Atascadero man steals police car for bank robbery get away

August 11, 2012

Phillip Craig Bailey

An Atascadero man allegedly robbed a Chase Bank in Santa Maria, fought with an officer and stole a Santa Maria police car before injuring several people in a series of collisions. [KSBY]

Phillip Craig Bailey, 43, allegedly told the teller at the Chase Bank on Broadway Street that he had a weapon and demanded money. After leaving the bank Bailey attempted to carjack several vehicles before a Santa Maria police officer confronted him.

Bailey and the officer got into a physical altercation which ended when Bailey jumped into the officer’s cruiser and drove away dragging the officer down the street, KSBY said.

While trying to flee, Bailey collided with a truck before hitting two parked cars and a pedestrian injuring three people.

Santa Maria police arrested Bailey on charges of bank robbery, carjacking and attempted carjacking.



OMG, One of my friends knows a person who actually witnessed this event. The altercation between the Officer and the robber escalated into a “full on fight” and money was flying all over the place in the bank parking lot! Then the robber ran and jumped in the police car and started driving away and the Officer ran and jumped through the drivers side window trying to stop the guy. The car kept going with half the Officers body hanging out the window. Everybody was dumb struck and as the car went down the road, the Officer fell out of the window and then the robber started hitting other cars. They said that the Officer and landed some heavy duty blows on the robber but he (robber) seemed to be on some sort of drugs that gave him extra energy or something. Must have been quite a scene as my friend was laughing while telling me the story. No one was injured beyond a few scrapes and bruises.

Ted Slanders


You hang with a friend that thought this incident was funny? Really? I don’t think it was funny to the police officer that put his life on the line in the call of duty. Do you? The careening of the police car, and hitting other cars that could have been occupied, is funny to your friend, and all the while, you listened intently?

I could say that this shows your unseemly character as well, that equals your friend, but I won’t.


If no one was hurt, and you can’t laugh about it, then you take yourself way way too seriously, maaan. ;)


Let he without sin throw the first stone.

Ted Slanders


Dear, learn your place in the godly scheme of things, okay?

“Let the women learn is silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, not to ursurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” (Timothy 2:11-12 )

Me man, you woman, do NOT ursurp over me, and for Christ’s sake, be silent!

Thanking you in advance because of your oversight.


“I could say that this shows your unseemly character as well, that equals your friend, but I won’t.”

Probably best that you don’t as you know the friend and in some way’s, better than I do !


I think things like this are Hilarious. I look for humor like this. unscripted. and my friends are funnier than your friends.


Ummm Cindy?

“No one was injured beyond a few scrapes and bruises”. I beg to differ………


Give it a rest. Cindy was responding to the article here. Since when is a poster required to check out all published articles before they post a comment.


Mary my response was civil. I was merely showing her that people *were* seriously hurt. My intention wasn’t to slam her, and I apologize to Cindy if she feels I did.

Ted Slanders

On the other hand, I will not apologize to Cindy, and my intentions were to slam her because of her blatant disregard of the severity of the situation in her post above, and the previous one.


Not a problem Mikayla, the way that I heard the story, it did sound funny, especially the part about the money flying all over the place! The cop hanging out the window while the car drove away also sounded funny although I knew how desperate the Officer must have been to see to it that the robber didn’t get away driving his sward car. I wasn’t aware that there had been any serious injuries, thanks for the heads up but the money part is still funny.