CHP officer arrested for DUI in Arroyo Grande

August 11, 2012

Michael Mallory

Arroyo Grande police arrested a Santa Maria area California Highway Patrol officer Wednesday morning for driving under the influence of drugs.

Police arrested Michael Mallory, 37, after he hit two cars on Fair View Drive at about 6:30 a.m. Officers noticed Mallory was impaired and were able to determine he was not under the influence of alcohol.

“We suspect at this point that it’s drugs, which is why we got a blood draw and sent it off to the lab,” said Arroyo Grande police Cmdr. Beau Pryor to Noozhawk.

Mallory was arrested on a misdemeanor DUI charge and booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail.

CHP officials said they have not placed Mallory, who has been acting as the Santa Maria office public information officer, on any type of paid administrative leave.

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Some pertinent doings down Santa Barbara way. Anything similar going on in SLO?

New 5 part series by Peter Lance in The Santa Barbara News-Press on DUI police corruption

Insufficient info to tell what really happened here, so we’ll have to reserve final judgment in this specific case, but as far as the illegal drug trade in general, the police are in on it, and have been for many years.

Same Sheriff deputy arrested for child porn. Goossens?

Oops. Reply was for Cindy. Too bad there is no edit function here.

Yup, That was his name, I couldn’t remember it and likewise, I’m surprised some CHP guy didn’t log on here and say something like. “that wasn’t us, that was the SD” ;)

Well, you can be rest assured that if Michael Mallory didn’t hit those two cars, he would have been taken home in secrecy by his fellow Law Enforcement brethren. Conversely, if we showed impaired driving abilities “without” hitting any cars, we’d be in jail post haste!

If Mr. Mallory is using ANY type of drugs, then He has a problem with our Hebrew-Christian God, because our God addresses our body as our temple to Him. “If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.” (1 Corinthians 3:17)

You know, Ted. If Jesus needs a ringer in the judgement or defense department, he may call you off the bench.

But until He does, how ’bout you keep riding it in view of Calvary and let him do the quarterbacking.

Got it?



Jesus has already called me off the bench, and this was done subsequent to Him seeing this forums pseudo-christians perceived knowledge that falls very short of the goal line on a continued basis. He is not smiling.

In a saving pro-active manner, I show the pseudo-christians ALL of the bible’s doctrine! Until Jesus literally does what I do, as in your metaphorical quarterbacking example, barring the erroneous Calvary reference, I’ll have to stay off the bench for the time being for the benefit of enlightening you and many others.

You can all thank me later.

The Holy Spirit lives in me just the same, Ted, and He’s far and away better at “enlightening” me than you’ll ever be. So don’t insult His intelligence, eh?

Jesus has given the world HIS word, the sacrifice of His Son on the cross and His Spirit. Bible, thank you very much. I do not see the Book of Ted Slanders (apt surname), nor your perverse interpretations anywhere in it.

Your excuse for evangelizing in this forum is not indicative of the love and truth of Jesus. Rather, it is a narcissistic excuse for hearing yourself talk in this and Lord literally only knows how many other forums. Get a clue and do us (and yourself) a favor. Take your piss-poor marketing skills AND your self-righteous conceit AND your condemnation somewhere else.

For that, I would gladly thank you right now.


I want you to “thinkaboutit” in that the Holy Spirit that lives within you is enlightening you the way YOU subjectively want Him too, and NOT in the ways that the literal scripture dictate.

One does not “interpret” the bible like pseudo-christians like you, because of the very simple fact that what the perfect word of the Hebrew-Christian God stated ONCE, could not be interpreted in over 40,000 different divisions of Christianity. Get it? Yeah, you secretly do, but can’t admit it. It’s okay.

The bible gives me such wonderful and applicable passages when dealing with pseudo-christians like yourself, like the one below!

“When arguing with fools, be sure to answer their foolish arguments, or they will become wise in their own estimation” (Proverbs 26:5)

I will continue to look forward to your further enlightenment to God’s true word, and not yoursubjective interpretation of it.

Good day.

I’m sure you are right, Ted. Double standard, that’s for sure.

Seems out of character for this trooper. Could be many things. I.E., new medication with adverse reaction? Accidental overdose? Mixing meds accidentally? Low blood sugar like a diabetic? Even a TIA (mini stroke)? I’ve seen all these while working.

Could be he just wanted to get a buzz going and that would be alarming because he knows better than to leave his home and endanger others while under the influence.

The toxicology test will be of interest..

I have to agree that people who have had dealings with this Officer seem to like him. One woman posted that he stopped on the 101 when she and her child were broke down with a flat tire and he changed her tire for her. Sounds like he was called into work unexpectedly but having a buzz at 6:30am sounds sort of odd?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what is going on, I agree that it could be a health problem. Regardless, good people make mistakes and he sounds like one of the good guy’s.

More to this case that what is published here. I suspect the officer was taking prescribed drugs and didn’t eat breakfast or maybe had a large coffee or other food item and had a reaction. Let’s see what the toxicology report says before stones are cast.

Yes, I think you could be right. I recall taking a prescribed medication for stress related gurd. I took the medication for weeks and then one morning, I suddenly had a serious allergic reaction to it! It went from not a problem at all to being rushed into the ER! One never knows with medications.

Tough job. Let’s get people on the right road again. Come on people we are depending on you to be clean and sober. Get an AA guy in you area they will help you for sure. You guys know the need for you to be a good example for all especially the little guys and girls.

If I could stop anyone can stop. Bust thing I have ever done for them and myself. Tell yourself no more and quit the damn stuff. When I stopped that’s what I did. I just quit. No excuses like little kissy boys , I can’t quit it’s too hard. Bull, it’s easy just stop doing it.

God Bless everyone especially the police

Generally speaking, beating drug addiction is never easy or permanent. It is a daily, sometimes minute-by-minute, decision, and ongoing.

Necessary, yes. Easy, no.

Sounds like most all the commentors on all the sites have already determined what the cause was, even before the toxicology reports.Good work folks, there could be a possible future career in this skill.

Yet another in a long line of SLO County law enforcement personnel to be popped for DUI. Some of the others from recent memory:

CMC Lieutenant Charlie Romero

CHP Captain Martin Joel “Marty” Whited

SLO Sheriff Deputy James Lesperance

SLO UnderSheriff Steve Bolts

Kudos to the Arroyo Grande PD for having the integrity to arrest a fellow law enforcement officer!

Seems hard not to arrest a fellow after he hit a couple of cars.

Except for the off duty CHP that turned the corner onto Traffic Way in A-Town and hit 4 cars while rolling his own SUV! According to the A-Town responding Officer, the CHP had done “nothing wrong” and shit happens! I don’t recall the offenders name but CCN covered the story a couple of years ago.