SLO resident robbed in Mission Plaza

January 23, 2013

carTwo suspects attacked and robbed a man Monday night in Mission Plaza.

San Luis Obispo resident Gareth Morgan, 26, was walking in Mission Plaza around 10 p.m. on Monday when two suspects, described by witnesses as “transient,” attacked him, San Luis Obispo police say. Bystanders yelled at the suspects, who then fled with Morgan’s backpack and wallet.

Morgan suffered cuts to his face and a possible concussion. He received treatment at Sierra Vista Hospital.

A female with a pit bull and a second “shaggy” dog also fled with the suspects.

Witnesses described the suspects as white males in their mid 20s. One was wearing a blue crew sweatshirt, and the other was wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt. Witnesses also described the female as “transient.”


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“Hey, why not build the 200 bed homeless shelter within the Catholic Church on the Mission Plaza with all that extra building space? What would be the reasoning not too?”

The bums might get molested by the priests. Then they’d have legal grounds to sue the city for failing to provide adequate security.

Welcome to San Luis Obisipcisco! They treat their homeless like royalty and now they have taken over the City.

We could solve this problem almost immediately. The State announced in the Rag today (Although our local politicians seemed to have known for quite a while since they took a tour of the facility a month ago) that the Paso Robles Youth Facility is up for sale. The State had plans to house 900 prisoners and Cal Fire 100 workers. The facility is 160 acres, (an RV park can be accommodated) it has a cafeteria, medical facility, 2 gyms, swimming pool, classrooms, offices, workshops, sports fields and all the other amenities to house the homeless including a lockdown facility for the trouble makers. I know this is not the Taj Mahal that all the big wigs were going to put their name on the front of the building, but hey, it would safely, promptly, and financially solve the needs of all the local cities in the, certainly solve the problem for all the advocates wishes, and certainly assist, provide and teach the less fortunate if they really want assistance and help. If the true goal is to solve the problem, this is the jewel for doing a good job. This is a win win!

So are you suggesting that part of the facility be used to house the homeless if /when purchased? I like your idea, but the last I heard Sheriff Parkinson was complaining that it would be beyond his budget to run the place.