Arroyo Grande oil extraction project denied

August 22, 2012

San Luis Obispo County Supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday against Excelaron’s plans to drill for oil in the Huasna Valley and in support of the planning commissions’ March rejection.

The plan called for drilling as many as 12 wells on the Mankin Ranch about 10 miles east of Arroyo Grande on the back side of the Huasna Valley.

Excelaron’s planner Carol Florence requested a continuation in order to provide time for the county’s environmental impact consultant to make changes to his report. She has repeatedly pointed out that the county planning commission’s denial of the project was based on inaccurate information that conflicted with the county’s environmental impact report.

Supervisor Adam Hill was the first to speak against the project and the continuation noting the risk of fires in the remote area.

Opposing the project because of concerns over the project’s compatibility in the rural area, Supervisor Paul Teixeira drew support from his fellow supervisors.

Nevertheless, county staff said that Excelaron planners can reapply in the future by submitting an amended proposal as a new drilling plan.


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For those with all the facts…they will understand that this was an excellent decision. The cost to the county to “support” this project, as well as the liability was enormous. It costs well over $125/linear foot to pave a road…the road and bank upgrades necessary to support this would have fallen on tax payer shoulders…and the “tar” anticipated to be pulled out was not suitable for fuel, and would have been used for other petroleum items already served by the downstream effluent of current processing. As a tax payer, the liability and infrastructure costs would have been insanely expensive. Oh…and the “company” that wanted to pursue this project is a penny stock foreign corporation. Forget the environmental impact issues and the “drill here, drill now” mantra…this was a GOOD financial decision by the Board.

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Brother Slowerfaster,

We’re talking about bubbling crude, Texas “T”, black oil, etc, that moves our luxury automobiles and keeps our Oil Stocks at high dividends at the expense of the middle class when they fill up at the gas station with their lessor Detroit Iron and imported Rice Burners.

Hell, there should be oil rigs everywhere in this county with no restrictions whatsoever. Look at the tax revenues they would provide for this county! Natural Gas and oil? Let the drilling and fracking begin, and praise our Hebrew-Christian God for providing! (Colossians 1:16)

Since it was mentioned that the reason they are able to continue to file applications to drill is because there is not an ordinance banning Fracturing I think it is time to write an ordinance. And since any Fracturing/drilling operation is exempt from, meaning is not subject to the laws everyone else is, The Clean Act, The Clean Water Act, The Clean Drinking Water Act, CERCLA Superfund Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Environmental Policy Act, aka Halliburton Loophole, such an exemption, if the permit is granted, renders County, State, Federal agencies powerless to do anything except regulate the level of harm. And there will be harm. Untold irreversible harm.

The ordinance writing process making our Right to Clean Water, the Rights of Nature and dehumanizing corporations a law with criminal penalties is in the works. It begins with the Democracy School conducted by CELDF, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and Global Exchange here in San Luis Obispo. We will be joining over 150 other communities across the United States who have also legally, lawfully taken the law into their own hands and exerted their inalienable rights to self-govern. They have stopped Fracturing (Las Vegas, New Mexico), stopped the planting of GMO seeds, stopped Coke and Pepsi from laying claim to Mount Shasta water, prevented the spreading of toxic sludge on farm lands and more.

I dare say having the law on our side when confronting behemoths whose intent it is to operate outside of the law by enjoying exemptions imposed by undue influences is a much more comforting position to be in.

Never thought I’d agree w/Adam Hill on any issue…but the supes made the right decision.

The Hebrew-Christian God, and not Allah or Yahweh Gods, gave us the rich oil reserves under the godly United States. (1 Timothy 4:4) He put it there for a purpose, obviously to power the true Christians fine automobiles and to make the top 1 percent that use His name in any way, wealthy beyond belief.

Every oil reserve should be used, regardless of any stupid airy fairy environmental concerns. This is because, the sooner we destroy the earth, the sooner Jesus will arrive in His eventful Second Coming! (2 Peter 3:12)

It’s a win-win situation for the true Christians, in that they can use their oil investment returns to live a debauchery lifestyle, with the Forgiveness Doctrine in their back pocket, while at the same time, expediting the coming of Jesus!

Sidebar: to my fellow Christians, be aware that Jesus may come at any time. Therefore, don’t be disrespectful and shameful and be naked upon His coming!

“Behold, I come like a thief! Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed.” (Revelation 16:15)

Brother Ted : Please also be awares of the many passages of ‘anointment’ mentioned in the Scriptures !

Ex: Leviticus 8:12 , whereupon Aaron was anointe with the holy oil to sanctify him, ISamuel 16:13, Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18 , and many other verses.

Of course, these were not petroleum ( rock oil ) distillates , but rather plant and animal secretions.and renderings. Commonly, these were from the olive tree, fish, and the extracts from aromatic plants ( and so, more of a perfume ).

The tarry sludge that is pumped from the ground was suitable as pitch for waterproofing ships, but was not considered holy …certainly not for sacrament.