Driver crashes into Grover Beach apartment

May 13, 2013

carcrashA Lemoore man driving under the influence Sunday evening in Grover Beach crashed into a parked truck and an apartment building, causing one residence to be ruled unsafe for occupancy.

Around 8:30 p.m., Patrick Jeff’s Ford Taurus struck an unattended Toyota Tundra in the 100 block of North Fourth Street, then rolled over into the front yard of an apartment complex, hitting the apartment building. Emergency responders had to extricate both Jeff, 26, and his 21-year-old passenger from the vehicle.

Both Jeff and the passenger sustained minor injuries. An ambulance transported the passenger to the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, and emergency responders treated Jeff’s injuries on scene.

Grover Beach police arrested Jeff for felony driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license and booked him in San Luis County Jail.

A city building inspector examined the apartment building that Jeff crashed into and determined that one of the apartments is currently unsafe for occupancy.


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Where are the outcries to ban cars rather than focusing on the idiot behind the wheel?

Shouldn’t this example be enough to illustrate how evil cars are and that they should be banned?


Our culture is getting too complicated and stressful as it is, and the last thing that we need is some fool that decided to be under the influence while driving, and at other’s expense and harm.

Throw the damn book at him along with taking his license away forever, like a PRISON term of 10 years plus, without any chance of a parole. Enough!

Those that are namby pambys and disagree with the above premise, then just pretend that it was your son or daughter’s apartment that this lamebrain crashed into, and where they were severely injured or killed!

Pigs are flying by my window and hell has possibly frozen over; I agree w/Ted 100%.

Now if Ted would just stick to these “normal” posts from now on, we’d all be better off.

The low-lifer was driving with a suspended license….not much of a surprise there.