Supervisor threatens Pismo Beach Council

October 2, 2012

Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill said that a county agency he does not sit on is planning to sue the city of Pismo Beach if it does not cough up funds to fight a lawsuit contending he improperly conspired to win his reelection.

Last month, the Pismo Beach City Council agreed that the cost of fighting the lawsuit filed by a developer against members of the San Luis Obispo County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) would not be paid for by the city.

The suit filed by developer Larry Parsons, says members of the board abused their authority in order to promote Hill’s reelection and their own political careers.

Last week, Hill responded by sending a letter to the editor of the New Times in which he claims Pismo Beach is facing retribution for refusing to pay LAFCO’s legal costs and suggests the public vote in a new council.

“Pismo Beach is refusing to honor its indemnification contract with LAFCO,” Hill says in his letter. “This will lead to Pismo being sued by LAFCO or its insurance carrier. This follows a period when Pismo was not paying its bills to LAFCO over its work on the Los Robles Del Mar application. Most likely this will lead to LAFCO refusing to accept any more applications from Pismo. This is unprecedented.

“All of this is relevant because Pismo’s council has a well-established reputation for thumbing its nose at its neighboring cities and other agencies like LAFCO and the Coastal Commission. It has also bailed out on its obligations to Lucia Mar in regard to redevelopment monies.

“As its representative to the county, Pismo’s behavior is quite frankly, embarrassing. That’s why I am urging voters of Pismo to support Erik Howell and Sheila Blake for council. Not only will they better represent the concerns of Pismo’s residents, but they will encourage a new cooperative spirit in the city’s government. That would be very refreshing.”

A hearing to determine if LAFCO’s decision to deny Parson’s proposed project should be overturned is set for Nov. 29 in San Luis Obispo Superior Court.



This man is insane to say the least. You have destroyed this County with your regulations and corruption but thank God that will end come January and you can go bury your head in that sand on the beach. Everytime I go to the store I thnk of you, Patterson (soon to be gone) and the other corrupt piece of the puzzle Gibson. I will continue to anyone’s campaign that takes you three nitwit’s down. GO DEBBIE!!!


Sorry SLOBIRD, Hill was re-elected. Patterson is being replaced with Debbie Arnold.


True there Guy-Wise, but finally he becomes the minority on the board and we can stop this insane dictatorship of the anointed. Gibson and Hill can sit back for a while at least until the next election and let sane people drive the bus for awhile..


Hill says:” That’s why I am urging voters of Pismo to support Erik Howell and Sheila Blake for council.” Wow- talk about giving the Kiss of Death to the campaigns of Blake and Howell…

Wonder how they feel about that “endorsement” from Hill…. With a “friend” like him, who needs an enemy?


You are corrupt Adam Hill. There is no getting out of it.

Mr. Holly

“Pismo’s behavior is quite frankly, embarrassing”. Thank you Mr. Hill, coming from you, a real embarrassment to the county, that is quite a statement in itself.


I continue to be embarrassed by Adam Hill antics. He will go to any lenghts it seems to discredit anything that his opponent in the supervisor race is involved in.

I praise Pismo Beach for standing up to the Coastal Commission and looking out for its citizens. Parks beautification is much appreciated. The city finances appear to surpass most county cities with respect to financial wellbeing.

Good job, Council & staff.


Gee Adam,

I really was not listening to you, as I was busy with my I-Pad. (kind of like you at meetings)


“Who voted for this old bozo anyway”…..lifted from the illegal alien Driver’s License artcile from this same page…special thanks to the “Myself” person


Bozo was a professional clown.

Adam Hill cannot even claim that.


We don’t care — Adam got re-elected, and that’s the important thing.

We have become so partisan we will overlook any amount of malfeasance, so long as our guy wins the election.

eradicate ignorance

When Adam Hill speaks I tune out.