Thanksgiving day drive-by shooting in Santa Maria

November 23, 2012

A passenger traveling in a vehicle shot a man in Santa Maria early Thanksgiving morning. [KCOY]

Santa Maria police say that a four-door, white Acura pulled up to a man walking home on the 600 block of W. Cypress Steet around 12:18 a.m., and the front passenger fired a shotgun shot into the upper torso of the pedestrian.

The gunshot victim arrived at Marian Regional Medical Center by a private vehicle. The wound is not believed to be life threatening.

Police are still searching for a shooter.

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Good point Mikayla, Lompoc instituted a gang injunctin and while it hasnt cured all crimes in the city it has given police more leveradge to deal with the gang problem. It seems that it has been effective to date. The gang problem isnt just Santa Maria its all around and its associated with a bigger problem thats in every city and community and thats the drug problem.

If you look at the demographics for Santa Maria, you can see why they have problems. 19.52 % of the population have less than a 9th grade education. 29.32 % have less than a high school education. 17.7% live below the poverty level as compared to 13.7% for California. 35.2% are foreign born and 61% speak a language other than English . If Santa Maria continues to take in illegal immigrants at the present rate, they will start experiencing white flight and will become, in effect, a border town.

As far as crime is concerned, getting rid of illegal drugs through securing the border or legalizing all illegal drugs(and keeping them cheap) would do more than anything else. Gangs survive on drug dealing, and if you take away their livelihood, then you deal them a lethal blow. I don’t see either solution happening soon.

The police are outnumbered and outgunned and are being neutralized by the state . As someone else said, they can only do clean-up. Already, the California state legislature passed the Trust Act that Brown vetoed this time. The Trust Act would stop Ca. law enforcement from reporting illegals to ICE for all but the most serious crimes like homicide.

Child abuse, pedophilia, robbery/burglary, drug trafficking, and other “less serious” crimes would not cause a person to be deported. I’m sure that the legislature will keep working on this until Brown signs it.

We can’t weed out the criminals and drug dealers with an open border, and we won’t be able to deport them when they continue to commit crimes in California. So, we will have more crime, not less.

Actually, Citizen, if everyone was to read your post slowly and absorb it you are right on target. Great factual post! Thank you…

White flight started years ago when Orcutt started getting the over flow from Santa Maria.

We moved to San Luis Obispo’s North County, my parents followed and other friends left while the home values were still there. It got to the point of day light rapes at the town center mall and one of my neighbors was a undercover gang task force member and he warned me. He also moved and left the Santa Maria Police department. There is no turning back now.

If you FEAR the gangs you are just buying into there BS you need to stand up to the PUNKS , and make sure your GUN is bigger than what they got

Santa Maria has ALWAYS been a dump.

Not true, see the post below. Santa Maria was not the college town and tourist spot that SLO is but it was a very nice town the same size as SLO and a nice commercial hub 20-30 years ago. And Shaw’s kicked a** on any overpriced steakhouse in SLO. Put McClintock’s and the Madonna Inn to shame.

It’s too late. Santa Maria has been taken over by gangs. Just look around and you will see more gated communities, rod iron fences/gates, then other communties around us. No one wants to go to the Mall or do shopping down there without a police escort. No one with common sense goes out at night. Santa Maria use to be a good place to go shopping at the mall, a good dinner at Shaw’s, and a drink and dance at the end of the day. Now, just keep driving, do not exit, wave, and say a pray they stay there although we know they can coming north. Just look at the crime in SLO County.

Do you think the new Chief will be able to turn the situation around? I know it will take a long time, but do you think it is possible?

I really hope so.

No. The Chief of Police is not a magician who can wave a magic wand, just an administrator and whether good or bad at their job cannot change this harsh reality; get used to it if you have not already. Think of police as janitors, they control the mess left them by society as best they can.

Sigh. You may be right, but I believe positive change can happen over time. The quality of the leadership is the defining factor.

Leadership, collective taxpayer resolve and budget.

Of course, but it will cost a great deal and take time.

Much of NYC became dangerous in the latter 1960’s through the 1990’s. Finally the people had enough and authorized enough law enforcement resources to clean Manhattan up. And they did. The NYPD is huge and it doesn’t mess around. SM is microscopic potatoes in comparison.

Want to clean SM up? Hire a good chief. Allow him/her to triple or quadruple the size of the PD. Make sure the SM City Council is 150% behind him/her. Give it three years. Within 6 months word would be out amongst the scum that SM is not the place to live.

Can’t afford it or don’t want to spend the money? OK, but don’t try to sell the apathetic garbage that the situation can’t be turned around. The fact is it can be and it will never be easier than today.

This problem like many others facing us today are the direct result of turning the other cheek andleaving for tomorrow what should have been done yesterday.

Lack of early intervention, instilling the importance for married couples to raise children and lienient enforcement over many decades. We are reaping theeffects of this liberal behavior today. This county is not alone, the nation and many other countries are facing the same problems and the same violent gangs. One of the most violent and fastest growing gangs is MS13, which has taken root all over the world where ever lax enforcemnt and an eager drug market thrive.

I watched a gang documentary that showed the United States deporting 500 MS13 members by airplane a week back to their host nation and 700 new members showing up back in the USA. Many did not speak Spanish and were scared shi!less after being left in a “foreign” country where they had no memory or family and have been forced to join the local MS13.

Criminal gangs in the USA have swelled to an estimated 1 million members responsible for up to 80% of crimes in communities across the nation, according to a gang threat assessment compiled by federal officials

FBI: Burgeoning gangs behind up to 80% of U.S. crime

Macagni thought he was above everyone else. And his attitude on tv interviews said

it all! “I don’t care if you dont’ like me just get back to work” as he quoted this to his

fellow officers. Im glad he’s gone! He says he retired but everyone knows his fellow

officers ran him out! I too hope the next chief gets on this gang problem.

What I found appalling in Macagni’s behavior was his bigotry. He made comments using racial epithets in front of his officers, which often resulted in an officer hearing their own ethnic group in a bigoted manner. Macagni also used racial epithets in front of the civilian population.

I think this added to the animosity and lack of respect from many in the civilian population towards Macagni and, unfortunately, by extension to the police officers.

letsbhonest, Macagni this or Macagni that, the police are not “ignoring” the gang problem. A new chief may be a better administrator of the department but that will have no effect on the gang situation. You can hire two chiefs and work them 12 hours a day, do you think this will make the gangs go away?

What, if anything, can be done in your opinion?

The success of any intervention has to do with the design of the intervention.

Macagni was not successful in his interventions. Other chiefs in other crime- and gang-ridden areas have had success in some of their interventions.

Ah, another happy day in Santa Maria.

There are no gang problems right?

My first thought when I read the article was, “On Thanksgiving Day. Really.”

Come on Mary………………. Thanksgiving Day ? Christmas, New Years Eve, Easter……What difference does it make…These brain dead Thugs dont know what a holiday is, or what its for ! In fact it’s probably more fun to shoot some-one on a Holiday…. they get better press coverage by the media. Santa Maria is a garbage pit.. and has been for many years. The Parents moved out of East L.A., and Watts to get away from gang problems, but they were bringing the Gang members with them… Their Childern !

We don’t have a illegal alien problem….. ya right.

I wonder if the future police chief will pursue a gang injunction in Santa Maria. Macagni said we didn’t need one.