Predator Karsai at home in Santa Barbara County

April 16, 2013
Tibor Karsai

Tibor Karsai

A sexually violent predator has been released from a state hospital and will live in northern Santa Barbara County. (Santa Maria Times)

Tibor Karsai, 60, had been incarcerated at Coalinga State Hospital and now will live in a motor home in several isolated locations, tethered to authorities by a GPS monitoring device he will wear.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s officials said he would be monitored 24 hours a day by private guards.

Karsai was convicted of two separate rapes, one in 1975, another in 1980 he committed after being paroled for the earlier offense. The more recent attack earned him a 26-year sentence.

Despite lengthy efforts by Santa Barbara County officials to sidetrack the release, the California Supreme Court determined Karsai’s eventual domicile.


About several years ago a sex offender was released in Santa Maria, he lived in a motel, and the police rented a motor home and parked it outside the motel. The police lived in that motor home for about eighteen months. I know because they rented the motor home from my business. If these predators are so dangerous that they need 24 hour supervision why are they released. Keep them behind bars, and throw away the key. It may cost us money to keep them there, but we will all be a lot safer..


Jeez, why not just assign him permanently to Lois Capps’ house? Then, he’ll still be in Santa Barbara County, everyone will know where he is, the “authorities” won’t be bothered by constantly having to move him around and monitor his whereabouts, the taxpayers won’t be charged for mobile home rental, and, hey- I’m sure Lois will keep a close eye on him, right?


A question just occurred to me….whose motor home will he be using? If he has to “Borrow” money from the state, where does the money for the motor home come from to either own or rent? Also, what about licensing and insuring the thing?


Sexual predators convicted of violent crimes should be subject to capital punishment without the years of mandatory appeals…swift and certain justice. The cost to the taxpayers of keeping this worthless piece of filth alive is beyond comprehension. The money could house the homeless or teach our children or open up new parks. I predict another Polly Klass event in our area and soon. Hopefully he will be stopped before he hurts someone,


“According to an e-mail sent to the Sun, Karsai’s treatment and supervision includes at least weekly individual contact by supervision staff, specialized sex offender treatment, weekly drug screenings, surveillance, polygraph examinations, and GPS tracking.”

“The cost of these programs will be borne by the state, but Karsai is expected to pay for his own food, clothing, and other personal expenses. He’ll be loaned money that must be repaid until he can financially support himself.”

He will be located in Santa Maria…….Concerned Santa Maria residents can keep tabs on Karsai by logging onto the Megan’s Law website,


Put a “Sex Perv” tattoo on his forehead for everyone to see.


“Karsai was convicted of two separate rapes, one in 1975, another in 1980 he committed after being paroled for the earlier offense”

So tell me what will prevent him from committing yet another rape? Now he has wheels to move around and venture into camping areas with tons of families completely unaware that a convicted, repeat sexual offender lurking around. I’m appalled at the concept of this guy being monitored 24 hrs a day by private security guards, that’s the biggest joke of all.

This guy shouldn’t be mobile at all……

local andy

Rex Krebs was a sex offender charged with 2 separate counts of rape prior to killing the two innocent girls he killed also. I would venture to guess Karsai’s crimes would escalate as well. And to get a paid for motor home to travel around in when SLO tickets homeless camping on our streets just seems so hypocritical doesn’t it?


“…tethered to authorities by a GPS monitoring device he will wear.”

Oh yeah, SURE.


“and now will live in a motor home in several isolated locations”.

I thought this was a misprint but it isn’t as other papers are reporting the identical verbiage. It looks like the parole people are actually going to move him around so that no one knows where he is! Don’t communities have a right to know where a sex offender is located? Isn’t that what Megan’s Law is all about? This guy is a very dangerous sex offender and we know that this illness is rarely cured. What the heck, he has more rights and PROTECTION than we do? What about our kids? Why did he get out, no one can serve enough time if they offend more than once (even once is too much) and it’s my understanding that he is a repeat offender.


I just looked this guy up. He committed a rape in 1974 and went to prison for 3 years and was released in SLO in 1977. Then 3 years after his release he committed a very brutal rape with severe injuries to a 16 year old. He is a repeat offender and very dangerous.

The public has a right to know where he is hiding, GPS bracelet or not. He is dangerous and LEO generally are no help until AFTER THE FACT.

To SB County: Don’t hide this guy and protect him, protect us.


Maybe a citizen activist should put a GPS tracking device on the motor home.