Man grabs girl on rollerblades in SLO

November 23, 2012

Jaime Hernandez

San Luis Obispo police arrested a man Wednesday for grabbing a 9-year-old girl on rollerblades and pulling on her belt loop as she tried to get away.

The girl was rollerblading with her family and waiting to cross Broad Street at South Street when Jaime Hernandez, 44, allegedly approached her from behind, pulled her belt loop and glared at her. Hernandez then pulled the girl as he continued to walk, police say.

Hernandez slightly spun the girl, but she managed to maintain her balance and pull away with her family.

The girl’s mother reported the incident at a nearby fire station, and officers located Hernandez, a transient, and arrested him on suspicion of battery. Officers say that nothing suggested the crime to be sexual in nature.

Hernandez is being held in county jail without bail for violation of parole following a previous battery arrest.

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So what do you do with a nut case like this, just as easy money said the next little girl may not have the luck this one did, why should my tax dollars go into an instution to house these nut balls, because of their self inflected drug or booze use that has wiped out their thinking abilities, that isn’t my fault, I know if that had been my daughter, SLO PD would have needed a body bag to remove him.

But instead lets coddle him and the rest of his like, the county can only hold them for so long and then have to let them go, next time we won’t be so lucky.

Body bag. Right on, Rambo!

A simple solution. Build a barrack type facility in the Mojave Dessert, surround with electric double fencing, a moat filled with alligators in the moat, do an air left of supplies dropped once a month and let the fittest survive. The people will never be cured, they will never stop what they do, and they cause more than one type of social problem in a civilized society. Since they are not civilized (what human being can rape, torture and abuse children) I say Amen to you all, enjoy each other!


Damn it, although your premise is un-christianlike, it’s great because logic prevails! Enough is enough!

It’s Sunday, and Brother Ted, I am speakless after reading your post. Amen, Brother!


Damn it, it’s so hard to be a true Christian with an incident like this!!!

On the one hand, Jesus tell us, to wit; “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” (1 John 3:17-18)

Then to make it even worse, Jesus tells us; “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you? ( Luke 6:46)

On the other hand, there is a faction that would take Jamie and his cohorts to the outskirts of town and tell them not to come back or risk restitution.

The Christian conundrum; if the Christian doesn’t take care of the poor as commanded by Jesus, and if we want to call Jesus “Lord”, but still don’t follow His commands, then what is the Christian to do in this case? Tell Jesus to go to hell and mind His own business? Or, actually follow His stated doctrine and placate to Jaime Hernandez in taking care of him under any circumstances?

The Christian “Catch-22” :(

In my libaray I have a 100+ page book on the History of Mental Illness. Bottom line? There has NEVER

been a time in recorded history (western) when the mentally ill were not a totally marginalized group, and it continues today, Reagan or no Reagan. The three State Hospitals in Calif.; Napa, Paton, and ASH are

the current repository of forensic psychiatric individuals. Yoiu would be aghast at the cost of maintaining one of these lads per year. Unless a patient has something going for him on the streets, and most of them don’t, they don’t have much of a chance of being a “frequent flyer” in Co Jails and/or 5150 units. I’ve

personally seen the same guy come back to ASH five times. Even if the three Hospitals mentioned above had the best clinical/recovery programs available (they don’t), unless there is follow upon the outside, it’s all a big waste of time and money.

This incident is just one of many by transients who are attracted to our area by how well they are treated here. This guy like many in our city is a professional transient who because of prior drug and alcohol abuse, bad behavior ends up homeless. It is only a matter of time before one of these fine citizens is successful with abducting a innocent child and harming them. Ronald Reagan was governor thirty seven years ago you need to move on.

And with Rizzo and Jenkins behind them the inmates are running the asylum.

Oh, don’t you believe in the rule of law? You would do better to direct your ire at those who rip off thousands of citizens, such as our corporate robber barons.

I have plenty of ire for everybody, but none have adversely impacted my quality of life more than the turning over of our community to the likes of Rizzo and Jenkins who will not be satisfied until SLO is as foul and urine soaked as San Francisco.

Yet another example of our penchant for ignoring the needs of the mentally ill. Thank you, Ronald Reagan, for your wonderful, money-saving idea of “de-institutionalization,” putting these folks back on the streets to fend for themselves. Because of your Hollywood smile, people tend to forget the lasting anguish your tenure brought to this society.

I think YOU may be off your meds. The Democrats controlled the legislature throughout Reagan’s terms as governor and fully supported de-institutionalization, in fact it was Reagan who compromised with Democrats who had been wanting to turn the non-criminal mentally ill loose on the streets for years. The reason many were non-criminal is because they were institutionalized as they should be.

Shifting the blame doesn’t solve the problem he created.

“Hernandez is being held in county jail without bail for violation of parole following a previous battery arrest.”

This problem exists because they know they can get away with it, over and over again.

They come because we have nicer weather than east overshoe Maine and little to no enforcement of this type of repeat behavior.

It has less to do with politics and more to do with saying enough is enough and meaning it.

This young lady was just lucky enough not to have gotten worse than she did, like many in the past had…

You ain’t solving it either.

“He”? One guy? Reagan? Yeah, keep up that party line 3 decades after he left office.

RR’s team B plan is still in operation. Afghanistan: where empire goes to die.

we still pay interest on debt created by military expansion during his reign.

You just got to trash a Republican hero, eh? In retrospect, the ‘crazy’ house of California was helpful in corralling those that wouldn’t take their med’s, but it was the ACLU that was the dominant force behind closing them down, not Ronald. He just saw an opportunity to save some huge $$$$. Too bad there isn’t something in between to care for our mentally ill street people.