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February 7, 2013
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson


I live in District 2 in San Luis Obispo County. I have never been to one of our county board of supervisors meetings before but feel the need to write this letter after hearing Supervisor Adam Hill blatantly discount other citizens voices that spoke at the supervisors meeting last week. Calling their concerns to be those that are a small minority that do not agree politically.

Mr. Hill, I would like to let you know that there are many in our community that work while these meeting are taking place and do not have the time to attend so we may voice our opinions. I personally work two jobs.

I would like to let Mr. Hill know as well as the rest of the supervisors that many in our district coupled with the rest of the county are disgusted by Bruce Gibson and his mistress who doubles as his legislative aide.

We are disgusted by his blatant arrogance and lack of integrity. Myself and many are sickened when we read Mr. Gibson and his aides published emails, where he and his aide discuss eavesdropping on a meeting with a constituent. What????, not to mention as well as how worn out they were from an earlier interlude in the day which left Mr. Gibson, and his Aide Cherie Aispuro both unable to perform their duties. Was Mr. Gibson and his “aide,” Ms. Aispuro, part of our commercial for Viagra that was recently done at the Rock here in Morro Bay?

We are all human, and we all make mistakes. The most disheartening part of this whole ordeal is that usually when most of us make mistakes, or blatantly live a lie, there are consequences to our behavior. But for some reason Mr. Gibson and his “aide,” as well as our county counsel, seem to think that does not apply to them. Is it because the Board of Supervisors are county counsels boss? Something really stinks here.

And Mr. Gibson continues to sit up there on his throne at the county Board of Supervisor meetings as smug and arrogant as can be.

Needless to say, Mr. Gibson is an embarrassment to our district and community. Not to mention one would think a huge embarrassment to himself. His refusal to step down clearly demonstrates his lack of conscience. Countless citizen’s in our community have come forward to ask him to resign.

With the exception of Ms. Debbie Arnold. Mr. Gibson’s cohorts on our County Board of Supervisors all seem to condone his behavior. Why is that? I do hate to use the “Good Ol Boys” saying as I grew up in this county, and know many respectable, hardworking, honest men and women. Many who are ranchers, fishermen etc. Many that I wish could just take our County Supervisor Bruce Gibson out behind their barns, to teach him about integrity, humility, and honesty. Or perhaps just a simple lesson on how to be a stand-up man. Something Bruce Gibson knows nothing about.

Please Mr. Gibson, do us all a favor and resign. I am sure with all of your self-proclaimed accomplishments coupled with how “talented” you say your “aide” Ms. Aispuro is, both of you will have no problem finding new jobs.

As a footnote I find it almost amusing that Shirley Bianchi has not made any comment on her fair-haired boy , Gibson, that she so steadfastly supported in the last two elections. Where are you, Shirley?

No comment? Gee… imagine that.

Kathleen Welles is a lifelong resident of Morro Bay with concerns over the current government. She is pro-commerce and pro-property rights.


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Evidently Ms. Welles did not read the article in the Tribune by Mr. Cuddy where he thoroughly vetted ALL the e-mails between the two persons named in this article. The encounter she refers too was taken totally out of context and had nothing to do with sex. I also wonder just how many of these ‘blame Gibson’ are not ardent fans of Debbie Arnold. When the next election comes around,no doubt you will see a pro-growth candidate backed by – guess who?

Too bad the people who are calling for his resignation are more than likely not even living in his district.Transgressions? Look closely in on any of our elected officials (or quasi officials like Mr. Wallace) and I am sure you will find lots of salacious information.

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Tribune!!!!! Now that is a laugh in itself! Mr Cuddy nor The Tribune have the BALLS to print the TRUTH. We have all known that for a LONG time. Where ya been Vallybear? Sleeping under a rock?

Ummmmmmmmm, and you believe Mr. Sewer Gas Cuddy? Good for you, but the majority of us are smarter than that. I almost choked up my breakfast when I read Mr. Sewer Gas was unbiase and not prejudice and was going to be open-minded on the review of the emails between Gibson and Cherie. Yea, right, what a laugh! This from the Tribune. God spare us all!

How can you assert that Cherie Aispuro is not “performing her duties”? I’m quite sure that she is.

Why the hell not behave like Gibson? Seems to be working just fine.

We do not consider Calling our inept Supervisor a Stupidvisor name calling. If the shoe fits? .

BTW, in the 60’s my parents called ours a Stoopervisor

Gibson is an embarrassment to our county and should resign, but he won’t. He is too arrogant to bow to pressure to do the right thing.

Personally I think Marshall Ochylski would be a great replacement. I first met him when our daughters played sports together at Mission College Prep. I base my assessment of his character from interacting with him as a fellow parent at softball games. He is intelligent, calm, and non-egotistical, just a real genuine human being. Character counts! Isn’t it about time we get someone who isn’t in this for the “glory” but just to do the right thing? He doesn’t need this headache of a job but he would bring a calm, common sense approach to resolving our myriad problems. I hope he will run. I don’t see anyone else on the horizon as capable or palatable..

More like an embarrassment to mankind.

I live in district 2 as well and find Gibsons behavior disgusting and i am well Left of Center politically so the Little man Hill is wrong about the minority opinion based on politics. The contempt we hold for Hill and Gibson have nothing to do with politics and every thing to do with our American heritage .

Americans have always fought against petty tyrants and those that insult our intelligence by assuming we are not aware of their actions.

This is why I am really curious about SLO elections… I have WAY lefty friends, and ULTRA conservative right ones… they all seem to agree that Hill, Gibson, Marx, etc. suck, but they were all re-elected.

How can politicians, so inept, disgraceful, and downright ignorant keep getting re-elected, especially when they excel at unifying LEFT and RIGHT people by way of their (in)actions?

Very strange, indeed. Talk to your friends and neighbors (left, right, center) and let them know how bad this bunch really is.


The only problem is the people who would have to vote for term limits are the exact people that need to have term limits, thus they would never vote for them.

I know but the entrenched has to be confronted somehow….”Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

I see CCN has changed the headline on this piece. Too bad…the first one was a better fit.

No doubt the opinion piece slipped by Karen but was put up by staff. I think name calling of real people in the head lines is against policy, even for an opinion piece. Especially since the headline is flashing up in the banner and people who don’ take the time to read it will assume that it’s a CCN article!

Dang, I must have missed it… what was the original headline?

“to teach him about integrity, humility, and honesty”

He is totally not interested!

“Or perhaps just a simple lesson on how to be a stand-up man”

This is not his bag, getting over on others is!

“you will have no problem finding new jobs”

He is not the servant type, he is a liar underhanded backbitter (the unseen driving force using government escalating resourses to attack Dan Devaul) and ruler type!

As you can see in his eyes, he is laugher

As you can tell from his eyes, he is just a punk kid that got over

He is Adam Hills idol, and Hill is just a with a poor role model child