School test answers go viral

July 23, 2012

Test questions and answers posted online will delay release of the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) results for two weeks, state education officials said. (San Jose Mercury News)

The annual posting usually occurs in mid-August, but when Department of Education officials discovered that questions were posted by at least 12 school sites, an inquiry was launched. It was determined that 442 images, many showing full pages of test questions and answers. Test booklets and other images of testing locations also were included.

None of the schools involved are located on the Central Coast.

Department spokesperson Pam Slater said the exposure had no “significant impact on any result.” Nevertheless the delay in release of results was initiated to allow department investigators to determine if students’ test results in the schools involved will be nullified.

The breach will also delay release of Academic Performance Index scores, which are based on the STAR testing sequence. Officials worked with online sites like Facebook to remove the data.