NRC says Shoreline Fault not a significant threat to Diablo Canyon

October 15, 2012

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission released a letter Friday stating that the earthquake potential of the recently discovered Shoreline Fault does not exceed the maximum amount of seismic shifting the Diablo Canyon Power Plant can handle.

PG&E safety measures have prepared the nuclear power plant to safely survive a maximum earthquake on the nearby Hosgri fault of magnitude 7.5

In 2008, PG&E discovered another fault line less than one mile offshore from Diablo Canyon, which it named the Shoreline Fault. Following the meltdown of the Japanese Fukushima nuclear reactors in March 2011, PG&E decided to conduct seismic testing of the Shoreline Fault, which is schedule to begin next month.

Yet, the NRC letter, which discusses a report that reviewed new data on the Shoreline Fault, confirmed the agency’s previous finding that the Shoreline Fault cannot generate as large of a maximum earthquake as the Hosgri. Thus, the agency does not consider the Shoreline Fault a safety threat that requires any more preparations by PG&E.

“Staff has concluded that the Shoreline scenario should be considered as a lesser included case under the Hosgri evaluation,” the letter reads. “The licensee should update the final safety analysis report, as necessary, to include the Shoreline scenario.”

Despite the NRC’s lack of concern over seismic potential near Diablo Canyon and public outcry over the possibility of major harm to sea life in the area, PG&E plans to begin seismic testing in mid-November.

Although the NRC did not state that the seismic mapping is necessary, it said in the letter that it expects PG&E to report back any new information it gathers in the process suggesting that the Shoreline Fault has greater seismic potential than previously determined or that other fault lines exist in the area.


Decommission the dinosaur…NOW-roof top is superior and feesable-Put ratepayer $ into THAT!


Fox offering security advice for chicken coop.

What a fraud !.


Great news, NRC- now cancel the seismic testing.


It is plain and simple:

If we are going to keep Diablo in operation, it needs to be designed to withstand at least an 8.0 quake. Anything less is like allowing every worker at Diablo to hold a gun to your head and your children’s heads and plying Russian roulette.

This sonic blasting fiasco is simply a new way for the behind-the-curtain black hats at PG&E to delay and distract the public and use ratepayer money to make a few people awesomely wealthy.

Ever hear of “kick-backs”? We’re talking tens of millions of dollars that are being pulled from OUR pockets to pay for something none of us have ANY idea of what it should cost. Do the budgetary breakdown on where all this money is going. And notice, interestingly, that a nice chunk is being earmarked for The Tribune, KSBY, KCOY, The New Times, etc. for “public relations.”

There should be heavy BI-PARTISAN opposition to this scam. It should naturally unite Tea Partiers with Tree Huggers and everyone in-between.

This sonic blasting will scam us ALL and potentially leave untold numbers of fish and marine mammal rotting at the bottom of our sacred sea.


Where can I find a budgetary breakdown?


Ask a disgruntled wife of a PG&E executive.

CA Native

When an earthquake breaches the containment building or busts open the storage casks, it will become a ‘significant threat’.


Whether or not the seismic testing is the right thing to do is the Martin G. Langseth ship the BEST solution?

Go to this web site to read a report about the recent testing it conducted this past July off the coast of Oregon:

If you have a problem with this contact the Coastal Commission and attend the meeting in Santa Monica Nov. 14.


Even if the Hosgri fault is determined it be able to produce a 7.5 or higher quake, we either A) Won’t hear about it because of data manipulation. Or B) It won’t matter because there is no way that Diablo is going to be shut down. And of course PG&E is going to go ahead with the blasting. They don’t have to pay for it and if something does go wrong in the future as a result of an earthquake, they will have exercised due diligence and will be less liable for the damage caused. Diablo will not be shut down regardless of the testing outcome/data. No bueno.


Further confirms suspicious this testing is NOT about “safety” related to fault lines, but mapping for future off shore oil drilling. Just sayin…..


Oh what the heck, let’s test anyway!! And the ratepayers will foot the bill, both to the utility and the poor fisherman who are the loosers in this fiasco. I’ll bet the Sups won’t even comment on this article.


Great news that Diablo Canyon is “safe”. Why push the seismic testing then? Oil maybe….hmmmm.


Hey …..if Diablo pop’s …….. You’ll really never know…….Its… kinda like it’s all over, and no complaint dept.