New news chief named at Cal Poly

August 28, 2012

Mary Glick

A two-year vacancy in the chair of Cal Poly’s journalism department has been filled with the hiring of Mary Glick.

Glick is an “entrepreneurial journalist and educator,” according to a statement by Harvey Levenson, interim chair of the department.

“The department now has a leader to blend its assets into a dynamic unit,” he added.

Glick has held a variety of positions, including associate director of the American Press Institute in Virginia, and associate professor of journalism at State University of New York at Oswego.



  1. The Gimlet Eye says:

    Maybe she can explain why Poly is only accepting out of state students and how this can be legal.

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  2. MaryMalone says:

    So, what’s the 411 on this new chairperson of the Cal Poly Journalism Department?

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  3. photocal says:

    Always wonder…………….. how all these out of State people end up at Cal Poly ?

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    • que hora es says:

      She’ll head up the new welcoming committee for all the out-of-state students (which apparently will be the only new students at Cal Poly).

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    • jimmy_me says:

      If you give the admin reason to believe that you’ll support them 100% and will never say anything bad about them, you’re hired.

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      • photocal says:

        Admin. and their function is..?

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        • r0y says:

          Extract as much money from students, parents, locals, and government as you can.

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