San Luis Obispo woman dies from rock slide

May 9, 2013
Christine Allen

Christine Allen

A 19-year-old San Luis Obispo woman died after falling off a rock cliff in Kane Creek, Utah on Tuesday night. [KSBY]

Christine Allen was headed back to California with her parents after completing her freshman year at Wyoming Catholic College. During their return trip, the Allen family set up camp in Kane Creek.

The teen sat down on a large rock which broke away and began sliding, taking Christine Allen and part of the cliff with it. She suffered severe injuries and died about a half hour after the fall.




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Thank God this entire family is immensely strong in their Catholic Christian faith.

Pray for them.

Oh dear God, that is most terrible! …and the parents were there to witness it all? I mean, it is tragic, and many people would say “I wish I was there in her last moments” – but how much additional scaring will this be for them?

I am so very sorry that this happened, and do not know what can be said to the family.