Spatafore drops out of SLO council race

May 7, 2013
John Spatafore

John Spatafore

Attorney John Spatafore withdrew from the race for the open San Luis Obispo City Council seat Monday, shortly after the Tribune endorsed one of his opponents, Carlyn Christianson. [KSBY]

Spatafore said he ended his candidacy because he believed he might splinter the vote.

With Spatafore no longer in the race to fill the seat vacated by Andrew Carter, Christianson is the only liberal leaning candidate remaining. Christianson, who currently serves as the county planning commissioner for Supervisor Adam Hill, also has the endorsements of the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party, Mayor Jan Marx and Councilman John Ashbaugh.

Three other candidates remain in the race.

Former councilman and current Guadalupe police officer, Paul Brown, has described himself as “a conservative voice” needed to restore balance on the council.

Los Angeles County firefighter Kevin Rice says he demands accountability for the use of revenue from Measure Y, the city’s half-cent sales tax, which will be up for renewal in 2014.

Local welder Donald Hedrick opposes the city’s “mean-spirited” approach to the homeless and its membership in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives and says that he wants to challenge Marx to “an arm wrestling match” for the seat on the county Air Pollution Control District board.

The city will hold a vote-by-mail special election for the open seat on the council with a term that ends in 2014. The city clerk will begin mailing ballots on May 20, and voters must return them by June 18.


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Just in! Fresh off the Trib Website. John Spatafore would be good leader for SLO shelter efforts!

Let’s reward a quitter who couldn’t follow through with even running his own election. So let’s promote him to the shelter. I bet this guy has skeletons in the closet just like the rest.

Read more here:

What’s with people? Kevin Rice is a very smart guy and he’s honest. He’s a no nonsense kind of a guy who’ll shake the council up. He is the only choice, I’m voting for Rice.

Rice is honest? Seriously? It is not very honest to set up a bogus attack website in the name of a political opponent ( and then make hundreds of anonymous unsolicited robo-calls directing people to the fake site. I’m definitely no fan of Adam Hill, but that’s no excuse to stoop to Hill’s level with this type of shady dishonest behavior. If you have a beef with someone, be a man and have the stones to say it on your own site and have the integrity to put your own name behind your words.

We will no doubt see more of this “Rovian” style of attack politics from Rice as the election nears. As voters, we can decide if we want to reward this style of campaigning and have it be copied by other local candidates in the future, or shut it down by refusing to vote for candidates that engage in these negative fraudulent attack politics.

If Christianson gets in, you’re all screwed down there.

Yep. We’ll continue to put up with living in one the highest rated small cities in America with a thriving economy, wonderful downtown, fiscally sound city council and smart, compassionate citizens who are a joy to be around and live with. It’s horrible, but someone has to do it.