California lawmaker proposes earthquake warning system

February 4, 2013

moneyState Senator Alex Padilla has introduced a bill to create a statewide early warning system for earthquakes that would cost at least $80 million. [Mercury News]

The proposed system would warn residents up to 60 seconds in advance of an earthquake by processing data from a network of sensors across the state.

Padilla, a Democrat from Van Nuys, said an early warning system in California is a necessity.

“California is going to have an earthquake early warning system; the question is whether we have one before or after the next big quake,” Padilla said. “A fully developed earthquake early warning system would provide Californians critical seconds to take cover, assist loved ones, pull to the side of the road, or exit a building.”

Padilla also cited a study conducted by Caltech and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology that determined an earthquake affecting both the Bay Area and Los Angeles may be possible.

An international forecast released in 2008 predicted a 99.7 percent likelihood of a magnitude 6.7 earthquake in California in the next 30 years. The 1994 Northridge quake that killed 60 people and caused more than $13 billion in damage had a magnitude of 6.7.



I guess no one’s told Padilla about how effectively the Diablo siren/alarm system works for “incidents” – NOT!!!

The only time it works is when they do the tests, but for as long as I’ve been around, the Diablo warning system has FAILED in every “real” incident!!!

Side note: Padilla is an oath breaker, a power tripper, and has absolutely no consciousness when it comes to financially enslaving others to satisfy his own ego and desires. LIke many people in government these days, he sees nothing wrong with lying to get what he wants. To him, and countless others, the end justifies the means, so they lie, deceive, manipulate,… and on and on it goes.

Padilla definitely should be recalled – he’s a new world order patsy – as are Gibson and HIll.


So ask yourself: how do these people get (re)elected?

My new bumpersticker:

Have you tried to educate a low-information voter today?


yes, he is a politician. how about we get rid of elected official altogether? expand the selective service to draft lawmakers, have them serve 5 year terms and then OUT. won’t be any worse than what we have now.


I wish we had an early warning spending system that would alert us when our legislators are about to waste our hard earned tax dollars.

My only fear is, it would be sounding constantly.




Everyone is missing the point. We have to create some type of big money making project to repay the unions (yes, this will be a union project) for thr millions paid to Jerry Brown to pass Prop 30. “,Ring-a-round the money, A pocket full of unions, Ashes! Ashes We all get screwed”.


What, the new rail project isn’t big enough for all the union bosses?

Oh, yeah, the state pulled a real boner on ’em when they farmed out work on the Bay bridges to a contractor from CHINA. I guess all the “Democratic liberals” in California are just fine with that. Why should they give a s… if their fellow man has a job or not, or if some of the monies spent on Chinese labor ultimately ends up supporting the Chinese army: Note: China has already told Obama they support his administration disarming the American citizenry – oooh, just like China did right before they massacred their own people. I wonder if China plans on calling in all the IOU vouchers the U.S. has made with it sometime soon.

Jorge Estrada

The early warning fublick system just went into alarm for a savings of atleast $80 million!


Jeez, why not just pass a law banning/prohibiting earthquakes and get it over with? That way we could save the 80/240+ million dollars!

(Note to those who may be a bit slow- this is called “satire”).


I wonder how many friends and family members of Senator Padilla will get the contracts for the work?


Readers……….. for realtime earthquake information go to, Then press on “real-time earthquake map” then hit “California”. gives everything up to the last hour, and for seven days. Worth a look !.


Wow they predicted a 6.7 or larger earthquake in Ca. in next thirty years. Boy that must have been hard to do. I have felt three of at least that in my lifetime already at 49.

On the money front, I agree with tomsquak. Yea eighty million for a Gov. project with sirens to be installed all over the state, the infrusturcture of poles, wire, electricity to run and labor? Oh and paying different property owners (like you do with cell towers) to put this on property. Yea I think that 80 mill is low and will GROW!!!


i didn’t include kickbacks, just cost overruns…..oh, maybe the same thing


80 million means at least 240 million.

The Gimlet Eye

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, a little inflation never hurt anybody! It’s good for the economy!