Wisto and York sentenced to life without parole for Myers murder

May 9, 2013
Rhonda Maye Wisto

Rhonda Maye Wisto

A San Luis Obispo judge sentenced Rhonda Wisto and her son Frank York Wednesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for their roles in the brutal murder of 15-year-old runaway Dystiny Myers on Wednesday.

In 2010, firefighter found Myers’ body burned and buried in a shallow grave near Santa Margarita with her legs bound behind her, sweatpants tied around her throat and a glove stuffed in her mouth. Court testimony suggested that four men murdered and tortured Myers as ordered by Wisto.

Wisto, 49, and York, 22, the only two defendants who stood trial, each received guilty verdicts for first degree murder with kidnapping and torture enhancements, as well as conspiracy to commit murder.

Four of the five defendants in the Myers murder case have now been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Ty Hill accepted a life without parole sentence to avoid the death penalty, and Cody Miller requested a life without parole sentence because he said he does not belong in society.

Only Jason Greenwell, who testified against Wisto and York, has yet to be sentenced. Greenwell is expected to receive a sentence of 15 years to life in exchange for his testimony.

Prior to sentencing, York wrote a letter to Myers’ family, who packed the courtroom Wednesday. York’s attorney read the letter aloud.

“I’m sorry for the loss and the heartache that’s happened in your everyday lives,” York wrote. “I know today is the day I must accept the punishment for the crime and act of violence that in my heart I know I would never let happen.

Wisto did not address the victim’s family.

Myers’ mother Aileen Myers said she would not forgive the mother and son convicted of murdering her daughter.

“I do not forgive you at all and hope you rot,” Myers said.

The victim’s mother also addressed Wisto directly.

“Your words of she was a nobody, well look around lady, you are here all by yourself. She was a somebody. She will be and she will be later,” Myers said.

The victim’s grandmother Kathy Clark brought a photo of her granddaughter to the courtroom.

“I look at this picture and think I’ll never get to see my grandchildren,” Clark said. “I’ll never get to see my granddaughter married.”

Wisto and York must pay $10,000 each in restitution cost to the Myers family.


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So, they get life. They get three meals a day, TV a bed, social activities, medical care, dental care, access to an education, visitors…this after beating sexual abusing, torturing, kidnapping, killing, and burning Destiny Meyers.

Where is the justice?

Texas uses their death penalty….

California, not so much.

The nature of this particular murder is too gruesome to put to words. The punishment for this murder should be equally gruesome.

This is such gruesome story that having an opinion seems distasteful. That said, a prayer for the child and the lost souls who took her life.

My only opinion is that it would’ve been nice to have a picture of smiling Dystiny instead of yet another photo of one of the monsters who killed her. They’ve gotten enough press time, now banish them forever without showing their sicko faces on the TV or news websites ever again.

Understood Jorge but if we all crawl inside ourselves when bad things happen, that isn’t going to stop it. As tragic and bad as this is, people need to speak up. Like the old saying…..evil happens when good men do nothing. I think to be silent is to do nothing. Just my humble opinion.

Very moving, indeed. But I am at a loss for the monetary restitution mentioned at the end of the article… $10,000 each seems insulting on many levels. Now, if they said “life in prison, without parole and at hard labor” – with any and all earnings forfeited to the victims, sure… but a fixed amount is too close to placing a dollar value on a human life. I’m sure it is done all the time, but it just seems weird to me.


Praise Jesus! ; )

Even broken clocks are right twice a day! ;-)