Survey seeks to uncover impact of Gibson’s affair

May 21, 2013
Bruce Gibson

Bruce Gibson

Select voters in District 2 of San Luis Obispo County have been contacted recently by telephone and asked to participate in a survey about current county supervisor Bruce Gibson. Specifically, the survey attempts to measure the impact of Gibson’s recent public admission that he has been having a long-term affair with his legislative assistant Cherie Aispuro.

Last November, Gibson, who is serving his second term as District 2 supervisor, announced that he had been having an affair with Aispuro and planned to leave his wife. Immediately afterwards, Aispuro, who was also married, was transferred briefly to the County Clerk-Recorder’s office before Gibson decided in early 2013 to bring her back as his legislative assistant.

In the telephone survey, voters were asked about what local media they use to get their information and the impact of the affair on their support for Gibson. The survey also measured how Gibson would do against potential challengers, including former Morro Bay mayor Janice Peters, San Luis Obispo City Councilman John Ashbaugh, and Los Osos CSD Director Marshall Ochylski, who lost to Gibson in 2010.

Neither Gibson nor Peters responded to a request for comment. Ochylski and Ashbaugh said they did not commission the survey. Ashbaugh also indicated that he has no plans currently to challenge Gibson, who is slated for re-election in 2014.

“At this point, I am supporting Gibson,” Ashbaugh said. “Some will not vote for him. He will not win as big as he did last time, but I expect him to win. I will consider running if he steps down.”

Ochylski said he is considering making another run for the supervisor’s seat, but has not yet made a final decision. Former Los Osos CSD director Julie Tacker is also believed to be considering challenging Gibson.

At the end of the survey, voters were asked to choose between Ashbaugh and Gibson.

District 2 includes the coastline from Los Osos to San Simeon, as well as part of Templeton and San Luis Obispo.

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Isn’t this still May 2013? Seems a little early to be campaigning isn’t it?

The effefct of his affair on his chances for reelection will depend on who challenges him. If the Dems can find a good candidate, someone they can get behind, then Gibson’s probably finished. In any case, the affair will be thrown in his face in the next election. It’s just too juicy of a scandal to pass up.

The Republicans need to find someone who can appeal across the great divide and Janice Peters has shown that she can do this very well, so I would think she is their first choice.

Not sure she would want to run though, because she seems to be quite happy acting and singing in community theater right now. When she left Morro Bay City Council she was pretty burnt out on politics in general but one never knows. She certainly has the experience under her belt to be an effective Supervisor but old grudges in this town run deep and some people never let them go, so she might have problems rekindling her political career.

Rodger Anderson would be an excellent Supervisor but I think he too is probably done with politics.

The issue will come down to who can raise the $150,000 or so that it’ll take to win this seat.

I’d say the darkhorse here is Noah Smukler. He’s young, has all the right beliefs that go with the Dems and the Eco-folks, so I think he’d have a good chance in this.

So are the people being polled Democrats? Or is the poll hitting everyone? That would be a clue as to who is behind it. Any Republicans been polled?

As a citizen in the second district, I would hate to see the seat go to a San Luis Obispo resident. It should be someone from the North Coast sitting in this seat.

I wish Gibson would move on. Katcho is coming to the end of his term limits isn’t he? Gibson should look to move up the ladder and go for the Assembly seat.

Also, I thought Cherie Aispuro was divorced already when word of this affair went viral.

Aispuro was absolutely NOT divorced (and still isn’t). She led a double life for 6 years. The news broke her husband of 29 years’ heart and devastated her family. Not only was she still married, she was in escrow on a new home, picking out flooring a draperies, settled into that double life for the long haul. Bruce’s wife figured things out and the lies unfolded.

I would love to see the press speak to the jilted spouses in this whole affair.

If Cherie thinks Gibby will respect her and remain faithful she has another thing coming.

(1) May (one year out) is not too early to start a game plan.

(2) Peters isn’t a Republican.

(3) Katcho has lots of years left—nine, I believe.

Gibson dug his own political grave a short while ago, so why bother uncovering him?

I guess this is probably his oligarchic clique doing a little grave-digging & attempting to pull him up in an attempt to resurrect him.

Who, in their right mind, would want Ashbaugh as a County Supervisor?

Tacker vs. Gibson? Jesus God almighty. I’d have to vote for Bruce even if he was banging my wife. Ochylski is bat-poop crazy. Peters, Ashbaugh or Roger Anderson; somebody has to step up to the plate.


“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

Tacker for Supervisor.? God help us all.

Great, the old “slimeball A or slimeball B” survey, huh? I suppose Gibson is more obvious a slimeball, but I don’t know if I could vote for Ashbaugh, either. Both are so full of themselves and are not good for the county… but when has that ever stopped any of these clowns?

It appears the old axiom is true: we truly get the government we deserve.

So when are you running for office?

They do not deserve r0y. Maybe they deserve you?

The two of them thought they said Stupidvisor…not Supervisor. And for that, they are both WELL qualified.

Sleeve ball… I will contribute to anyone challenging this immoral corrupt dishonest politician. This is the type of human who thinks his life is more important than ours and we should do as he says, not what he does. If he had any moral compass, he would have at the very least taken Aispuro off the County payroll and pay for his own fluff in the sheets. What a lower life specimens of a male member of society. Go back to your folks and pick oranges, Bruce, a little hard labor will be good for your soul. Ask for repentance to your wife, kids, supporters, neighbors and spiritual leader, if you have one.


Gibson is the exact type of person who should never hold public office, they are called “public servants” for a reason.

And if one wants to really know the costs and damages to the county by the mistress gate, one only has to look to the money wasted on he and his concubine…

SLOBIRD QUOTE: 05/21/2013 at 2:43 pm

“Brother Ted, let’s be honest here. Whether it is Brown and his moral issues, or the democrats with the likes of Hill, Ashbaugh or Marx’s and their cronyism, they all are not to be trusted and they are politicians for crying out loud, of course they lack morals, righteousness and honesty and who better than you to know this. Vote on their record alone.”

Do I need to state the obvious? No.

I would guess that Gibson had this poll done.

That was my first thought, too.

My second thought is that Dem HQ commissioned the poll, in order to understand how to best protect their spot on the Board of Supes.

Hey, I love this game. It’s called, “I have no clue, but that won’t stop me from posting.” I’ll play. Tacker commissioned this poll to gauge her chances before she publicly declared her intentions.

Hooray for participation and dialogue!

Uninformed participation results in useless dialogue. And, usually, that dialogue is an echo chamber.

Ah, but nothing beats preconceived notions, pre-judging and prejudices!

Dear “Homer” uninformed participation got us USELESS Gibson.

Little close to a nerve, Holmes?

Maybe was the Repub Central Committee milking just a wee bit more mileage out of Gibson’s peccadillo. That is at least as likely as the Tacker scenario, the survey no doubt cost money and there is no way to skew the results to indicate that she has a snowball’s chance.

Yowzer, big time.

I guess Bruce Gibson and Adam Hill have something more in common than just banging other men’s wives.