Body found in Atascadero storage unit

May 14, 2013

atascadero miniThe body of an unidentified man was discovered Saturday in an Atascadero storage unit on El Camino Real. [KCOY]

The Atascadero Mini Storage manager told KCOY that the man appeared to be living in the unit. Police do not suspect foul play.

Officials are asking anyone with information about the man’s identity to call the Atascadero Police Department.


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Rambunctious seems a bit confused to me. The members of the ultra conservative supreme court are the ones who opened the floodgates to big corporate political donations with their Citizens United decision. Without the Koch brothers, Mr. Rove, and others like them, the GOP wouldn’t have a pot to pee in. Yes, both parties are in the pocket of lobbyist’s, who are mostly made up of former senators and such, but a large percentage for Democrats comes from “the people” in public donations while the Republicans rely mostly on HUGE corporate donations.

Living in a storage unit and now he is dead. Three months ago another man died in his car in a Rite Aid parking lot. He had been living in his car for over a year. While Washington DC gets richer and richer the rest of the nation is falling apart. Things aren’t getting better in our Country they are getting worse. We’re heading in the wrong direction. We need to vote the misguided children out of office and elect some grownups to take over the business of running our Country.

As long as the corporate money is involved you new children will be just as corrupt as the current ones.

We have elections all the time, what has changed? More corporate money.

Cut unneeded corporate tax breaks. cut super pacs.

Yes, Obama’s fault.

Well obispan he sure isn’t helping any. And in response to Kettle, I’ve been screaming for decades to get all private money out of our elections. Take the lobbyist’s out of all decision making.

No real info yet, but truly a sad end to a persons life…

Still……. possibly the cheapesr rent in Paso… but rather short on bathroom facilitys… Sad, but true.