FBI agents arrest San Luis Obispo Police officer

February 5, 2013

cuffsFBI agents arrested a San Luis Obispo Police officer earlier today following an approximately two-week sting into allegations of police misconduct, sources said.

Officer Cory Pierce allegedly took drugs from criminals and the evidence locker in order to resell. He then, according to inside sources, intimidated a probationer to sell the drugs for him on the street with claims he could make the probationer’s life difficult if he refused.

Pierce also told the probationer that he could work off a heroin charge if he cooperated, the federal attorney’s office in Los Angeles said in a press release. Pierce would provide the probationer and his girlfriend placebo pain pills to trade for real pain pills or drugs used for heroin addiction.

After the probationer told Pierce the drug dealer he had deceived wanted revenge, Pierce said he would “take care of it,” the press release says. Pierce also allegedly took drugs from drug dealers.

“Pierce pulled over the dealer’s vehicle at gunpoint, seized morphine pills and let the dealer go without making an arrest,” the press release says.

After several months of the alleged sale of evidence, the probationer’s girlfriend, who is being held in the San Luis Obispo County Jail, informed guards of the alleged police misconduct which resulted in federal authorities being brought in.

Pierce worked on the San Luis Obispo County Narcotics Task Force at the sheriff’s office.


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It would be interesting to know which Chief and Captain were responsible for hiring Pierce. My guess is it was Deb Linden and Ian Parkinson.

If these alleged thefts occurred from the evidence lockers at the Sheriff’s Office that spells big trouble as the 2009 Grand Jury made the following reccommendations:

1. The Sheriff should update property room policies and procedures to meet industry standards, especially those pertaining to the temporary storage of evidence to make it more secure.

2. The Sheriff’s Department should conduct regular, independent monitoring of patrol station property rooms.

Something tells me that the value of the medical marijuana lawsuits against the Sheriff just increased by a few million dollars.

Parkinson needs to spend more attention to operations rather than rubbing elbows with his celebrity buddies.

I agree with TR. Law enforcement ‘task forces’ demand a high degree of oversight & supervision. Unfortunately, pomposity is the norm. The result can be a breakdown in standards. As we know.

Well Tacoma, Senior Pierce was heavily involved in the doobie dozen raids. He was the one who played Amy Dobson’s (Chastain) boyfriend during each purchase of medical marijuana. I am sure all the doobie dozen are cheering with this news. Opium addict = loser. Have fun for ten years Cory!

Remember that he was caught only because someone ratted him out. What this and the McDow and Limon problems show is that there is a pervasive problem with drugs on the police force. I can’t prove it, but I am also aware of connections with the local prison guards…. those are the people typically used for reselling the drugs. Selling them on the street was where this guy went wrong.

I guess that Cory wanted to out do Dan McDow and Armando Limon.


This is precisely the sort of story that was suppressed in years past. With CCN on the scene, other news sources are slowly learning that they cannot continue to play footsie with their inside friends.

Thank you, CCN.

Where would we hear some of these exciting and revealing stories if not for CCN? Send them some money to show your appreciation.

The Tribune!

Unlisted, I’m guessing you’re not actually following along. Sure the Trib prints may of the same stories that CCN does, but please not it’s always AFTER CCN does. …Likely because the Trib is worried that not printing the “breaking news” that CCN does will make it glaringly obvious the lengths the Trib goes to to help SLO keep its perhaps undeserved reputation as the happiest town on earth. What garbage. Thanks CCN for keeping the other “news” sources around here honest.

CCN is not ALWAYS first. There have been many articles that were on the Trib’s website first. But CCN does print many things that the Trib won’t, like all the Gearhart and Wallace stuff.

Competition is good. It makes both CCN and the Trib better.

The Trib is not better. It is biased and, in many cases, fed the stories by the local governmental officials. Take the Jeffery Rouget story. A HUGE story for the North County and the recent PR election. The Tribune reporter, Tanya Strickland was there at the event and witnessed (as did over 80 people to include Jim App and his city assistant).the intoxicated blathering of a MAYORAL candidate!

I recommend you read the Tribune story about the event. Good luck with that. No mention of what happened . Ms. Strickland was clearly told to water down the story due to the influence of Jeff Rouget’s family in the PR community. He comes from deep PR roots.

CCN covered the story with professionalism and a truthful story. The Trib? Old recycled, watered down news you now have to pay for.

i spend my advertising dollar on CCN for a reason. I want truth,, not half-truths.

Here we’re dealing with an inept SLO city council, CAPSLO’s ungodly dealings with the poor, homeless attacks upon our citizens, burglaries, County Supervisors that make Mahmoud Ahmadinejad look like a saint, panty raiders, and now one of our police officers was arrested by the FBI because of alleged corruption?

Oh, for Christ’s sake, what’s next? The Christian Rapture? As stated within the bible, when things go awry like they have in our area, the Rapture is near. I would suggest that true Christians copy this Rapture Alert System below if you don’t have one. We’re in the “green zone” at this time, so be ready.


RED ZONE: If you are reading this, you were left behind!

ORANGE ZONE: Jesus was spotted at the Nipomo Flea Mart

YELLOW ZONE: NORAD sighted a bunch of horse-like locusts with human heads, women’s hair, lion’s teeth, and scorpion’s tails along with four blessed angels, with an army of 200 million. (Rev.9:7-10, Rev.9:15-19)

BLUE ZONE: Huge dark clouds forming in the East

GREEN ZONE: Things are okay, but keep tithing anyway by giving 10 percent or more to your Christian church.

O.k. I agree that a lot of times Ted gets tiring but COMON all you negatives. This was pretty funny. Orange zone had me laughing. I would have given Ted two thumbs on this if I could.

I too gave Brother Ted a smile, but did not tithe. I knew I was going straight to hell years ago. I accept it. ; )

And so it goes….in the happiest town in America.

Ahem…..you mean a horses ass of a town in America. Either way Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I say…..the FBI is here..yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That explains why there is no police around to solve all these attacks. Too busy making money on the

side. And we all thought they were at the donut shop. Same on us!

Stories just keep getting better. Only in Paradise!

Here’s another for the books

It’s sad to read how SLO is going to pot in more ways than one.

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