Brown divorce papers reveal discrepancies

May 29, 2013

Paul Brown

Paul Brown


EDITOR’S NOTE: See two declarations by Edward Ingles, Jayne Brown’s ex-boyfriend, at the bottom of this story.  CalCoastNews is not endorsing any of the three candidates for San Luis Obispo City Council.

Six years after Paul Brown filed for divorce, a statement from his former wife Jayne Brown recounting allegations of abuse was emailed to hundreds of voters, media members and prominent leaders in San Luis Obispo County the Tuesday after a three-day weekend.

While Jayne Brown says she penned the letter, many in the community wonder who provided the extensive email list just weeks before a special election in which her ex-husband vies for a seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council.

A six-year-old divorce is generally not news; however, following Jayne Brown’s reintroduction of the abuse allegations, CalCoastNews revisited the couple’s divorce records.

In addition, court documents reveal statements by Jayne Brown’s ex-boyfriend, Edward Ingles, in which he claims she became physically violent and destroyed property several times during their four-year relationship.

“On another occasion, while in our place of residence, an argument ensued resulting in Jayne throwing several objects at me,” Ingles says in a declaration. “The objects included a bicycle helmet, a portable phone and a small home fan. The helmet broke a window. It became necessary to physically restrain Jayne at this point as to avoid any further damage to our residence, to myself or to Jayne.”

A week later, Ingels retracted two of his original claims, but stood by the other four.

The Browns separated in Sept. 2007. Shortly afterwards, Jayne Brown filed for a restraining order in which she claimed several incidences of spousal abuse. According to Jayne Brown’s allegations, one of the altercations resulted in her receiving treatment at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for a back injury.

“He put his hands around my throat and then took my left hand, and with a significant amount of force, caused my left hand to strike myself in the face, directly above my lip,” Jayne Brown alleged in court documents.

Paul Brown gave a different account of the couples’ altercations. In his descriptions, Jayne Brown is the aggressor, often breaking furniture or striking him, which would prompt him to restrain her.

During their breakup, both of the Browns sought help from the San Luis Obispo police, but said in court documents their requests were denied.

Prior to Jayne Brown’s filing of the restraining order, Paul Brown said he reported to police that his wife had taken $6,000 from his corporate bank account.

“The bank suggested I notify the police, but the police said it was a civil matter,” Paul Brown noted in court documents.

Jayne Brown said she reported the alleged spousal abuse to then Police Chief Deb Linden, but was referred to the San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s office because of a conflict of interest.

Jayne Brown said she canceled her appointment with a district attorney investigator after Paul Brown said he would get counseling.

Paul Brown claimed the district attorney’s office did conduct an investigation which determined his estranged wife’s allegations were without merit.

In 2007, the court granted Jayne Brown a restraining order.

In 2009, a judge removed the restraining order, a year and a half before it was slated to expire.

Numerous members of the community, including radio talk show host Dave Congalton, said the timing and content of this kind of personal hit piece smacks of dirty politics.

Brown vs. Brown Declaration by CalCoastNews

Second Document

Brown vs. Brown Declaration by CalCoastNews

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I do hope Paul Brown wins… it would be poetic justice.

The efforts by a particular council candidate or on their behalf to smear another is beyond disgusting. I do find it interesting that we haven’t seen other ‘anonymous’ efforts to attack the other candidate.

Too often candidates forget that they represent all of us… all of our points of view. Everyone wants to be heard… not just the radical few screeching voices of the left. As a reminder, when I ran for office, I was supported by the AFL-CIO and my brothers and sisters in the Teamsters… something no one else was able to do…. and occasionally, I did win.

This was a well orchestrated smear… congratulations…