Supervisor Adam Hill targets radio talk show host

March 30, 2013
Adam Hill flanked by former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton. In a photo he placed on alongside his petition.

Adam Hill flanked by former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Update: Supervisor Adam Hill removed his name from the online petition sometime on Saturday. A second name Patty Truin was also removed. One name is currently left on the petition.

Original story: San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill launched a petition Friday afternoon on protesting KVEC radio talk show host Dave Congalton’s coverage of recent allegations surrounding the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO).

As of Saturday morning, the online petition, “Dave, Domestic Violence is no joking matter” has two signatures, including one from Hill.

“Radio Show host Dave Congalton has given comfort and credibility to a man convicted and jailed for beating women,” the petition says.

Hill is apparently referring to Ralph Almirol, an ex-boyfriend of Dee Torres, the CAPSLO Homeless Services manager. Almirol and other former boyfriends of Torres claim she routinely took gift cards intended for the needy and homeless for her own use. Almirol was arrested 14 years ago for domestic violence against Torres. Following the assault, Almirol said he sought help. The couple reunited and spent several more years together.

Hill and Torres are engaged to be married.

Congalton has featured numerous segments regarding the CAPSLO allegations on his afternoon radio show, defending the right of the ex-employees to be heard. He also devotes an entire broadcast every December to raise money for the San Luis Obispo County Women’s Shelter.

“I’m at a loss to explain Supervisor Hill,” Congalton said Saturday morning. “As I said on the radio, I’ve never seen a pattern of behavior like this from an elected public official in my 25 years on the Central Coast. I wish Adam Hill well. And I wish he would focus on county business.”

Dave Congalton

Dave Congalton




Wow, impressive! Adam Hill had a petition signed by himself and one other dupe! Sounds to me like the tide is turning and he is loosing his following. David Curesh and Jim Jones experienced the same situation. When will we get wise and do a recall of this inept crook!


If you read the letter from capslo and dee’s undercooked motion, the correct term is not dupe but co-conspirator.


,,,Adam Hill had nothing to do with my leaving KYNS. Manager Aaron Criswell screwed me all by himself, and disturbingly, I have no idea why!

Bill Benica


Mr. Hill seems to have fallen out of the “Stupid Tree”, striking every branch on his way down…


I like that. Sadly, made me laugh.


Online petitions are easy to start and just as easy to sign. After all, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


Yep, the ease of starting online petitions make them pretty useless. I loved your link though so, of course, I had to sign it.


If Adam Hill had anything to do with Bill Benica losing his time slot then I hope that every Veteran in San Luis Obispo County shows up at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting to let him know that they support Bill. He’s been doing good work around here for decades and to have some egotistical tyrant have any part in his loss of livelihood his beyond the pale.


Mr adam hill needs to stop his childish behavior and do his job as a elected 3rd county supervisor.. Im ashamed of this politician acting like an immature person and foolish behavior. If he has something against our friend dave congalton he needs to come out with the truth and his girl friend all they gotta do is call the show or go to the media and make the truth come about those allegations..

Mr Adam hill you got a serious problem and you need to stop your high school behavior and get real and let your girl friend come and speak about those allegations. If your girl friend is hiding from all of these allegations then its obvious what happened with family ties and if she thinks that all those allegations are false then let her or CAPSLO come and tell the truth about this and thats all.. simple as that.


I did not immediately jump to this conclusion; however, while discussing this with several other folks who I’m keeping in the loop on the CAPSLO saga, it dawned on me that Bill’s untimely exit *might* have something to do with Adam Hill and the Central Coast Democrat Party (whats-his-name, the bomb-thrower / coward guy).

It’s a pretty far stretch, still; but I think I cannot rule out the possibility that Weasel A called up Weasel B and had a favor done…


Considering the team of co-conspirator’s that are toxic posting and spamming against all of the CCN advertisers and supporters, then yes.

Weasel’s A, B and C, email every day. This is what makes them co-conspirator’s.


Re. oceanguy’s great post about Adam HIll’s supporters: See

Check out some of the well-known SLO County residents who supported the Lil’ Bully. I wonder if they’ll retract their support after all the CAPSLO/Deegate drama settles down…

Sheriff Ian Parkinson, Gibson, Marx, Carter, Jack O’ Connell…plus some local businesses (now they reeeaallllly can’t like that their guy is going off into Crazytown!) including: Jaffa Café, Custom House, Martin Resorts, Talley Vineyards, et al.

