Argument ends in stabbing at Heritage Ranch

May 10, 2013
Daniel Conrad Juhl

Daniel Conrad Juhl

A Heritage Ranch man is in custody after police said he stabbed one of his roommates in the neck Thursday at about 1:15 a.m.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies said Robert Criste Curran Jr., 55, had been arguing with a pair of siblings he lives with when. The argument escalated into violence and Daniel Conrad Juhl, 54, allegedly stabbed Curran in the neck.

Curran was transported to a local hospital with injuries to his throat. He is expected to survive.

Deputies booked Juhl into the San Luis Obispo County Jail for assault with a deadly weapon.


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A single picture is worth a thousand words…

Yeah, but find a decent mug shot of anyone! Why do you think all we got in the Travon Martin case was his 4+ year old boyhood photo, and not the thug with a rap-sheet version?

In this case those 1,000 words would describe a man who is wildly intelligent, has an incredible sense of humor and is an extraordinarily talented wood carver and artist (which might explain why he was carrying a knife that night). He is also a man who has struggled with addiction over the years. He is a friend of mine and I sure hope the facts point toward self defense and his eventual vindication and release.

You know after reading this it got me thinking about the opinion piece here at CCN last month on Guns. I’m thinking I might submit an opinion piece on the dangers of knifes. We have seen quite a bit of knife use in the news lately, both locally and nationally.

I think a dangerous trend is emerging and needs to be addressed. I think we need to consider limiting the use and registering the ones around the kitchen etc.

Now I know there will be a few that will argue that it is the individual, using the guns or knifes that is the problem but I can’t believe a rational arguement like that. It just doesn’t hold water!!!!

Only if you follow it up with bicycles, motorcycles, and cars & trucks… in the end, we should just ban the real mass killers – but that may not fit within the entitled, elitists mentality in this and other countries.

Really, The red menace? What are you a time traveler from the 50’s?

Paid off politicians give corp’s way too many tax breaks.

Average citizens argue over what to cut.

Schools with less, educate less.

The less educated do stupid things.

Stupid actions are done with what is at hand, be it a gun, knife, rock or big gulp.

Something else that people don’t learn about any more? The big picture.

The big picture holds water, unlike the flat earth.

Stupid actions can also be attributed to LACK of morals. How’s that. Is that a clear enough picture??