California lawmakers propose mandatory gun insurance

February 8, 2013

gunsTwo California assemblymen have introduced a bill that would require gun owners to purchase liability insurance covering potential damage caused by the weapons. [LA Times]

Democrats Jimmy Gomez of Echo Park and Phil Ting of San Francisco introduced AB 231 on Tuesday.

Ting compared the proposal to car insurance.

“The government requires insurance as a condition of operating a car — at the very least we should impose a similar requirement for owning a firearm,” Ting said. “The cost to society of destruction by guns is currently being borne collectively by all of us, and not by those who, either through carelessness or malice, cause the destruction.”

Executive Director of Gun Owners of California Sam Paredes responded to Gomez and Ting’s billl by saying that government cannot require citizens to buy insurance in order to exercise a constitutional right.

Ting introduced another bill on Tuesday that would create a state gun buyback program. Ting proposed providing a state income tax credit of up to $1,000 for turning in a firearm as part of the program.

“Gun buyback programs are an effective way to reduce the number of guns in circulation, and lower the risk of intentional or accidental damage by these weapon,” Ting said.



“Ting compared the proposal to car insurance” The way I see it Mr Ting couldn’t be more wrong. A person doesn’t need car insurance to just have a car sit in their driveway, backyard, living room or where ever on their own property, it’s an option to have it but not required. They are only required to have insurance if they drive the car on public streets.


Good point.

Driving a vehicle is also a privilege requiring a suitably clean record, a license and insurance.

Owning and shooting firearms (in the USA) is a constitutionally-protected inalienable right.

Apples and oranges. One wonders if these politicians have ever read the US Bill of Rights?


new assemblymen. publish or perish.


…….and requiring owners to have insurance will bring the gun violence to a halt how? What are these clowns smoking?


Well, you see, existing felons and the criminally insane would not be able to acquire firearms insurance so being the law-abiding people they are, they will simply forego committing crimes. ;)

The Gimlet Eye

Grrr, it won’t. But then, they are not in the least worried about that, since that will be OUR problem, not theirs.

And they are probly smoking the same dope that they are advocating that others be arrested for.

Ain’t hypocrisy wonderful?


Did anyone of these “legislators” bother to stop to read the Comprehensive Personal Liability Form attached to their own Homeowners or Renters Liability section? ISO form HO-3 (10-06) form does not appear to specifically exclude liability for firearms in accidental discharge situations. Keep in mind that intentional acts resulting in liability of any kind are excluded in Comprehensive Personal Liability.

Note: you can even “schedule” your firearms on your Homeowners/Renters/CondoOwners policy so you have coverage for direct physical damage to them by a covered peril…and even theft…


they are both rookies as shown by their attempted legislation.

Mr. Holly

Certainly would be interesting to know how much campaign contribution these 2 idiots recieved from the insurance loobyists and the trial lawyers. These are usually the people who are sometimes involved in most of the litigated criminal activities of fleecing the the working citizens by suing them for anything they can.


I don’t care where these people get their education from, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, UC…

A lot of them get into politics because their daddy or family have lots of money and business ties.

The nice thing here is at lease when they show themselves and their ideas, we can see what dumb ignorant Shi** they really are regardless of how polish they speak or appear (including their resume).

The Gimlet Eye

Don’t forget to read between the lines here. For those who need help, my additions are in brackets.

Jimmy Gomez is a Democratic member of the California State Assembly, representing District 51 since 2012.


Master, Public Policy, Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

BA, Political Science, University California Los Angeles

Gomez is the political director for United Nurses Associations of California.

Campaign themes 2012

Gomez’s campaign website listed the following issues:

Creating good [government] jobs

Excerpt: “We need more good-paying [government] jobs with benefits. Jimmy Gomez has a plan to invest [the taxpayers’ money, not his] in our infrastructure, protect funding [force the taxpayers to ante up] for job-training [for jobs that don’t exist] and community colleges [government controlled indoctrination], invest in [fleece the taxpayers and give the dough to corporate cronies] high-tech “green collar” industries, [more crony collectivists] and create a California version of the American Jobs Act to help small businesses [read: help their cronies make a killing] increase hiring.” [feather bed protected industries] Protecting and improving schools [strengthening the government monopoly in education funds so that big government indoctrination will continue unabated].

Excerpt: “Education is the pathway to a better life for our children [indoctrations is the only thing standing between us and the peasants with pitchforks], but students can’t succeed if schools fail. [we can’t succeed in building one world government if the little twerps find out the truth].

Jimmy Gomez will make sure our schools have the funding, [make sure that the taxpers are fleeced against their will] support, and resources they need to prepare our students to succeed in college or the workplace.”

Making our community safer

Excerpt: “There’s a reason public safety officers are supporting Jimmy Gomez [yeah, because he’s a big backer of the police state], and it’s because he has the plan and ability to help make our communities safe [for big brother, not us]. He will get paramedics, firefighters, and police officers the tools they need to crack down on [help with the illegal drug trade behind the scenes] gangs, drugs, and protect our neighborhoods, schools, and public spaces.” [all to create a control grid in which there will be no freedom at all].


rookies? they waste legislative time. what mentor even let them put this out there?


Nothing more than an out right TAX!

Will do nothing towards gun control.


testing… testing… testing… dang Constitution always gets in the way.

The Gimlet Eye

Jimmy Gomez (D) District: 51- Los Angeles

Term Limit: 2024

Election History: Elec A 2012

Birthdate: November 25

Place of Birth: Southern CA

Residence: Los Angeles, CA

Family: Married Mary Hodge;

Education: UCLA; Harvard Univ.

Occupation: Political Director for UNAC


Interests: Healthcare


Good info Gimlet,

I am going to do a little rebel rousing via email

Thank you

The Gimlet Eye

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