Gibson had affair with legislative aide

November 16, 2012

Bruce Gibson

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson admitted to having an affair with his legislative aide and said he plans to seek a divorce from his wife. [SLO Tribune]

Gibson said the affair with Legislative Assistant Cherie Aispuro had lasted for a “fairly long time” during his tenure as District Two Supervisor. Aispuro, a longtime county employee, has served as Gibson’s assistant since he took office in January 2007.

While Gibson did not say when the affair began, sources reported to CalCoastNews that the supervisor was having an affair with someone in the county prior to his 2010 reelection.

Gibson said he does not plan to resign from his position, but he did say that he breached the trust of his constituents.

“Outside the hurt that I have caused in my family, I am embarrassed at the breach of trust that I have caused to occur with my constituents,” Gibson said. “Being an elected official does depend on a degree of trust between constituents and elected officials, and I feel this relationship and my concealment of it will cause people to question my integrity.”

Gibson said he first told his wife about the affair last weekend and then notified County Administrator Dan Buckshi and County Counsel Rita Neal on Tuesday.

Buckshi and Neal are investigating as to whether any misuse of county resources occurred.

“At this point, based on initial review of the situation, it appears that no county resources have been improperly used and no county policies have been violated,” Buckshi said.

County staff will reassign Aispuro, who has worked previously in the Clerk-Recorder’s Office, to a position in a different department.

Gibson, 60, described his relationship with Aispuro, who is in her early 50s, as “a matter of the heart,” but said that it did not interfere with their work.

“Both Cherie and I gave 110 percent to this job,” he said.

Gibson has two grown sons with his wife, San Luis Obispo doctor Grace Crittenden. He said he spoke up about the affair because he believed the news would spread after he told his wife.


Guys, this was not the only one. Why do you think Gail Wilcox got off without going to jail, and in fact got a settlement that we taxpayers paid for. She was Bruce and Katcho s little honeypot and we got to pay for it. The slimey morals of this guy are the reason he overlooks all the crime and corruption and misbehaviors of the county employees. Hmm I wonder if they made movies and sent them to Adam Hill. It would explain the reason Hill spends all that time playing with his Ipod when he should be attending to county business. And of course the staff counsel will say there have been no violations. What do you expect, they cover for each other. RECALL


Of course YOU are right Sam, again it’s the GOOD OLD BOY NEWTWORK alive & well In the County of San Luis Obispo…THE MOST CORRUPT county in the state of California!!!


There are even BETTER stories at the County. One of the best was about the two caught having sex in the library media room. He got a new job in the County (a 70K opening in another department for which he was not qualified), she got a huge “harassment” payout. Ka-ching!


What about the sheriff who got caught masturbating while overseeing the women’s division of the county jail? And how about the male”correctional officer” that had some oral sex with a male inmate? SLO County Human Resources is the BIGGEST joke out there! Ask anyone that works for the county. Civil Service LOL!!!


Why doesn’t this surprise me?


Casting stones is effortless when someone else screws up.

It takes more effort to examine one’s own record of wrongs and right them instead.


Your logic would be true and correct if this was a PRIVATE citizen and not some sitting at the behest of the people!!!

Oh and for the record, I have been married twenty + years and faithful so YES I’m going to carry a LARGE sack of stones thank you.


I don’t condone his behavior. But keep in mind, there’s not a one of us who hasn’t sinned. How easily we feast on the wrongdoings of others, eh? Let’s get one thing straight – it’s by Grace that we sin less than we already do!

For those who believe in the One who wrote the book about judgement, there is no distinction made about the professional standing of someone who commits adultery. Now, the consequences for a leader’s actions are profound, I give you that!

What I’m talking about is a knee-jerk, holier-than-thou casting of stones. The mob mentality in this forum is often astounding.

So while you’re bragging and wielding rocks from a LARGE sack, you might want to take cover.


My point went RIGHT over your head. Yes you are right about people casting stones, etc. But again this is a public figure, enpowered with the vote of the people, on important matters. We have EVERY right to make sure that there is/was no impropriaties. After that, whatever the hell he does I really don’t give a shit.


….and yours.

I’m not defending his actions. What I find distasteful so often is the smug carcass-snapping of this forum, plain and simple.

Got it?


