Sheriff’s department sex scandal lands three under investigation

July 30, 2012

John Pozdolski

CORRECTION: While senior deputy Todd Steeb and Pozdolski’s wife are under investigation, Sheriff Ian Parkinson placed only John Pozdolski on paid administrative leave.


An alleged affair between a senior San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputy and a lower ranking officer’s wife has prompted department officials to place one employee on paid administrative leave and three under investigation.

Following allegations that senior deputy Todd Steeb was having an affair with a lower-ranking deputy’s wife, the lower-ranking deputy allegedly assaulted his wife, a sheriff’s department dispatcher. After learning of the assault, sheriff officials sent Commander Aaron Nix to arrest John Pozdolski for domestic violence at his home in Los Osos on July 16.

Department officials then placed John Pozdolski on paid administrative leave while internal affairs looks into the allegations.

Shortly before Ian Parkinson was elected sheriff, the department was investigating another sex scandal involving several department employees. In the summer of 2010, a male sheriff deputy and a female jail correctional officer were accused of sexual misconduct on the job and of filing a false report against the wife of a former officer.

Department insiders said the false charges were filed to retaliate against a former lover. However, the results of the department’s internal affairs investigation were never disclosed to the public with officials claiming it was a personnel issue.

In response to a request by CalCoastNews for information on how long the employees have been on paid administrative leave and who was performing the investigation, sheriff department public information officer Tony Cipolla said he would answer questions in an email. However, he instead sent a press release out to county media announcing Pozdolski’s arrest.

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Take a close look at that mugshot of Pozdolski. That’s exactly how I view most law enforcement officers in this area. Negatively.

Is it possible that his wifes boyfriend was taking the mug shot? You never know !

Most people who have had run-ins with the law have a dislike of the law. Is that you crusader?

Way to go–attack the messenger.

Why don’t you go attack slutty-slutty-slutty Sheriffs Dept. morons who either, a) can’t keep their hands out of each others’ underdrawers, or, b) can’t control their emotions such that they assault their spouse?

No “run-ins” but I see law enforcement officers cruising around on a daily basis around here. Half of them look like fat, wannabe soldiers driving around in a war zone.

Cops getting arrested is news. There are also many fine pros working there.

Excellent point missed by many. And why do we not hear about those fine pros?

Because they are doing there job, dealing with the problem people.


So does Parkinson decide the fate of these three employees? Because if he does, who is he to call the kettle black?

Below Cal Coast links outline some of his leadership skills

PS: You disappoint me in the way you handled this one Mr. Cippola. Never help hide the ball. It is not fitting of your character.

Missmuffet, Ciapola would not have been hired if he was not experienced in hiding the ball and willing to continue to do it for the SLOSD.

First to go was Lisa (the lovely meter maid ) Soloman… but never heard if Her Husband was still with the sherrifs Dept. The house of cards is falling in……. NOW ? whos next This is gross tax payers abuse ! Who really hires these clowns ?

Chris Chitty is employed by the San Luis Obispo Police Department. He and Lisa also operate “Porta Party Pics”. Hope that business doesn’t end up in bankruptcy like their failed t-shirt business did.

Sounds like a company that rents those “honey huts.”

Harvey has the classiest honey huts around.

If this story was the ONLY news in SLo county, I might be able to understand why ANYONE cares so much.. BUT REALLY??? we have METH LABS… BABIES BORN TO DRUG MOMS… CHILD ABUSE….. there are so many other problems out there, put your energy into helping WHERE you CAN.. instead of worrying about who did what to whom…

IF this story had happened to YOUR bus driver next door neighbor, or the Albertsons clerk, or the post man, would anyone really give a flying crap?? DOUBT IT!!!

Our tax dollars don’t pay the Albertsons clerk or the mail carrier to protect and defend us. Cops are held to a higher standard, like it or not.

BTW–you sound like your hubby’s a cop or something. Lighten up.

