Supervisor Adam Hill targets radio talk show host

March 30, 2013
Adam Hill flanked by former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton. In a photo he placed on alongside his petition.

Adam Hill flanked by former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Update: Supervisor Adam Hill removed his name from the online petition sometime on Saturday. A second name Patty Truin was also removed. One name is currently left on the petition.

Original story: San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill launched a petition Friday afternoon on protesting KVEC radio talk show host Dave Congalton’s coverage of recent allegations surrounding the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO).

As of Saturday morning, the online petition, “Dave, Domestic Violence is no joking matter” has two signatures, including one from Hill.

“Radio Show host Dave Congalton has given comfort and credibility to a man convicted and jailed for beating women,” the petition says.

Hill is apparently referring to Ralph Almirol, an ex-boyfriend of Dee Torres, the CAPSLO Homeless Services manager. Almirol and other former boyfriends of Torres claim she routinely took gift cards intended for the needy and homeless for her own use. Almirol was arrested 14 years ago for domestic violence against Torres. Following the assault, Almirol said he sought help. The couple reunited and spent several more years together.

Hill and Torres are engaged to be married.

Congalton has featured numerous segments regarding the CAPSLO allegations on his afternoon radio show, defending the right of the ex-employees to be heard. He also devotes an entire broadcast every December to raise money for the San Luis Obispo County Women’s Shelter.

“I’m at a loss to explain Supervisor Hill,” Congalton said Saturday morning. “As I said on the radio, I’ve never seen a pattern of behavior like this from an elected public official in my 25 years on the Central Coast. I wish Adam Hill well. And I wish he would focus on county business.”

Dave Congalton

Dave Congalton




The main issue here is the problems with the local segment of CAP the people that are running it is where the problem lies, its really too bad that people like Bill Thoma,Dave and a host of others are getting beat on by some little man with a self important worth, sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.

Really the issue is the homeless that are getting ripped off, so as Latka on Taxi used to say, I’m standing beside myself wondering why the heck isn’t the Trib,Ksby, the Sherrif’s office and a host of other agencys doing something about this, things really are pretty quiet, Karen is there any new news about what and who is being investigated.

The only other consulation is that Hill is reading all of this and having fits, this has to be driving him nuts, but he’ll keep doing stupid things as that just seems to be his nature.

I truly hope someone starts a recall campaign on Hill and Gibson, it would seem that with these two in office nothing is getting done by the supervisors for the people that elected them, they are too busy covering their own butts.

And yet lets not forget they serve at our pleasure, the taxpayer.


So Hill removed his name from the petition……hmmmm I wonder who advised him to do this? These types of actions come from rage personalities. You’re act out of blind rage and then when you’re forced to calm down the realization of “Oh crap what have I done” sets in. Now damage control, denial and moving on to the next topic to rage over!


Not the first time ole shorty/li’l bully has done this. March 3rd, he removed some flaming FB posts he made here trying to “man up” and defend his girlfriend. Pretty sad we have to put up with this lunatic. He is going to cost us taxpayers plenty as he continues to operate with impunity.


You don’t happen to have a copy of those posts, do you?


Yes I Do. I took a screen shot of them. The best part was the edits he did. FB saves your edits for all the world to see until you delete your post entirely.

comment page 3 here:


Does he drink or use drugs, does anyone know? As often as he changes that same short post, he continues to ignore his initial obvious grammatical errors.

What is apparent is that he is obsessed with Dave and the whistle blowing CAPSLO employees, all his focus is directed only to the lines that attack them during that posting. He even goes back to add the word “pimp” in front of Dave’s name but fails to correct his previous obvious nonsensical grammatical errors and ultimately leaves them there for all to read.


best blog I’ve ever read ! Danika on 3-30 wrote about the “Stupid Tree ” and flling out of it.. Really applys to this story……………… Thanks Danika…. humor really helps


Oscar Wilde wrote that “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.”


Is anyone really surprised by Hill’s behavior? People who have dealt with him have known for years that he has a mean streak combined with an astonishing degree of arrogance. Hill’s rude nature has been obvious even at the BoS meetings. Yet how many of those who are now tearing into Hill kept silent for years and supported his reelection? After all, at least he’s a liberal and not one of those nasty Republicans like Ed Waage! Right? Well, maybe now a lot of people who voted for Hill will realize that there is something to the saying, “Character counts.”

Kevin Rice

Well, I only spent $9,028.78 trying to inform voters…

But “going negative” is too distasteful, even when it’s the truth.


Kevin it was spot on


This has bugged me from day 1. Between your showing in the election, and the re-election of the extremely poor individuals we still have, I truly wonder if the elections are rigged.

Not like the County Clerk office is a safe place for a mistress on the dole to hide out… just saying.


I think it had more to do with the Price Canyon Project.


and maybe just maybe we can get some help for the homeless


Dave you really have to love this…..Not only is it exposing a total incompetent and the whole crowd of criminals,,,gibson, marx, biz, dee, assbaugh and the rest……..but its gonna be great for your ratings….i mean i listen everyday anyway but as soon as ksby and tribune wake up and see that they have to address this you will go thru the roof


Why isnt this worthy of a 60 minutes epidsode…where is the tribune and ksby


The real sad thing about all of this is there are literally 1000’s of residents in this county that actually voted for this moron. Those are the people I am really concerned about.