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Is California facing a deadly earthquake?

Geologists have increased the odds of having a major quake on the San Andreas Fault due to an earthquake swarm near the Salton Sea from 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 100 for the following week. [Scientific America] Does the... (Continue reading)

One fault near Diablo Canyon links to another

An earthquake fault that neighbors Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant links to a second, larger fault, scientists have discovered. [SF Chronicle] The Hosgri fault was discovered three miles offshore of Diablo Canyon during construction of the power plant in 1971.... (Continue reading)

Could a tsunami swamp California?

A Southern California geologist is warning of the possibility of a tsunami slamming into Los Angeles and wreaking havoc on California’s coastline. [NBC News] Mark Legg, the lead author of a newly published study, says offshore faults are capable of... (Continue reading)

Diablo Canyon nuclear plant must be shut down

OPINION By FRIENDS OF THE EARTH Despite repeated assertions by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. that the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant is safe from earthquakes, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has ordered PG&E to provide more proof. Friends of the... (Continue reading)

Senator Boxer calls out NRC on Diablo Canyon safety

At a federal hearing in which both Rep. Lois Capps and former state sen. Sam Blakeslee testified, U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer criticized the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for its handling of safety concerns about Diablo Canyon Power Plant. The Senate... (Continue reading)

The NRC needs to consider seismic data in Diablo Canyon license renewal

OPINION By FRIENDS OF THE EARTH Friends of the Earth has filed a petition to intervene in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission proceeding that would allow Pacific Gas & Electric’s controversial Diablo Canyon nuclear reactors to run for an additional twenty... (Continue reading)

Former Diablo Canyon inspector urges shut down

A former federal inspector at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant has asked regulators to shut down the plant until it can be determined if it can withstand an earthquake of the Central Coast. In a confidential July 2013 document... (Continue reading)

Barbara Boxer grills NRC over Diablo Canyon

OPINION By ALLIANCE FOR NUCLEAR RESPONSIBILITY For the second time since November of last year, Senator Barbara Boxer has called upon Chairman Allison Macfarlane of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to explain and clarify how the NRC can allow Pacific... (Continue reading)

PG&E’s alleged broken promises prompt resignation

OPINION By BRIAN STACY Today, I resigned from my position as vice president of Port San Luis Commercial Fishermen’s Association, (PSLCFA) over issues surrounding the recently completed PG&E Low Energy Seismic Surveys (LESS). Less is conducted under the CSLC outdated... (Continue reading)

Coastal Commission denies seismic testing application

The California Coastal Commission voted unanimously on Wednesday to deny PG&E’s seismic testing permit application and object to Diablo Canyon’s nuclear power plant’s consistency certification after almost 150 activists spoke against the testing. Only PG&E employees spoke in favor of... (Continue reading)