Santa Barbara DA says sexual predator should live in SLO

January 21, 2013

Tibor Karsai

A sexual predator twice convicted of rape could become San Luis Obispo’s newest transient if the Santa Barbara District Attorney completes a “Hail Mary.” [Noozhawk]

The California Third District Court of Appeal will hear arguments Wednesday on the proper parole destination for Tibor Karsai. District Attorney Joyce Dudley is not optimistic that she will succeed in preventing Karsai’s release to Santa Barbara County, but she argues that the sexual predator belongs in San Luis Obispo.

“This is a Hail Mary if ever there was one,” Dudley said.

If Santa Barbara prosecutors do succeed, it would not mark the first time the state paroled Karsai, 59, to San Luis Obispo. A Santa Barbara jury convicted Karsai of rape in 1974. Three years later, he left prison on parole for San Luis Obispo.

In 1980, Karsai returned to prison on a 26-year sentence after raping a 16-year-old girl in Placer County. As his sentence drew to a close, the state designated him a sexually violent predator and transferred him to a mental hospital.

Karsai has been set for release for a year now. Liberty Healthcare Group offered Karsai residence in Santa Maria, but prosecutors blocked the parole destination because the home was within 2,000 feet of a school.

A Placer County judge then ruled that Karsai be released in Santa Barbara County as a transient, but the Court of Appeal overturned the order. But, the Supreme Court reversed the appellate court’s decision and ordered the Court of Appeal to hear Placer County’s argument as to why Karsai should return to Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara County prosecutors argue Karsai belongs in San Luis Obispo because he resided there prior to sentencing.


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Is this considered appropriate in 2013? What’s worth contemplating is that Karsai cannot be cured and will always have the urge to repeat what he has done in the past. It’s almost a crime to allow a person like this out in the general population only to inflict a sexual attack on another person and possible harm to Karsai himself from his actions. It’s a no win for us or Karsai and maybe not even humane all things considered. The question; where is an appropriate place for people like Karsai to live in this world? Mental illness is a bummer.

Well IMHO, this perp like the priest preyed on the young and innocent. There is no rehabilitation and they will reaffend. The DA is doing nothing other than dumping his problem on someone else…

Relative to this story, I am at a loss to give any 100 percent favorable scripture for the well treatment of women and children. This is because our bible is so full of narratives and commands where our God has killed, aborted, maimed, beaten, etc., women and children ad infinitum, and all in His name. Therefore, it cannot be forthcoming in an absolute sense.

Therefore, what is left is only man’s laws regarding Tibor Karsai. (Romans 13:1-7)

One more reason not to build the 200-bed homeless hotel in San Luis Obispo. Or will sexual predators not be allowed (as if they will declare themselves such) ? Is that going to solve the homeless/transient problem? Think about it. Just what we need, another homeless rapist in a college town. Can’t wait.

The shelters run checks on a nightly basis for new clients. A better economy, a more unified community and decent homeless services would go a long way to solving the “homeless/transient” problem. You might check the local shelter to see how many college graduates are using it these days. Small minds and hearts, folks!