Maldonado takes aim at state prison changes

May 9, 2013
Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Telling reporters in Sacramento that his motivations are not political, Abel Maldonado announced Monday he will be leading the charge on a proposed ballot initiative to repeal Gov. Brown’s prison realignment. [Sacramento Bee]

The former lieutenant governor and San Luis Obispo County resident held a carefully-constructed press conference on the top floor of a parking structure with the Capitol dome prominent in the background.

Maldonado plans to run against Brown next year.

The governor has made changes in how the state’s prison population is housed in order to comply with orders from a string of federal judges.

California lawmakers two years ago approved a plan to move some low-level offenders out of state facilities and parole programs to individual counties.

“I’m here to address an issue that threatens the lives of every Californian, an issue that is the most important issue in California in a generation,” Maldonado said.

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The SF Chron laid it out today. The Maldo is going down;

One time long ago I fought the IRS and won. Then they got me back about ten years later. I don’t blame anyone for fighting for what’s right. Other than that Abel would be better off somewhere else.


You must be a good Republican. The IRS has no interest in me, a bad Republican who pays their taxes, no funny-business or BS.

Don’t count your chickens……I was told once by my accountant (an ex-irs woman) that sometimes the agents pick out people to audit because they are planning a party. Better hope you are a guest not a contributer. She said most times people just send a check in rather than fight it. Fear will make you broke. I fought the letter and won. Years later they got me on a fraction of what they tried to get the first time.

God Bless

Abel you have fallen off the turnup truck. I also voted for you years ago because I thought you had promise for us but now I’m not so sure.

I say let all the pot smokers and petty anney sellers of pot out. You will save a bunch of money. One day in jail is too much punishment for these people. If they sell to kids or give pot to kids then okay, put them in the slammer for a short time but these long terms are ridiculous.


The Maldonado’s need to keep LE focused on pot. Very small potatoes.

I’m embarrassed to admit that years ago–when he first started out–I voted for Abel. He seemed like an honest small-town mayor who really wanted to go to “the big leagues” and make a difference. I guess he fooled me and I bought it hook, line and sinker.

Years later, however, the truth has come out and I will NEVER vote for him again. He has flip-flopped too many times. He has become yet another career politician who keeps running for this office and that office–always hoping to get on the government payroll. He seems insincere, arrogant, and has become just too big for his britches–a legend in his own mind.

Abel, please stop running for office and just go back to your family business in Santa Maria. CA politics needs some fresh blood–on the Left AND on the Right.

Here’s how un-Abel became mayor. Santa Maria was faced with a DOJ action to require council districts due to the 80% Hispanic population having no representation, and a mayor who unwisely said Santa Maria had a “Mexican problem”. The new mayor needed to be a Messican to get rid of the lawsuit. Enter un-Able, “”here’s your Messican”. Un-Able claims a Poly degree but it was a two-year ag teacher training program aimed at foreign students. Rumors swirl about how much business success was due to un-Able’s hard work in the fields vs. other en-devours such as trucking across the border.