And under the “About” tab of Lil’ Bully’s website: “He [Adam] also served as the founding chair of the Homeless Services Oversight Council, and the chair of the capital campaign for the new homeless services ”

Wow. With “friends” like Adam Hill and Dee Torres helping them, the homeless don’t need enemies.


Now you’ve done it, I can’t eat at the Jaffa cafe or the Custom House?


Has Cal Coast News tried to interview Supervisor Hill’s ex-wife? It might be time to take another look at those divorce papers and find out if he was an abusive husband. From the way he handled the bank account and turning off her phone and cable, it makes a person wonder. He’s just a little bully and it didn’t start recently. He’s so full of himself that he thinks the rules don’t apply to him. It’s disturbing that the people in his District haven’t said they’ve had enough. This guy is too busy trying to prove to his girlfriend that he’s a tough guy to have time to work for his constituents.


The only thing worse than a mean bully is a mean bully with POWER.

PLEASE, oh please let Adam “Lil’ Bully” Hill and his buddy Bruce “My Assistant is My Girlfriend” Gibson be ousted during the next election! SLO County residents deserve better than Adam and Bruce.

As for Dave Congalton being harassed by Lil’ Bully Hill, consider it an honor, Dave. It’s blatantly obvious to those of us with half a brain that you’re just being targeted cuz you’ve been brave enough to publicize the story….unlike the pathetic media cowards at the Fibune, local TV stations, et al. Good job, KVEC and CCN.


This whole situation just gets weirder and weirder. Adam Hill cannot be a sane person or he has stopped taking his medicine, but for sure his behavior is not stable:

Jan 2011 Adam Hill apologizes to COLAB regarding racism statements made in public

Feb 2011 Adam Hill divorces his wife, cleaning out bank account leaving her $150 and turning off her phone and cable

Oct 2011 Adam Hill is lectured on 1st Amendment Rights after activist Linde Owens’s mic is turned off during public comment session at the BOS meeting

Jan 2012 Adam Hill admits to impersonating his opponent in a prank phone call

Mar 2012 Adam Hill is called out by several attendees at the BOS meeting for ignoring public comments, completely ignoring the public and reading his IPAD

May 2012 Adam Hill is tied to using deceptive political ad showing Republican support during his campaign

May 2012 Adam Hill’s campaign is accused of manipulating poll data. 5,349 votes came in during a four hour period with 95% of the votes going to Adam Hill and 4-5% going to three other candidates, The votes came from three IP addresses on an automatic system according to New Times.

Jun 2012 Adam Hill illegally uses his County computer (sends out Bobby Cuddy article (sewer gas reporter) to the public regarding his positive behavior and Ed Waage negative behavior during the current campaign

Aug 2012 Adam Hill’s aide departs

Dec 2912 Adam Hill sent California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris

“what she called a scathing and threatening email” regarding the Oceano Dunes lawsuit San Luis Obispo County supervisor accused of threatening state.

Article by CCN: “San Luis Obispo County supervisor accused of threatening state”, December 26, 2912

Dec 2012 Adam Hill verbally attacks Bill Thoma then apologizes to The Tribune for his vile behavior

Adam Hill over the past several months has sent out threatening emails CCN and their advertisers, Dave Congalton, and others who have questioned or supported these articles regarding CAPSLO, Family Ties, Dee Torres, Lisa Niesen, etc.

Anyone reading all the articles on this site as listed above regarding Adam Hills behavior and still thinks Adam does not have a mental issue should seek help themselves.

We should all be proud we have this highly educated college professor, liberal democrat, foul mouth, will do anything to have it his way! Sure glad I will never have to cross his path!


Is there a psychiatrist in the house? There is a nationwide effort these days to stop bullying in the schools, but in this county we are subjected to bullying from an elected official whose behavior is worse than any junior high student I’ve ever known. I would love to see signs at Tuesday’s BOS meeting: “Stop the Bullying”


SLOBIRD, better be careful about what you put, before you know it, you might be the next one served a letter ordering you to retract your statement! Or.. You may end up with a law suit! There seems to be a pattern with these lately!

Niles Q

I’m sure Dave is jut shaking in his boots over this. I have to agree, Hill is over the deep end, so is Torres with her silly lawsuit against Brennler. Things keep getting curiouser and curiouser Alice…


LOL. I forgot about Hill’s letter to Kamala Harris. What a doofus.