Men’s Colony inmate attempts to kill guard

May 17, 2013

CMCshadowAn inmate at the California Men’s Colony attempted to murder a correctional officer Wednesday, inflicting injuries to the head and neck of the guard, as well as to a responding officer.

Around 10 a.m. Wednesday, inmate William Mikeworth used a manufactured weapon to strike an officer several times in the neck and head on a medium custody yard, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations. A unit alarm sounded, and responding officers subdued Mikeworth using physical force and batons. Mikeworth injured the second officer with the weapon while the guards attempted to subdue him.

Both injured officers went to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening slash wounds and remained hospitalized Thursday in good condition.

Mikeworth, 39, is serving a nine-year sentence for an assault with a deadly weapon in San Bernardino County. He began his sentence in 2008 and transferred to the Men’s Colony on February 18.

Men’s Colony investigators are reviewing Wednesday’s incident, as is the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.


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Mikeworth injured the second officer with the weapon while the guards attempted to subdue him. Both injured officers went to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening slash wounds and remained hospitalized Thursday in good condition.


First thing you do is make sure Mikeworth ends up at the local hospital too with injuries sustained from the severe beating necessary to subdue him. Broken fingers, hands, knee caps, ankles, jaw and a cracked skull. That’s just what it took to make him stop fighting. Nobody should have to wrestle him and risk having an eye poked out from a maniac. Better to make sure he’s immobile first.

You want him whimpering and crying in pain for the next six months. When he heals, you want him moving like he’s about 70 years old and for athritis to set in quickly. It’s also ok if he’s never “quite right” in the head too. That prisoner then becomes pretty easy to manage.

Yes, there is a drug problem at CMC, as at all prisons. Additonally, many, many hard core inmates WANT a transfer to a tougher prison. CMC has a rep for harboring chesters (child molesters), trans-gender men and the mentally unstable. No inmate, apparently, wants his homies knowing he spent time at CMC. Better you did time at Pelican Bay !

Been there; seen that.

And who, in his right mind, would think that 8 years in any prison is ‘cushy’?

Hey, if they had let him out like Governor Brown wanted he wouldn’t have stabbed that guard!

Don’t blame Brown for THIS problem. He is under the gun from a federal court order and has been dragging his feet as much as possible to keep from releasing these types.

I’m fairly certain shelworth was being snarky at the least, sarcastic at best…

Evidently something is going on there today too! Dad said there were several police there, and speeding there late this morning…something is going on!


Would YOU like to be an officer on a yard with 300 inmates and have a GUN , ONLY TOWERS HAVE WEAPONS, AND BELIVE ME THEY ARE GOOD SHOTS .


Yeah, probably not. I guess they only can have pepper spray and a baton. Too bad.

“Men’s Colony” is a euphemism for PRISON. Call it was it truly is, it’s a P-R-I-S-O-N! Someone’s father is locked up in a PRISON, not a Men’s Colony that sounds like some vacation retreat for men only.

Once again, enough coddling of the criminal element in a case like this! Once the criminal pulled the sharpened toothbrush, he is using deadly force that can be met first hand with the guard’s guns. Don’t the guards carry guns, and if not, why not? If they don’t carry guns, then what good is a gun tower when the officers are engaged in a deadly force fight where the tower can’t be used because the wrong persons could be shot?

If only the two guards could have used guns against this scum, then once again, taxpayers money is saved and the ex-William Mikeworth doesn’t have to worry about a nine year sentence anymore because he is dead, dead.

The least of which, let William’s teeth rot out now because the PRISON should not even think about giving him another toothbrush so he can sharpen it again to pull the same stunt. Set examples for the other prisoners, but this won’t happen because we have too many “airy fairy right’s groups” that will give the criminal in a situation like this more protection against undue hardships.


The guards on the ground do not carry deadly weapons, for the obvious reason that said weapons could be taken from them! Have you ever worked at ‘The Mens Colony’, or any other Calif prison? I have.


Yeah, it’s too bad that they can’t carry a gun, otherwise this incident would have been legally over after they wrapped up the body bag. One less repeating criminal to worry about on the tax role. Some can never be helped, it’s genetics.

This guy had already served more than half his sentence and only had 4 years to go. He probably would have even got out early with all the over crowding problems and yet he did something like this and now will serve a much longer time. How crazy is that? Some violent people obviously really can’t help themselves!

What can be done for a person like that other than to just keep them locked up? I imagine a time in the future when we actually have a cure for naturally crazy, violent, angry, mean people. Something made them like that and there has to be something that can correct the damage, be it emotional, environmental or bio-chemical, there must be a way to fix it. I fell sorry for people like that (and for the rest of us who have to deal with them) it must be miserable being bonafide a-hole with no cure in sight.


“I fell sorry for people like that …..”

Would you continue to feel sorry for William if it was a loved one of yours that was stabbed, or killed under this same circumstance? Do you think the family of the officer feels sorry for this scum bag? I think not.

This SOB had priors of the same crime of using a deadly weapon upon another, and no matter what the impetus was for stabbing the officer, the end result was the same. Injury that was life-threatening, and I for one, cannot feel in any way, “sorry” for a scum like this.

” it must be miserable being a bonafide a-hole with no cure in sight.”

Have a nice day ;)


You know, someday in a blue moon you’re going to actually follow your bible. NOT!

“And he called the people to him and said to them, “Hear and understand: it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” (Matthew 15:10-11)

Start following Jesus’ word or throw away your bible!

So… you get a cushy 8-year stint in a “medium custody” joint, and you repeat your crime against one of the guards? Did this inmate want a transfer somewhere? I’m not getting this… is there a drug problem inside the facility?

It really doesn’t seem to make much sense but then many criminals are not known for consistently thinking things through. Other possibilities are that he is criminally insane and belongs in a high security mental institution or that he had a conflict with the particular guard in question and snapped when he was pushed too far. I’m sure that there are more plausible explanations as well.