Los Osos battle over McDonalds turns ugly

June 17, 2013

mcdonaldsDuring a land use advisory committee meeting on June 13 set to discuss a proposed McDonalds to be built in Los Osos, people cursed and yelled at those with differing opinions.

About 100 attendees rallied against the proposed 24 hour a day fast food restaurant. Opponents voiced concerns over water usage, architecture, noise, lighting and food quality.

Representatives of the applicant, Mel Cruz McDonalds LLC, spoke of the jobs the restaurant would provide and about vegetarian options that would be included on the menu.

If approved, the McDonalds will be located on Los Osos Valley Road in a building previously leased by Bank of America. The building, which sits in the Vons Shopping Center parking lot, has been vacant for about seven years.

During the meeting, the applicant said that if they receive their permits by August, the restaurant could be opened in late October.

Several residents responded by cursing and yelling at the applicants during the meeting.

On June 27, the Los Osos Community Advisory Council will revisit the application before making its recommendation to the SLO Planning Department.



While the situation in the article was indeed an example of abusive management practices, it was done by a particular franchise not by McDonalds’ policy. I have been to McDonalds twice in ~40 yrs because I HATE their advertising and don’t think their food is good enough to compensate for it. But they should have the right to operate a business as long as it is done according to the rules. (mkaney has some good points below.)


“Several residents responded by cursing and yelling at the applicants during the meeting”

Hmmm….the usual suspects? The no sewer, no cell site, no power plant, no fireworks, no hunting in estuary, the no, no, no crowd.


What matters here is whether McDonald’s competes fairly. Are they going to pay full property tax without any waivers? Are they going to be allowed to sell any products that do not contain what the name of the product implies (e.g. French Fry, Hamburger lol)? Are they going to be allowed to bypass any regulations or restrictions because of a payoff to someone? These are the questions that matter.


What about all of those “Coexist” bumper stickers I see all over Los Osos?

Sarah Bellum

Ironic humor.


The yelling and cursing crowd are ironically the ones who keep McDonalds on the map!


Well lets see…if the first sewer took over 30 years to construct, this McSewer should be ready about…..2043.


wow, McDonalds in Los osos?? just seems so out of place, Were the owners of MB Mcd’s there to fight it too? They don’t need a McD’s they need a New Frontiers market or some kind of Good Deli besides the gas station or Subway.


Subway? Sounds good. Why don’t you go get a bank loan and then get the franchise? In this case the other guy got his loan and he wants a Micky D’s franchise.


If what you say is true the McDonalds will only be there a short while. After incurring TI and start up costs the fools will go broke in short order as Los Dose-os hippies boycott the business. I wouldn’t be surprised if in doing their market research McDonalds figured with all the stoners in LO they couldn’t go wrong with an established fast food restaurant. Word around the campfire is that many people wanted to franchise Taco Bell in LO but corporate would not budge on their 1/4 mile from a highway exit rule for new locations despite pleas that it would be a cash cow.


Rather have an In and Out!


Not enough Christians in Los Osos to staff it.


Got McWater?


I always love the water argument. If I’m washing my hands, draining the lizard, or my cheeks are flexin’ giving birth to another Texan, the water is just being used elsewhere than my house, and Mickey D’s is paying for it! Zero sum gain.

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