Baseball bat robber claims to be rape victim

November 9, 2012

Sandra Lee Welsh

A San Luis Obispo woman suspected of burglarizing a townhouse Sunday and beating residents with a baseball bat claims to have actually been raped at the residence she is accused of robbing [KCOY].

The family of 32-year-old Sandra Lee Welsh told KCOY that police ignored her allegation of rape and denied her a rape kit.

“They raped her and beat her up and when police came, they are claiming that she was stealing from them, which is a false accusation,” Welsh’s sister Carrie Welsh said to KCOY.

Welsh’s grandmother Ellen Hickey said that Welsh had the appearance of a rape victim.

“She has stuff all over her body,” Hickey said. “She didn’t even bathe because she had things all over her body.”

San Luis Obispo Police say they began a rape investigation as soon as they received word of the rape allegation from the county jail.

But, alleged robbery victim Reed Anderson said Welsh broke into his home and attacked him as well as a roommate with a baseball bat.

“I have never met her,” Anderson said. “I had no idea who she was.”

Police investigators who arrived at the scene said they found Welsh in possession of items from previous burglaries including several electronics she had stolen from Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, where she received treatment early Sunday morning.

Hospital staff discharged Welsh around 5 a.m. but found her hiding in a bathroom a few hours later. Welsh allegedly took a television set, a DVD player and several children’s videos from the hospital.

Police charged Welsh with robbery, burglary and assault with a deadly weapon and booked in San Luis Obispo County Jail on $30,000 bail.

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Her photo looks more like a predator than a rape victim

Wow, it happens to men every day from coast to coast. She’s well indoctrinated.

Hey, I think I have JUST the girlfriend for Paso Robles mayoral candidate, Jeff Rougeot.

Interesting how You tied this story into Paso Robles ! Another good shot at Paso Mary……..

Test her for rape, do a DNA on the apartment occuppants and then charge her with everything under the sun if the story turns out to be false. But, first give her the benefit of the test. Something is terribly wrong with this story. If this turns out to be a false story send the bills to her family for enabling this behavior and life style. Very sad story!

If there really were signs that she had been raped, then test all the parties involved. When/if the two occupants of the apartment were cleared, I am sure she would turn her claims to someone who worked at Sierra Vista having been the rapist. If that didn’t stick, I am sure she would have blamed someone radomly assaulted her on the street.

What we don’t know was when she finally made her claims, was it while being arrested at the apartment, or was it while she was sitting in jail, or some point in between?

As for billing her and her family for the cost of the testing and the investigation, if it was actually a viable thing to do, I would agree with doing it.

She never “claimed” rape until she was in jail. (probably after taking to her grandmother and sister) who were trying to get pull the sympathy card. Lets see who should we believe – 2 good college students who have no prior record or a drugged out person who had stolen items already in her possesion from the hospital? Oh maybe the boys went across the street and stole that stuff to stage the robbery in their apartment. Please, this just gives women who are really raped

a bad name. Her family should be ashamed of themselves. If they were so concerned about her why was no one there to pick her up when she was released from the hospital. And why was she in the hospital in the first place.

The police should have given her a rape test. When a woman says she has been raped that’s the logical thing to do. Backward society disbelieves a woman about rape. Maybe she did steal all that crap but that doesn’t mean she didn’t get raped. Aman. God Bless

Ms. Reed stole property from Sierra Vista, then broke into the home of two individuals and was caught stealing items from them. These two individuals allegedly raped Ms. Reed and then called police, is what she would have us believe?

I think I may have to agree with you. Considering the past use of a baseball bats by the Mafia one might want to conclude that the governemnet will conduct a study on the use of a baseball bat. I’m going to assume ( and we all know what that means) that the baseball bat will be considered a weapon. With that in mind a law will be put into affect that anyone in possession of a baseball bat will be a violator.

AH! But there will be away to get around this. Become a certified user of a baseball bat by being a member of an organized baseball league. Once you have done that you will have to register your baseball bat and of course there will be a substantial fee/tax to cover the governments cost of this program.

Then we will have a run on the thefts of baseball bats and the judicial system will get bogged down prosecuting Little Leaguers who failed to register their baseball bats.

We need stricter baseball bat laws!

Don’t wory I’m sure the city council is working on it, now that they have taken care of feeding ducks and hiding trash can. They have to keep working on those important issues, to heck with reducing regulations that are preventing businesses from starting and growing.

You are SO right! Especially those black aluminum ones! They look so menacing! I propose we call them “Assault bats” and BAN them. Them thar are some dangerous bats!

And a surtax on every bat sold which would go to bat assault victims! And hire extra bat boys, and girls too, and pass some protective laws which would assure that they are all equally treated with plenty of huge fines for discrimination! And establish bat-free zones, too!

Sue/ban Louisville Slugger!

So she was raped? So the fact that she had items from Sierra Vista from earlier that day, did they also rape her over there at Sierra Vista?

This lady needs help. Her family even more so! They are enableing her and her lame story. I can see her childhood now. Even when caught, she was just misunderstood. YEA RIGHT!

The family is right that police needed to test her. Not for rape but for DRUGS!!

…a psychological test wouldn’t hurt either.