It just seems odd to me, that your you are more wanting to comment on that of other posters and seem more concerned about them and their lives, than that of the elected official in question. The other posters here are not in positions (that I know of) that are affecting local laws etc. Spin away your comment any way you like, it is what you wrote.


You are so very wrong.

They both could have done things a great deal differently if they were intent on being scumbags. Aispuro could have moved to a position outside of Gibson’s immediate supervision. Gibson could have asked his wife for a divorce. Instead they acted like pigs.

There are none of us who have sinned, that’s quite true, but the huge majority of us also aren’t lying adulterers either. Please don’t try to use God to see your crap here.


My point is really very simple. Please read my previous comment. I’m not defending Mr. Gibson’s or his assistant’s actions. I’m making reference to many people’s response to it.

As for “using God” for what you call my comments “crap,” I didn’t compose the part about grace, I merely cited it.

All of us have influence over someone else in our lives. Sometimes that influence is very, very public. Leadership carries with it a tremendous responsibility and demands accountability.

Yet again, I am not defending the actions of those who abuse authority or public trust. I am calling to task the arrogance of “stone-throwers” in that pride comes before a fall. If you don’t agree with this and want to call it “crap,”as well? All I can say is, good luck with that.


Thingaboutit. Mr. Gibson should have resigned his position after announcing this years (4 or 5 ) long affair. Then, I might be magnanimous and forgiving.

Instead, he wants to stay in office AND carry on as if he did not go against the county rules and have Cherie transferred to another job.

This is another case of someone in power who expects to be able to break the rules and not suffer the consequences. It translates to JERK.


I’m not disputing Mr. Gibson having to bear the consequences of his actions….




well said crusader!!!!!!


I can say with utmost certaintly I will never cheat on my husband. I’m not prone to delusions of grandure and power as is Mr. Gibson.



No one asked, why do you think we need to know?


I needed to know. I’ve had kind of a CCN comments crush on her and it’s probably best that I know she is not available.


This Cherie home wrecker should be ashamed of herself and should have had the decency to tell

“Casanova Gibson” to divorce and take care of his business first before she got involved with him.

And HE should have had the balls to just tell his wife he wanted out . I have zero respect for women

who get involved with married men nor with men who cheat on their unsuspecting wife. “Matter

of the heart” he says “Matter of two selfish people” who didn’t give a rats ass about the others

they hurt. I hope his wife takes him to the cleaners.

Bored Watcher

Cherie’s home is wrecked too.

Bored Watcher

No wonder Gibson was Ay-OK with his good friend Paavo’s affair with the married, mother of three, Los Osos CSD Vice President, Maria Kelly. This behavior is acceptable among men in positions of power.

I hope the good Dr. Crittendon squeezes he orange juice out of his Cayucos orchard and takes the dripping in oil money Supervisor to the cleaners.

As for Buckshi and Neal doing their investigation, I’m outraged that these two highest paid County employees are having to go through harddrives, emails and travel receipts, looking for misuse of public funds. This activity in and of itself is a misuse of public funds. Send Bruce the bill!


well said Bored! Gibson can CERTAINLY AFFORD IT! He’s got far more money than the poor people in Los Osos that he’s inflicted so much pain & debt on… AND THAT’s A FACT!

Niles Q

Hey Bored, I’m glad someone realizes that having your mistress on your payroll being paid with taxpayer money is in and of itself a misuse of public funds. Remember Mitch Cooney? I wonder if the Bruce and Cherie show ever played out in the county government center building, or in a county-owned car, or on a taxpayer paid for “business” trip?

Even if it did, the county administration will never admit it. Maybe the Grand Jury should look into this.

I agree with many here, Gibson must resign and Cherie Aispuro should be fired, but you know what? She’ll probably get a promotion and a raise.

Sign me, “Floored” on this one.


If either had a shred of integrity they would both immediately resign.


Poor Bruce has looked so stressed, distracted and agitated lately. I guess he wasn’t working so hard for the people after all; he was busy covering his tracks, trying not to get caught.

I have zero sympathy for him or Cherie but feel very sorry for their families and kids, especially since all of this is coming out around the holiday season. Not cool, Bruce and Cherie. Not cool at ALL!


Ladies and gentlemen…your first candidate for Katie’s Employee of the Year Award…Mr Bruce Gibson

Kevin Rice

No worries, Bruce. Many already disputed your integrity.


Yes, but his arrogance, however, has not been disputed.

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