as you put it was not violated. Would you change your doctor or dentist, or other people in a positon of trust if you knew something about their personal life that upset you?

They chose to work in the public sector. There is a higher standard here than a fast food worker. Public employees have a duty to set an example, especially those in law enforcement. They cannot and should not escape public scrutiny. I personnaly think this deputy was railroaded. He could really hurt someone if he wanted to. This is just my opinion. Having a heated argument does not equate to domestic violence. It sounds like he had good reason to be upset. Too much weight is put on a women’s report. She could have said anything and he get hosed. sad.

BTW, I did pay attention to the news article; “…Judge Jeffrey E. Burke, who granted a restraining order in the case, …”. This is what I read. I have no reason to believe it not to be true. This is common in Domestic Violence cases. It is also law that anyone subject to a Restraing Order surrender their firearms and ammunition and makes it a crime to posses any.

my3kinder says:”The reporter chose to ignore the LEGALLY released update from the DA’s office and print something false”

What LEGALLY released update? where? Why are you not linking to your “CORRECT information” .


Which article did you read?

I hate to judge anybody by just their looks….but man. I wouldn’t want to meet this guy in a dark alley. Looks like he’d fit right in at some biker clubhouse as a bouncer

If the allegations turn out to be true it’s a pretty sad statement about how our tax dollars are being spent.

Well, if it was YOUR ass on the lline in that dark ally my guess is yes, you WOULD like him to be far as fitting in as a bouncer, if some cranked up scag is attacking me i want the BIG cop, thank you very much, not the 140# who may not have the strength or weight to do the job..

and the allegations aren’t true,…. and yes… I WAS there…

Tax dollars?? HA HA HA…lifetime medical and pension for congress…all the other perks for the FBI, CIA< Homeland Security..etc… and lets not forget the illegals whose children are getting free breakfast, lunch, Medi-cal and other benefits that were never worked for, or taxes paid to support these programs.


In LE agencies of any size, they usually have a variety of “looks” or “types” of officers. This is because the people they serve are varied in their appearance and ethnic background.

Pozdolski has a “street-friendly” look. His neck tat reads “veritas and aequitas,” well-known pair of words associated with gangs and the street.

In some instances, Pozdolski’s “look” would be an asset. In fact, he may have been hired specifically because of his looks. Do the math.

Mary, where did you here that phrase being used by street gangs? I’ve never heard anything like that, so just curious. I do know the meaning is truth and justice and am getting the same tattoo but not on my neck.

I don’t remember where I heard it first. The context has been in relation to the streets, and the veritas and aequitas are actually ironic–in other words, there is no truth and fairness.

The first time I saw it was in the movie Boondock Saints.

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