Jerry Brown to propose $1 billion for Common Core standards

May 14, 2013

Gov. Jerry BrownCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown will propose today spending $1 billion to implement education standards that 45 states, including California, have adopted. [Sacramento Bee]

The Common Core State Standards will align California’s math and science K-12 curricula with those of 44 other states. In implementing the standards, Brown plans to direct more money to schools districts with high percentages of poor students and English learners.

Common Core is sponsored by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers and is supported by the Obama Administration. The initiative is intended to boost standardized test scores across the country, making American students more competitive with their global counterparts. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently donated about $150 million in grants to the Common Core initiative.

Critics say Common Core takes local control away from schools. Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia have not adopted the standards. Indiana adopted Common Core, but halted its implementation over the weekend.

Introduction of the Common Core standards into California schools is scheduled to occur at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.

Brown’s proposed funding for Common Core comes as part of a revised budget he is scheduled to release this morning.


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Quote: In implementing the standards, Brown plans to direct more money to schools districts with high percentages of poor students and English learners.

So my kids get a lesser education to help fund poor areas? Sounds like socialism to me.

what’s inherently wrong with socialism?

Socialism is great, as long as you’re the guy receiving someone else’s hard earned money and not the guy who works his butt off and gets everything taken away.

“and not the guy who works his butt off and gets everything taken away.”

And where is this place that everything get taken away?

Here the corps take all the hard earned and we get crap.

We are already experiencing the results of reduced education.

You are speaking of Communism. Not Socialism. Get thee back to school.

“The goal of socialism is communism.” – Vladimir Lenin

Why don’t you ask the people in Caracas what might be wrong with it? Or, basically, anyone that actually got to experience it first hand in their lives and not just read about it in a book or hear about it from a professor?

good citing for when the government takes over business

Ask the victims of Bernie Madoff what can go wrong with Capitalism.

Yes, they have no food or toilet paper and are living in the streets.

Madoff “victims” were victims of their own greed droooling for high returns.

Excellent point, tomsquak… Madoff’s victims CHOSE to gamble/invest.

When I went to school, we did not allow unruly children to disrupt the education of the majority, nor did we allow morons (today called mentally challenged) to hold back the rest of the class. If a student couldn’t follow instructions and behave then he went to a special school where he or she was dealt with according to his needs. If a student couldn’t speak English, they learned within a year. I recall Polish siblings named Mary and Stanley joining my class when I was in the first grade. We all played with them and taught them to speak English, by year two they were fluent in English and went on to become the top students of our class and they both held that position all the way through high school, then they went on to college and I lost track of them.

Our problem is that we don’t hold everybody to our standards but rather lower those standards for the sake of those who refuse to assimilate. I blame the bleeding heart liberals for taking down our education system. The people who pay the least seem to want the most. No amount of money will ever be enough to fix students with parents who refuse to take responsibility for themselves or who harbor a hidden agenda. Look up LaRaza which is 85% of the problem , it’s the new racist curriculum that has infiltrated our school systems across this country. Only Spanish speaking may attend this special (hate the Gringo) social study program that we all foot the bill for. Lets start by abolishing that program and all LaRaza studies and we may actually see some valuable results in CA, AZ, NV, NM, TX.

Entitlements…….barfffffffff and we all go down.

Hi Cindy….

Been teaching locally for 20 years, and have never even heard of this Spanish-only curriculum in three different districts I am associated with. Sounds like xenophobic rumor-spreading to me. Please provide a link. I can tell you with certainty there is no such curriculum in San Luis Obispo, Fresno or Monterey County.

Well, if Common Core can take our education system from last place among the states…so be it.

Pelican1, the CC standards won’t guarantee that…its (partially) the belief that the standards are the solution that have created the low rankings for California. We have politicized what children learn (NCLB), created standards that make it easy to measure educationally insignificant learning on a multiple-choice test, and then streamlined our school factories to train kids to take this multiple choice tests. RESULT: Kids HATE this never-ending “test-prep” curriculum, we have traded time doing education that is actually meaningful and significant with students because it’s “too hard to measure” on a standardized test. We have lost music, the Arts, Industrial and Vocational Ed programs in huge quantities in most school districts. We have sucked the joy and fun out of education systemically…and I speak as a classroom teacher with 20 years in. The unions aren’t the problem…the unions are just as powerless as the school boards. We are dumbing everything down to accomodate the slackers, raised by parents who literally view our public schools as free childcare. There are thousands of great teachers who have had their hands tied, just as school boards have.

add to that suggestions that children are pretty much formed before they enter pre-school, probably by four. starts with parents involing a child when he is a newborn.

Critics say Common Core takes local control away from schools? Where where these critics when NCLB became the law of the land in the mid-90s?

I’ve got news for the critics…our local elected school boards haven’t had control of their own school standards for almost TWO DECADES…and THAT’S one of the biggest problems with the state of American Education today. When we give our school boards the power to NOT EDUCATE the 10% of idiots who have been allowed to drag the system down for the other 90%…you will see lots of scores go up. Way up.

Critics were exactly where they are today: voicing their criticism. Except this time, there are alternative outlets to the pro-union press that will not spike criticism of the unionized government. Just a guess, anyway.

An interesting read is a letter posted by Dr. Gary Thompson, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology in Utah, regarding Common Core’s testing methods and such. Dr. Thompson went through the material, and had this to say about it. It is a lengthy read, but is much easier than reading all the USDOE docs.

Wow Roy, great post by Dr. Thompson ! He hits on very viable concerns that this new program has completely ignored, or purposely omitted on our governments goal to completely withdraw our rights to privacy. This entire program is just an attempt to retain information starting at an even younger age. As usual it uses a guise of a positive outcome. Why have we not heard of this program before now? Why were the parents not given a choice to vote on this new program?

I agree our education system needs change. Why not throw money at schools so that they mimic the schools that are successful? Instead it’s yet another government tactic that takes away more more of our privacy rights.