Democratic Party withholds SLO mayor endorsement

August 30, 2012

Jan Marx

The San Luis Obispo Democratic Party voted not to endorse Mayor Jan Marx in her bid for another term on the city council.

The local Democratic Party’s election committee has endorsed Marx in past elections. However, issues over a contentious battle between the city employee safety unions have led some to question her support for labor.

In addition, in 2011, the Fair Political Practices Commission released the findings of a three-year state investigation into the funneling of cash and gifts to the campaigns to stop Ernie Dalidio’s proposal to develop his San Luis Obispo farmland. The investigation revealed Marx was part of the alleged illicit effort.

The board also did not endorse Steve Barasch, another candidate who was also vying for the endorsement. Local businessman Barasch has been outspoken about the city’s fiscal stability and lack of transparency.

While Marx received more votes than Barasch, she did not garner the two-thirds vote needed.

The committee did, however, endorse two candidates, incumbent John Ashbaugh and newcomer Jeff Aranguena, for the two open council seats.



Mayor Marx is out of touch, so focused on rehashing the fights from the 1980s and 1990s to save the local environment that she has not noticed that those fights were all won in the City.

While she talks about supporting workers, she’s taken no steps to help workers (just see if you can find a union bug on any of her materials). Marx has never even raised the prospect of entering into a project labor agreement to insure the public with skilled union labor hired from within the City to keep our jobs and tax dollars here. Instead we often see Fresno and Bakersfield contractors bringing their crews here to work on City construction.

While Marx talks about protecting businesses, nothing she has pushed or supported has made it easier for commerce or clean manufacturing that would generate jobs or prosperity here. Rather than lead, Marx abdicates her responsibilities to the City Manager and City Attorney.

To look effective Mayor Marx has become a cheer leader for the City penalizing easy targets. Using the ½ cent sales tax we voted in for fixing aging sewers, roads and bridges instead to change the color of a few blocks of sidewalk and put obelisks at entrances to town. Taking away plastic bags, and making Grandma pay for her paper bag when she buys groceries this October. And Marx had a heavy hand in sending the police on midnight sweeps to harass poor people sleeping in their cars.

Both serious candidates for Mayor are Democrats who are sensitive to protecting environmental quality of life. The choice is between Marx, who sees nothing else, and Steve Barasch who sees all the other things the people of San Luis Obispo need too: jobs, commerce, and city actions and expenditures accountable to the voters. It is good to see Labor regaining influence in the local Democratic Party. Labor was right to withhold its endorsement from Marx. It is time to elect Mayor Barasch.


This is a big deal. The Democratic Central Committee is a political machine within the City of San Luis Obispo. Its maneuvering behind the scenes is the only reason someone like Marx got elected in the first place. She may well now be toast…


I think the Democratic Party is making a mistake here, like the one made by the Sierra Club when they didn’t endorse Patterson. It certainly was not an endorsement of Arnold, but that was the effect. Sort of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The Tribune quoted Marx: “I have been really clear ever since binding arbitration came up in 2000,” Marx said. “For 12 years, I have been saying that I support collective bargaining and employee unions, but I am against binding arbitration.” That’s a reasonable balance.

I support Jan Marx and will vote for her again.


Who really cares, she is toast…

The party is going to distance itself from the pariah…


So, did I read this correctly… Jan Marx did not get Democratic support because she did the right thing for the people of San Luis Obispo who she was elected by and for and not the democratic party that is funded my and for the unions so now she is punished??? I am no fan of Jan Marx;s but kudos for doing the right thing (although, as I recall you had no choice at the time and went kicking against the union mob). Anyway, another wake up call for America – get eaten by your party if you dare disagreed with them on one issue. As a democratic, free thinking, intelligent human being, I don’t understand anybody, from either party, not using good ole common sense first and foremost. I am one step away from being a independent and not a controlled and herded member of social politics.


I gave up on SLO politics years ago. One can only point out the grave deficiencies in the candidates for so long before realizing that people who do not 1) read, 2) listen, or 3) think must be voting in this town.

That or it’s completely rigged. But that couldn’t happen around here, could it?

Ironically, the political environment is so vapid and shallow, that any self-respecting person would not think once (or twice) about running and improving it; thus, the rapid downward spiral that gives us the “leaders” that we have.



Good. Marx has been terrible…anti-labor, and complicit with the anti-Constitutional bullying of the homeless.

Dump Marx and Vote for Don Hedrick.


And so why hasn’t Marx been brought up on criminal charges for the illicit acts. This is what is wrong with our local government. The corruption is rampant and widespread and Jerry Shea continues to be retired in his chair


I am still amazed that Dalidio did not sue her backside off? Maybe that’s still in the works…


Too bad “none of the above” isn’t available in the election.


Careful what you wish for … much of south county “voted” for none of the above in the supes race and we ended up with Adam Hill again.

I say this as a poke at Adam, but also as a reminder to you, that you are always ahead to choose the lesser of two evils than letting others decide for you.