SLO police search Fresno County for shooting suspects

December 7, 2012

San Luis Obispo Police searched properties in Fresno County Thursday looking for suspects in an early November shooting. [KCOY]

Along with Fresno County Sheriff’s deputies and a SWAT team, the police served three search warrants near a school, but did not find any of the remaining suspects from the November shooting of a man in San Luis Obispo that occurred during a drug deal. Police have already arrested three of the six total suspects involved in the shooting.

Officers did find drugs and guns during their search Thursday. Some of the weapons discovered may have been used in the November shooting.

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Bad laws. The perps provide products demanded by upscale Slosteers. We then bust them, fine tem, take their property, and jail them. Decades later we have a city run by and for fools who mimic the errors of a nation who has opted to use drug war to reshape the political landscape via what is essentially internal state sponsored terrorism.

Most posting here have missed the point. We all want the bums busted. But the point is that our cops don’t know them, the Fresno cops might. Our cops spent way over 6 hours driving and hanging out to do what the local LE should do over there. Once the collar is made then the perps can be shipped to where ever, probably here despite one one person said, since the crime was here.

You folks that have difficulty reading and comprehending are making a big fuss over nothing. The point has been made, or the question raised, that did we need to spend all the resources (and lack of personnel here) to do a collar over there? Anyone strutting around whining about ‘Law and Order’ doesn’t cut it, we have limited resources and ought to allocate them appropriately. If a real LEO had a reasonable explanation that would be fine, but a bunch of armchair cowboys spewing off doesn’t make any sense.

Outsiders come into our county with guns and drugs and end up shooting someone in SLO. Our LE collar three of the culprits and chase the other 3 all the way home to Fresno and kick their doors in (metaphorically speaking but maybe they literally did kick the doors in with the warrants).

It’s beyond me to understand why local citizens would denigrate our LE for those actions. On one hand we all talk about the necessity to draw the lines and hold the gang bangers back and then when our LE send an outstanding message to all outsiders who come here with the intent to commit a crime, people complain, what the ????

I say to our local LE, BRAVO…….

How much did that cost us to send our cops over to Fresno – let’s see, overtime, gas, meals, hotel? If there is a warrant for the suspects, why did SLO cops need to go there? If they had fled to Miami would we send our cops there, too?

I agree, why can’t the locals do the bust? I imagine this is a perk of the job, going on joy rides just for the drill. And when a suspect is apprehended I wonder how much it costs to send a car and two cops. Why not just hold them until another trip is needed? There seems to be little thought in these things; ways to save money, energy and time. We should be concerned with conservation in all matters, we cannot go on just throwing money at everything.

What color is the sky on your planet??? How can you characterize a trip to Fresno as a “joyride”?

That other news website indicates that these particular baddies had a couple of hundred pounds of pot at their Fresno site. I think shooters and drug wholesalers are worth a little extra expens.

Sorry, driving to Fresno is no perk.

IMHO, if the trail is hot and if the distance reasonable, then I think it advantageous to collar as many suspects as possible. SLO detectives had the leads and it not so easy to “ask over the phone” for another agency in help arresting suspects and to gather evidence, they don’t know the case details. There’s some economics keeping the chain of evidence within one department as well.

A trip to Fresno is no outing. Our LE probably knew more than what they’re telling us and search warrants are often a means of providing additional information or proof. If they don’t do the search they don’ find all the proof that they need. We have enough problems in our county without dangerous outsiders establishing a criminal niche here. They came here with guns and drugs and thought they could send a message as to who the boss was. Our LE went after them and pulled out the stops.

Those punks won’t be coming back and I say our cops did a great job for all of us in showing them who the boss really is. That little trip to Fresno probably saved us countless $$ in the long run.