Monning promoting California sweetened drink tax

April 25, 2013
Bill Monning

Bill Monning

Democratic State Senator Bill Monning, who represents San Luis Obispo County, is sponsoring a bill that would place a one-cent per fluid ounce tax on all sweetened beverages. [Monterey County Weekly]

Monning introduced the bill, SB 622, in February, and it passed the Senate Government and Finance Committee Wednesday by a 5-2 vote. The proposed sweetened drink tax now moves on to the health committee.

The state senator sponsored a similar bill while in the assembly that died two years ago in committee.

“This is the first time this state committee has passed a bill that would place a tax on sugary drinks and the first step toward stemming the epidemic of childhood obesity,” Monning said in a statement.

Monning’s bill would tax beverages like soda, energy drinks and sweet teas and would use the revenue to provide funding for the Children’s Health Promotion Fund and other programs designed to prevent childhood obesity.

“By taxing these products we will be able to implement programs that will assist in preventing disease among children and begin to address a public health crisis, whose rising health costs affect all Californians,” Monning said.


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Another nail in the coffin for California. Another tax and spend liberal democrat who cannot think of anything else.

Government can’t calculate.

What renders socialism impracticable is precisely the fact that calculation of this kind is impossible in a socialist society.

No I don’t do or buy any of those things. Just lay around with grandma giving thanks that I have all ready paid my share. Anything we need is paid for by all the kids we raised. That was our deal when we took in kids that were homeless years ago. We don’t ask they just bring us buckets of money and goodies. I guess they want to do some pay back. Unlike todays generation. Sad but true. And yes I helped my parents out when they needed it. And my wife’s. And even a neighbor lady that was broke without kids to help her.

You ought to see family gatherings. You may not like it. Too many kids, babies, and grown up people that we helped along our journey. Not bragging, just letting you know there is a way out of the money pit everyone seems to be in. Help others’ first. And always live in His light. God Bless

Another useless democrat.

Do these people stay awake at night of think of more ways to get in the taxpayers pocket, these senators and assemblymen don’t do a thing for us,other than cost us every time we turn around,they don’t listen to what the people want and if they do its a minority that is brain washed in to their type of thinking, whens this gonna end.

they do and it’s not

Monning is just another tax and spend other peoples money liberal. California is heading toward being a beautiful third world mess.