Supervisor Adam Hill targets radio talk show host

March 30, 2013
Adam Hill flanked by former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton. In a photo he placed on alongside his petition.

Adam Hill flanked by former presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton.

Update: Supervisor Adam Hill removed his name from the online petition sometime on Saturday. A second name Patty Truin was also removed. One name is currently left on the petition.

Original story: San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill launched a petition Friday afternoon on protesting KVEC radio talk show host Dave Congalton’s coverage of recent allegations surrounding the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO).

As of Saturday morning, the online petition, “Dave, Domestic Violence is no joking matter” has two signatures, including one from Hill.

“Radio Show host Dave Congalton has given comfort and credibility to a man convicted and jailed for beating women,” the petition says.

Hill is apparently referring to Ralph Almirol, an ex-boyfriend of Dee Torres, the CAPSLO Homeless Services manager. Almirol and other former boyfriends of Torres claim she routinely took gift cards intended for the needy and homeless for her own use. Almirol was arrested 14 years ago for domestic violence against Torres. Following the assault, Almirol said he sought help. The couple reunited and spent several more years together.

Hill and Torres are engaged to be married.

Congalton has featured numerous segments regarding the CAPSLO allegations on his afternoon radio show, defending the right of the ex-employees to be heard. He also devotes an entire broadcast every December to raise money for the San Luis Obispo County Women’s Shelter.

“I’m at a loss to explain Supervisor Hill,” Congalton said Saturday morning. “As I said on the radio, I’ve never seen a pattern of behavior like this from an elected public official in my 25 years on the Central Coast. I wish Adam Hill well. And I wish he would focus on county business.”

Dave Congalton

Dave Congalton




Is it too much to believe that Adam knows all about the corruption? One might think the best way to hide the sleeze is to shoot the messenger… Bush league tactics, from a major tool for the loose Left. Keep at ’em Dave!


Attention people who voted for Adam Hill (head scratcher), and still stand behind him (mind-blowing). Can you please explain yourselves??? I’m being serious. I don’t get it.


I believe SLOCo is still using Diebold electronic voting systems. Just sayin’…..


Gibson is just as happy as a pig in fresh mud, his buddy Hill is making such a fool of himself that the heat is off of Gibson for the time being.

I would venture a guess that maybe, just maybe these two dorks won’t get elected again, but if they should get elected again we’ve got real trouble on our hands then, I’d start wondering whta the problem is with the voters, course I wondered that the last election.


“Tiny market, AM radio station” wow Mr. Hill you sure do like to try and spin anything! Your pathetic attempt to slander a very honest intelligent radio host to cover up for your fiancé is truly showing you’re character for what it is……..not to worry, I imagine you’re going to have an opportunity to be deposed soon.


It kind of makes me wonder if he had anything with Bill Benica losing his job at KYNS. Basically, Supervisor Hill wants no one doing actual news reporting, unless it favors him, in this County. He needs to be stopped.


Seeing as Adam and his fellow conspirators seek to shutter a legal business and those connected with them, likely yes.

Just as pressure is being applied to Community Health Centers of the Central Coast via emails and anonymous slimy topix postings.


For a County Supervisor to go after county citizens and businesses and try to destroy them is beyond the scope of the elected office. If anyone doubted before, here is further proof that there is something wrong with Adam Hill. Give some people a little power and they think they’re King of the Hill.


Hang in there, Dave! The truth will out.


Okay… I understand Adam Hill’s attempt to silence his critics…. it is an old big government tactic around here in San Luis Obispo.

I don’t know what moron is guiding and advising Supervsor Hill … but it is really old school… from a time when information was controlled by a select few. The problem is… if he continues attacking folks rather than engaging his critics honestly and openly, he will find himself at best not in a happy place.

My advice… take your lumps and work to fixing what’s wrong.


I knew ole shorty couldn’t stay quiet for very long. My goodness; this man sounds like a looney toon! We elected his silly arse to conduct County business, not go on personal tirades using his position as a Supervisor. Isn’t there some County rule similar to “Conduct un-becoming of a County Supervisor?” Hill’s antics dont ever seem to stop!