Maldonado takes aim at state prison changes

May 9, 2013
Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Telling reporters in Sacramento that his motivations are not political, Abel Maldonado announced Monday he will be leading the charge on a proposed ballot initiative to repeal Gov. Brown’s prison realignment. [Sacramento Bee]

The former lieutenant governor and San Luis Obispo County resident held a carefully-constructed press conference on the top floor of a parking structure with the Capitol dome prominent in the background.

Maldonado plans to run against Brown next year.

The governor has made changes in how the state’s prison population is housed in order to comply with orders from a string of federal judges.

California lawmakers two years ago approved a plan to move some low-level offenders out of state facilities and parole programs to individual counties.

“I’m here to address an issue that threatens the lives of every Californian, an issue that is the most important issue in California in a generation,” Maldonado said.


For Maldo to call himself a conservative is and insult to those of us who are. The man is a TOOL!!!


Yo, Moldy… got it wrong again, Dude! Think about a future for yourself in picking strawberries.,0,3095035.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedly


Maybe you should reconsider, Abel…,that early release may look alot better to you if you end up in prison for income tax fraud.

You could even have a big “going away” party and write it off as a business expense!

The Gimlet Eye

Dear Abel:

Please go home and don’t involve yourself in politics anymore.

Yours truly,

Joe Dokes


Does anyone really care what this character says or does? He is yesterday’s news


This guy wants a soft, easy, good paying government job. Any government job, don’t matter what he runs for all and lacks qualifications for any. He knows you never get rich by digging s ditch

Jorge Estrada

Ready, willing and Abel? His baby pictures are a little dated.


From the linked article: “This press conference is not about the governor’s race,” he said. “I said a couple of weeks ago that I was going to raise some resources to figure out if I was going to be a candidate for governor. I would venture to say that if you look at what I’ve been doing, there’s a pretty good shot that I’m going to be running for governor. But I’m here to tell you today that this press conference is not about Abel Maldonado running for governor.”

Yeah, right; and I have a bridge I’d like to sell to anyone gullible enough to believe the above paragraph. What an idiot; is he really the best the Republicans have to offer?


Since when is this human debris NOT motivated by politics?

I wish he’d just go away. But I suppose the skeleton that is the California Repuplican party needs a poster-boy.


(yes, I meant rePUPlican… they are like cute little puppies, running around, snipping at your heels)


No, dude, he’s best you got, a gen-you-wine Messican who got his opportunity as Santa Maria was facing a DOJ lawsuit re: no Messican representation in 80% Messican city, as the Uncle Tom mayor necessary for the lawsuit to be dismissed. A campaign based on no taxes is a no-brainer as un-Able does not pay his. Go with it. Unless the Republicans get their poop in order I’ll vote for Jerry, or even Jerry’s kids,