Lawyers say Brown defiant of prison order

May 16, 2013

felonsPrison inmates’ lawyers have filed court papers requesting federal judges to find Gov. Jerry Brown and his tool corrections official in contempt of court for the way the pair has handled prison overcrowding in California. (San Jose Mercury News)

According to the lawyers, the governor and staff have shown “willful defiance” of the judges’ orders to reduce prison populations to about 110,000 by the end of this year.

About 10,000 too few prisoners have been released to comply with the order, according to the filing.

The Brown administration has presented its plan to shave 7,000 more felons from the corrections rolls for further compliance. The state will makes its arguments on the matter to the state Supreme Court this summer.

The reduction in numbers is intended to allow the state to provide better medical care and house fewer prisoners in less crowded conditions.

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What is a “tool corrections officer?”

Oh, never mind ~: /

If it wasn’t for our totally failed war on drugs, we would not have this problem. Even special agent Cory Pierce (NTF guy who is a heroin addict) could get rehab instead on prison time. Plus, we wouldn’t have all the drug task force dollars wasted. And, we wouldn’t have to waste $10,000 of overtime to fund jackass Rodney John and his 50 thieves to run around Pozo during 420 and try and buy nickle bags of pot or beating up grandma in their medical marijuana heists.

Trust me, they’d find ways to waste those dollars, regardless of any social war.

why should any anonymous gooball be trusted?

I am not sure that there are enough pot users/dealers in state prison to solve the problem with release. (Most seem to get fines and local jail sentences or put in federal prison if they have the gall to stand up to the feds’ idiotic laws and regulations.)

What I propose is that those released be released to neighborhoods in which their defense attorneys live. If they are truly being unjustly punished, they should be safe enough neighbors for sympathetic shysters Hell, maybe the lawyers can hire them as gardeners, handymen, maids and nannies seeing as few others will be willing to take a chance that they are reformed.

I’ve got a good idea, run 3 shifts. 8 hrs in bed, 8 hrs in cafeteria or library or whatever they call it, 8 hrs walking laps of the yard. That way you can triple the number of inmates.

hot bunk

Dang Shelworth, that would work!!

Let’s contract with Mexico and ship them to prisons down there!

I say just give California back to Mexico, we can’t afford this state anyway, zona de tolerancia.

And, should we give Ft Ross and farther north back to Russia?

Do they also have millions and billions of underfunded public employee pensions created in part by out of line salaries and benefits and a system due to taxpayer support that makes it more profitable to not look for work than to actually work?, if so then maybe they should talk about it.

Why not give it to Spain and Russia? Or the Chumash and other local tribes? Or why not everyone on the planet move back to Ethiopia (or wherever the “cradle” is thought to be)?

Prison overcrowding? TOUGH! If the prisoners are crying about there is too many criminals in prison, then don’t commit the crime where you have to be housed in this manner!

Isn’t it an irony that the felons should have better medical care than our citizens that are in the “gray” area of not being able to afford healthcare and mental help?

Where is the incentive not to commit a felony crime in California, if you know that you’ll more than likely be released because of prison overcrowding? Poor babies, *sniff sniff.”

It’s all screwed up. Who wants to move to Costa Rica?

Of course a perp going to cry foul, let em pound sand…

If they had been good boys and girls like the rest of us, they would not be in the slammer costing us money to babysit…

“I’m sorry. can I go home now?”

Thanks Ted…

Those in state prisons are not necessarily felons. Many of those “crimes” were not acts against

sentient beings. Treating prisoners like low-level animals is an inhumane concept perpetuated by

simplistic-minded knuckle dragging morons.

I agree. Blessings.

At least let the pot heads go.

By definition, if one is serving time in a PRISON, then one is a felon. Whether we feel they are innocent or wrongly-convicted is another matter.

I am curious, what crime was “not act(ed) against sentient beings” that these people are incarcerated for?

The definition of one serving time in prison is NOT necessarily being a felon. There are

several ways of getting there. I include animals as “sentient beings”. Those who don’t

get it need an attitude dry cleaning.

Uruguay is better.