Man accused of punching and spitting on women in SLO

January 25, 2013
Timothy Coleck

Timothy Coleck

A 55-year-old man is in custody on suspicion of punching a woman in the face and spitting on two other women in downtown San Luis Obispo on January 10.

San Luis Obispo police arrested Timothy Coleck the following day for calling 911 with the intent to harass emergency responders. Witnesses soon after identified Coleck as the man responsible for the spitting and punching incidents, and he now faces charges for the assaults, the San Luis Obispo Police Department says.

Two victims or witnesses positively identified Coleck, who has been in San Luis Obispo County Jail since January 11, as the attacker. Two others identified him, although not with certainty.

The District Attorney’s Office will now determine whether to charge Coleck in all three of the assault cases.

The spitting and punching incidents each occurred within an hour the morning of January 10. One of the two women Coleck allegedly spit on was carrying an infant. The other was pushing a stroller. Coleck allegedly punched the third woman in the face in front of SLO Brewing Company on Garden Street.


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Citizens of San Luis Obispo should take to th streets and take this town back. All these incidents are painful to read about a community that has always served its citizens, provided for its children and was community minded with activties and events. I for one have stopped going to e downtown area as it is appalling to see the current sites sitting on the benches near Gaps, Ross, etc. and then to hear about the assaults taking place in the Plaza and on the sidewalks would and even on the Mayor is enough to keep me out of the downtown area. Let the tournist, students and homeless have it.

I hope a friend or family member of one of the victims finds this bum and knocks him out!