Ian Parkinson does not speak for me

March 12, 2013
Ian Parkinson

Ian Parkinson


Ian Parkinson is my sheriff but he does not speak for me when he opposes gun control. He argues that the problem does not lie with the over-preponderance of guns in our society but rather with the untreated problem of the mentally ill.

Though I fully agree society has not fulfilled its obligation in the latter case, I am almost certain that teenagers with too much time at their disposal and an oversupply of guns and testosterone engaging in gang killings are not mentally ill.

I am convinced that accidental killings committed by minors are not committed by the mentally ill and I am convinced that momentary fits of rage on the part of those who possess and use guns against their loved ones are not acts committed by the permanently mentally ill but rather by those who need classes in “anger management.” Go ahead Ian, “pass the buck” and do nothing in the area of gun control.

But the rest of society is “fed up” with this obscene gun fixation that presumably began with TV cowboy westerns in the 50’s and remains to this day a “sacred cow” among conservatives.


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I completely support the Sheriif and I’ll be attending his next community meeting in Oceano to let him know that.

At last San Luis Obispo county has an elected official that they can be proud of.

Thumbs up Ian!!!

While you there please be sure to ask him why he continues to deny the law-abiding citizens of this county the right to carry… otherwise this is all just lip service.

Exactly! While Parkinson did the easy move here, I am still wary of him as top cop for us…

Mr. Cooper, “I am almost certain”, “I am convinced”, and “presumably” aren’t the sort of factual findings that laws should be based on.

Was your Twitter account not working? Your “three tweet” argument for gun control was very weak. It also lacked cohesiveness when you decided to blend “gang killings” with those of “angry teenagers.”

Mr. Cooper your timing is EXCELLENT. Besides the many good points posters have here about CA. and illegal guns, you must have missed the news yesterday? It came out saying that gun ownership which was 50% forty years ago is now 34% NATIONWIDE!!

You and the media go around screaming about all the gun nuts and people buying guns. Guess this kind of flies in the face of your arguement huh???

It will be spun, just like Global Cooling… er… Warming… no, cooling…. ah, Climate Change! whew.

I think he does SPEAK for the majority , but you sound like one of the SHEEP anyway.

Neutered sheep, at least.

I love the “gang” argument. California has stricter laws than that being proposed by the Feds yet gang members in Cali still have their ghetto blasters. THE ONLY PEOPLE affected by gun rules are the ones who follow the rules. Thanks Sheriff Parkinson for stepping up!

How do we cure sociopaths?

Give them unlimited access to firearms?

tried and it didn’t work

A lethal injection has cured a few that I can think of. It’s just not used enough.

Are you also convinced that automobiles, which kill FAR MORE TEENS than guns, should also be banned? I mean, all that “testosterone” and “free time on their hands” surely equate to reckless driving. Don’t even begin to speak about alcohol and under-age drinking.

We should all wrap ourselves in bubble-wrap and hide in the basement, then? Reading this article may just be a cure for too much testosterone.

Speaks for me

Speaks for me too.

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