Sheriff patrol car collides with deer

September 27, 2012

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s patrol car driven by deputy John Blank collided with a deer on Highway 101 early Thursday morning injuring Blank and another officer.

Shortly after 1 a.m., the patrol car hit a deer that leapt into the fast lane north of Sam Ramon Road in Atascadero, California Highway Patrol officials said.

Airbags in the sheriff’s unit deployed and the two deputies sustained minor injuries.

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So did they give the deer a jay walking ticket or did they feast on venison sausage the next day?

Not California but some states have a law that basically says, you hit it you get it.

It’s known as road kill…. and I think its served in some Paso Restaurants……. as long as it’s not more than 3, or 4 days old and not too sun dried. Good eat’s !

There’s a thought-provoking article here for those interested in wildlife, or deer specifically:

So far this note by cch garnered one negative check, balanced by my positive. I guess because the article (if even read by the cretins who dislike any empathy for animals) is actually based on SCIENCE instead of selfish greed and ignorance (which drive the folks who have given so many negativos to my concern for wildlife). Too bad, I had no idea so many thoughtless and cruel people visited this site.

Kudos to cch for offering this article, I hope others will read it.

I would like to see more on the mountain lion numbers. They have reams of data on the deer but nothing current on the mountain lion. The Lion’s would be one of the main predators I would assume. We keep seeing in other news that the population of the Mountain Lion has been growing quite a bit and a lot more sightings of them. I await further results.

I’m sorry for the deer we maim and kill. We steal their land, ruin their habitat and then this as they just try to get from here to there. Damn shame. Too many people.

“Too many People” You know “hotdog,” population control starts at home. How many children do YOU have?

You are so right.

But of course you are discussing hypocrisy, not over population, in your question. It is very difficult to operate in the world we are presented with and avoid all hypocrisy-those honest and thoughtful people probably are the least hypocrites among us.

Someone with 5 or 6 kids could easily bemoan over population, though with more hesitancy than I could (with my way less than the national average of kids). Having too many could be due to greed, ignorance, poverty or ‘the heat of the moment’-not to mention political policy and familial pressures.

Given my near fanatical worry about over population (all smart people are worried about that-almost all our problems stem from depleted resources due to too many rats in the cage) I absolutely love kids.

Oh deer!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I am surprised this does not happen more often in the North County.

It happens all the time. The deer are all over on the dark roads at night and likewise, deer are frequently noted lying along side the 101 after being clipped. I guess people aren’t usually injured and those accidents aren’t as interesting as it is when it happens to the cops.

I would have to disagree with you on this one; any accident with a deer that results in airbag deployment will most likely see reporting on it. When an airbag is deployed, isn’t the vehicle rendered inoperable?

At best your face is inoperable after an air bag deployment bob but, nice to see you’ve got your thinking cap on!! :)

Keeping one’s hands at “9” and “3” on the wheel is safer than at “10” and “2,” especially when that airbag deploys.

Well Cindy you might consider the time that this happened at 1 am and that with the reduced manpower the Sheriff’s department is operating with that these deputies may have been responding to a call. As we all know there is very limited coverage especially at night. More than likely they may have been traveling at a higher rate of speed and that is why the air bags were deployed. As you say we see deceased deer on a regular basis along our roads but I don’t recall air bag deployment as a results of these conflicts. Maybe once in awhile you could give law enforcement a break. Remember their next call could be to render assistance to you.