How much is YOUR life worth? How much would it take to get YOU to put YOUR LIFE on the line EVERY DAY??? Until you are ready to do that, shut the help up..

Actually I think *you* may be the cop, my3kinder. You obviously have anger issues. And lay off the all caps, please.

No.i am not a cop. And YES…i have issues with people rushing to pass judgement on anyone when you only know what the media reports. How do you know more than we do? When i needed the cops they were there for yeah…i will DEFEND them until there is proof of the ALLEDGED activity.

What we do know, He was arrested, that coming from a press release from the Sheriffs Dept. How is that a rush to judgement?

So you’re what–an Explorer? A groupie?

And who is this “we”?

Finally, I hope you’re not posting from work. That can be traced, you know.

LOL. Try another approach. The last time a cop tried that here they got their kiester handed to them in a shopping bag.


The average citizen here in SLO County puts their “life on the line” with the same intensity as most law enforcement officers around here.

I could agree that if just an affair move on BUT the guy smacks around his wife and he deals with the public? If he can’t control his emotions at home how do we know he can on the street? Nice try defending one of your own but it doesn’t spin here.

Misdemeanor domestic violence IS NOT smacking anyone around. That would be a felony.

From what I read (which is what I am commenting on) it said he assaulted her. I did read domestic violence. I didn’t read anywhere misdemeanor. Could you please enlighten me??

Also no matter how you want to play it, to lessen it, if you hit a woman (and I don’t care a slap or hit) you are a chickenshit in my book, that needs to have a good ass beating by real men.

So my3kinder ….. explain the significant difference between child abuse and spousal abuse?

Plus didn’t you read that they are all on paid administration leave …so that means they are not on the street to deal with the problems you mentioned. Use your head.

If our local LE agencies were doing their danged jobs and not playing Find-The-Beaver on company time, perhaps we would not have so many meth labs, etc.

I guess this incident further strengthens the saying “firemen are cheaters and cops are beaters”.

But I guess in this case the cop was a cheater AND a beater. Yipes.

So when your house is on fire..i hope to hell you call someone other than the fire dept.. and if you are buglerized, or raped, or attacked by a whacked out druggy… please call the local SPCA to help you.

Oh brother. Lighten up my3kinder. It’s JOKE. I didn’t make up the saying; haven’t you heard that before?

And if someone’s attacked here, we’ll have to handle it ourselves because the Paso PD will take forever to respond anyway. We don’t live in the hallowed downtown tourist core so the response time would take too long. We’re on our own!

Yeah, that would be sweet for the adulterers and wife-beaters, wouldn’t it? Taxpayers continue to pay for their services, but call the local animal shelter for help with fires. Wow, that way the officers and fire personnel could play Hide-the-Weaner on company time without having to worry about zipping up their trousers first.

We need to be able to call the LE and Fire personnel we, as taxpayers, pay, and expect they will not only show up, but their minds will be on helping us, not on what is underneath the dispatcher’s underdrawers.

Extreme 6-foot-3-inch Fire the Fighter Rayan Mason is a cheater and a beater…!!!

Wow. Here’s to the new era of transparency and honesty ushered in by Parkinson. How long would it have taken the department to announce the arrest if CCN had not prodded? Cipolla should be ashamed for the way he handled this.

He handled it the way he is being paid to handle it.

It’s like SLO’s District Attorney–their job is to protect the city from investigations and lawsuits, not to prosecute city staff when they do something criminal or illegal.

Same with the PR hack for the Sheriffs Dept…they are there to stroke the chief and coverup the messes of the chief and his department.

I think that kind of behavior ( messing around on the job; being unfaithful) goes on in every county in the USA. Some people are not in control of their impulses & think rules apply only to other people. Sad. Someone could have been killed in a rage response.

Here in SLO County, nobody needs to watch soap operas on TV. Our own County employees provide enough of that kind of entertainment,.

I agree. Why don’t they do us taxpayers a favor and put it on TV so we can at least make some money off of it.

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