Los Osos battle over McDonalds turns ugly

June 17, 2013

mcdonaldsDuring a land use advisory committee meeting on June 13 set to discuss a proposed McDonalds to be built in Los Osos, people cursed and yelled at those with differing opinions.

About 100 attendees rallied against the proposed 24 hour a day fast food restaurant. Opponents voiced concerns over water usage, architecture, noise, lighting and food quality.

Representatives of the applicant, Mel Cruz McDonalds LLC, spoke of the jobs the restaurant would provide and about vegetarian options that would be included on the menu.

If approved, the McDonalds will be located on Los Osos Valley Road in a building previously leased by Bank of America. The building, which sits in the Vons Shopping Center parking lot, has been vacant for about seven years.

During the meeting, the applicant said that if they receive their permits by August, the restaurant could be opened in late October.

Several residents responded by cursing and yelling at the applicants during the meeting.

On June 27, the Los Osos Community Advisory Council will revisit the application before making its recommendation to the SLO Planning Department.



Oh come on! Everyone knows that the THRIVING community of Los Osos is better off without a business occupying one of the buildings in the downtown core that has been vacant for 7 years.

Jobs? We don’t need no stinking jobs. We filed bankruptcy not that many years ago. Tax revenue? We don’t need that either. We have an affordable sewer, the finest of streets, sidewalks, and parks.

We’re simply too good for a place like McDonalds, We have no place in our fine, quaint, charming Carmel-like seaside community of brotherhood and fellowship.


The Dosed Oh-no’s noisemaker circus is at it again.


I live in Los Osos and would prefer not to have a McDonalds in our community. However, I’d like to see a civil public discussion about the issue. That is an essential step in how free democratic societies deal with public issues and govern themselves.

But once again, that is not the Los Osos way. We have a small group of people who only know how to scream and yell and step all over the rights of anyone with a view different than their own. In other words- anarchy, not democracy. And they do not even have the self-awareness to be embarrassed about what this says about them.


I’m surprised that opening a McD’s was not part of the Los Osos sewer contract. Maybe the ditch-diggers will get a hop in their step if they’re fed their native food.

Spirit Filled

We moved out of Los Osos because they insisted on putting up a second traffic light. I remember the days when we rode our horses down to Montana de Oro everyday in the afternoon. Now look at them, a brand new garbage bin for the kids in the happy meals. Too bad. Idea makes me shudder and burp.

God Bless.


Second traffic light? Really? So what glorious place do you live in now that has one or no stop lights??

Spirit Filled

Part time Catalina Island, part time boonies of Atas. No traffic lights close. We seldom go to town. Too many traffic lights.



I love the part about food quality. So now the socialists that walk among us want to dictate the quality of a businesses food? The whole point of a capitalist society, I thought, was to let the people decide the quality by buying or not buying. The liberals are turning into WACKO’S!!


“turning” ? I think you meant “have always been, but we’re just now realizing how mentally deficient they are” … or something like that.

Oh, and for all the frightened over-PC’d moderates: extreme conservatism would probably look the same. Though, technically, we haven’t seen any (let alone extreme) conservatism in California since the 60’s


Can we drug test those who curse and swear at public meetings?


I don’t understand the objection but it’s not my community. All I can add is when we work in Los Osos many of us travel to Morro Bay for lunch. Subway is great but too crowded. Same with Sylvesters. So if you’re not in the mood for Pizza or Mexican cuisine… off to Morro Bay you will go.


Has there ever been a more appropriate location for McDonald’s than Los Osos? LOVR should be lined with these places! Los Osos is a town where people – families – LIVE and CONSUME. I have never been able to understand why they drive to SLO and Morro Bay for their needs. Yes, a New Frontiers would be great too, but also a KFC and a Dollar Tree and, (whisper) an itty-bitty Walmart?!?!?!


Yeah, think of all the Earth-killing GAS they’d save by NOT driving to a neighboring community for their fatty-fix! Oh, the dilemma!